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  1. Bouke, Everything said by everyone on this site is what they said. You are correct. Thank you, Martin
  2. Hi, But what does matter, the time code was connected and working and the warning indicator was flashing indicating it was not working properly, and it was not Zaxcom. We also know: Arri Alexa Mini= Zaxcom erx use indicates a problem with time code when there is not a problem. Arri Amira= Zaxcom is great and the Arri says all is great. Thanks, Martin
  3. Exactly, the moon is not in phase, it just has the correct polarity.
  4. Wandering, I don't understand what you mean. I can send track 2 to out 1. I'm too tired to go dig the mixer out, but, are you saying you can only send certain tracks to certain outputs? Maybe I'm just tired, but that is not making sense to me right this minute. Thank you, Martin
  5. Hey guys, as for Bouke, I don't have a beef with that company, if they want to show goofy warnings for Zaxcom, and at least on that day, on that camera, goofy warnings for tentacle sync, who am I to say anything to them. If they were not aware, that would be a different matter. As far as the D.P goes, the one time I have had this problem, he was the one telling me he was aware, and when he had the problem, it was tentacle sync, not Zaxcom. If I want to show him all is fine, he can look at the slate, which is in sync. As for Patrick, a shorter response, the tentacle sync showed the same problem, at least on that one day with that one camera with that one Tentacle sync box. Thanks guys, Martin P.S. Bouke, thanks for all your time you took to provide us with all the info. M.W.
  6. Bouke, Hi. My take on all this. If Zaxcom time code is good enough for all the other camera's, then it should be good enough for all of Arri's cameras. Since the Tentacle sync, something I don't own, also had problems on that same type camera, Alexa Mini, then it is a camera problem, and I am not a camera repair technician. I can't imagine what Arri could say to me that could possibly improve the my set life, or the set life of any mixer, as it pertains to Arri dysfunctional time code issues. I like those camera's. If I make a movie tomorrow, I'm shooting it on an Arri. Thank you, Martin
  7. Osa, This question hit me later. If any brand, whatever brand, is not "good" enough for the Alexa Mini, does that mean, since it works fine on the Amira, that Arri decided sub par time code was acceptable for the Amira, but not acceptable for the Alexa Mini? I showed the D.P. a picture of the tentacle sync, and he said that was the one that was giving warning readings for him last week. Thanks, Martin
  8. Hi all, I talked to the DP this morning, DOP for the blokes out there, and we talked some more about him having TC warning issues on the Alexa mini last week in Miami, he says it was definitely not a Zaxcom erx, he knows what they looked like, he described it as small like a cigarette lighter, I am guessing tentacle sync? So anyway, here attached is a picture of the firmware version that is a problem. Thank you, Martin
  9. R.patterson, Hi. I understand you are probaly referring to a technical description when you talk about the "jitter rate", but all I use is Zaxcom and I never get a call saying my files are not in sync. If it works on all the other cameras, then Arri is just being to picky, that's the word I'll use. If Jack is still single at 98 years old, I think Jack is being to picky about finding a wife. Thanks, Martin
  10. Bouke, I think this is lost in translation. I don't even know what were not agreeing on. Sorry. Thank you, Martin
  11. Bourke, I think it's pretty simple. Arri had apparently set their incoming signal requirements higher than SMPTