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  1. pankid

    Show me your bag

    Good looking rig! What does the filtering look like in this box?
  2. pankid

    Lectrosonics PDR

    I've been using them a lot on my current show. Been running a line out from the 3.5mm to an smqv. Post can use my mixer's files until talent goes out of range. Thinking about picking up some zaxcom in the future so I don't have to manage two boxes per talent, but the pdr works well enough.
  3. pankid

    Lectrosonics issues

    @jerryray The receivers are all turned all the way up (+5) with my mixer set for line level. @John Blankenship I have tried setting my cell phone to airplane mode and with the tone coming from a laptop instead of a phone. Most of my issues seem to be cleared up by having better discipline with my cable management. I used to let extra power/audio/tc cables lay in my bag when they weren't in use and removing these has prevented any more of the static issues. I am still hearing the occasional diversity click in the field. I have been playing with my tx gain and my receiver distance from potential rfi sources to lessen these audible clicks.
  4. pankid

    Lectrosonics issues

    The issue happens on both 6 series and a zoom f8.
  5. pankid

    Lectrosonics issues

    Thanks for the responses everyone. Some of my audio patch cables have ground to shell, and some do not. I have been using this as one of the variables in my testing, but it does not seem to make a difference. There is continuity from the ground on the power cables going into the 411a to the ground on the audio pin 1 and to the outer shell of the bnc connection at each antenna. There is not continuity between the ground going into the lectrosonics power jack and the chassis on the power supply. This is consistent across both the audio root and psc power star distro. I believe I have always started my testing with everything setup, including power supply. Once I am able to somewhat create the static issue (it is very sporadic and sometimes is not heard) I start taking things out to try and eliminate all the variables. I am usually shaking the bag/moving the bag around to recreate this issue. The first variable I have been removing is the power supply and switching to internal batteries, but the interference usually remains. The one variable I can think of that changing caused the issue to stop was removing all the extra cables out of the bags other pockets. I usually keep some time code cables in a front or side pocket of a bag in case I need to rejam or whatever, and whenever I remove these extra cables I am no longer able to recreate the issue. This doesn't make any sense to my knowledge though, as they are not plugged into anything and just sitting in the bag. If the static/interference is around, I can usually touch together two of the timecode connectors and cause interference sounds, such as the example I posted in the original post (Static_cables_not_terminated_touching.wav). This will even sometimes occur after I remove the cables from the bag and hold them a foot or two above the bag. I was able to do some testing with someone else's similar rig, and eventually got the same static sound when these time code cables were stored in the front pocket of their bag. On a potentially unrelated note, on someone else's setup I tested moving an antenna around the bnc connector on an unpowered, unpatched receiver adjacent to a receiver receiving signal from a transmitter. I still received the same sounding static/interference. This seems to happen on every lectrosonics 411a/smqv I test, but did not occur on a zaxcom setup. Not sure this is related at all to the issues I am experiencing, but the sound is very similar to what I am hearing when my bag has static from being moved. I am starting to think this may just be a cable management issue. I usually try to keep things tidy, but maybe I need to be more diligent about keeping separation between my cables and prevent conductive material from sitting in my bag.
  6. pankid

    Lectrosonics issues

    Is it expected to hear static when unpatching an antenna on an adjacent receiver? I am hearing intermittent rf interference when unpatching an adjacent antenna even when the adjacent receiver is not plugged into power or xlr. I also hear static whenever a piece of metal touches the bnc connector on an antenna currently receiving signal, but I am pretty sure that is expected. This is consistent across multiple receivers/cables/mixers/transmitters/powering options.
  7. pankid

    Lectrosonics issues

    Have done these tests in a bunch of different spots. Sometimes I have a ceiling fan going but not always.
  8. pankid

    Lectrosonics issues

    I am currently testing with someone else's receivers/transmitters and getting the same issues. I've been mixing my cables/power/mixer with this other setup so there may be a constant variable somewhere. I will try recreating the static starting with all new cables and slowly add items. Thanks for the suggestion drpro.
  9. pankid

    Lectrosonics issues

    I have been having some issues with Lectrosonics wireless lately and figured the hive mind might be able to shine some light on something I may be missing. I have been in contact with Lectrosonics technical support and currently have my wireless systems getting checked out by their engineers. They have been super helpful and friendly in figuring out what is going on. Now I have access to a different setup and am still experiencing issues. I have been running into sporadic rf issues the last couple weeks, sometimes lots of clicks and pops, sometimes larger static interference. I have been trying to recreate the issues I have been experiencing without much luck. I have been able to repeatedly get clicks and pops when performing a short walk test along with, to a lesser extent, static sounding interference when a bag is shifted or moved. For my short walk tests I am using mostly 411a, with one srb. I have mostly smqv, with a couple um400/um400a for my transmitters. I have tested with both a 633 and 688. I have tested powering with an audio root bds, np-1 psc bds, and internal 9-volts (sony L-series powering 633). I have a mixture of pre made xlr/ta3 cables and cables I have made myself. Some of the cables have ground terminated to the chassis. While performing the short walk test I have been playing a 1khz tone through a cos11d into an smqv running at 100mW. The transmitter is gained up so that the level on the transmitter is just before the -10 light turns red and the limiter is engaged, which corresponds to 0 on my receiver. I have been trying multiple frequencies and alway choose a clean channel without any other signal showing on my 411a scan. I always use freqfinder when coordinating multiple wireless frequencies. I have been walking anywhere between 20 and 70 feet away from the transmitter carrying the bag containing one of the recorders and a receiver. The transmitter and receiver are mostly maintaining line of sight, with the occasional blockage (my body, fence, tree, etc). I am pretty consistently able to get a couple clicks out of any combination of rx/tx/recorder/power within a couple minutes. Some receivers are less prone than others, but all of them will eventually have a click. The click usually coincides with the diversity switching or a small blip in the uV reading. I have also tried this test using music and dialog being played through the transmitter with similar results. In past posts about clicking lectrosonics it has been said that the clicking is due to low gain on the transmitters. I have noticed that having the gain higher results in less clicks, but does not completely remedy them. Below are the posts I am referring to. My other recreatable issue is I will get short bursts of static on my wireless channels when the bag is moved or shifted in a certain way. This one has been hard to consistently recreate. It seems to be more likely to occur the more things I have in the bag. As I remove cables/power/receivers from the bag it becomes harder to recreate. A couple times it has been consistent enough where I was able to remove items from the bag one at a time and check if the static would still occur. I was able to get down to just a recorder and a receiver powered with internal 9 volts while still recreating the static. Removing the receiver from the bag by manually holding it up seemed to be the only way to remedy the issue. While the static is happening, it does not seem to correspond to any receiver/transmitter/recorder/cable. I have two bags I have been testing, and oddly the petrol seems to cause the issue more than the stingray. When the issue is occurring I have noticed the receiver is affected by other cables and receivers in the bag. I will get the static sound when moving other receivers antennas or cables. When I touch two pieces of metal together in the bag, such as the casing on two xlr cables, I will occasionally get the static sound. This will happen even if the xlr cables are not connected to the mixer and just sitting in the bag. I am also sometimes getting the sound when an antenna on an adjacent receiver is loosened and wiggled, even when the receiver with the antenna I am wiggling is not connected to the mixer or power supply. A couple times the static has occurred from my hand just touching the zipper on the bag. I am thinking this is the static sounding interference I was hearing in the field. Included are some examples of what I am hearing. The DIV-CLICK file is a click I was hearing from about 20 feet away from the transmitter with line of sight. The tone being played was around 0 on the receiver, and just before the limiter on the transmitter. Static_cables_not_terminated_touching is the sound of two hirosi to lectrosonics power cables touching inside the bag. Neither cable is terminated to a receiver or the power supply, the receiver was being ran off of two 9 volts. The tone on this one isn't quite 1khz. static_bag_move is an example of the static sound I am hearing when the bag is moved. The static would happen when the bag was slightly shaken. Sorry for the long post, I have been testing for a while and wanted to include as much information as I could. I really appreciate this forum and all the information it has given me. Thanks! DIV-CLICK.wav Static_cables_not_terminated_touching.wav static_bag_move.wav
  10. pankid

    K tek Harness

    I have the new K Tek harness and am definitely a fan. That said, depending on how you wear the harness, and probably depending on your body, the metal clips can dig into your sides. My first inclination was to put the waist straps on top of my hips like you would wear a pack while backpacking. This led to the clips digging into my hip bones, which was not very comfortable. I have since been putting the bottom strap lower on my waist. To me, the ideal scenario would be putting 90 percent of the weight on the hips, then the rest on the shoulders and sides for balance. Not sure if I am missing something, or if I just have a weird body. This is my first post, and I wanted to thank everyone for all the great information on this site. I have been lurking for a while now and have picked up a lot of valuable information.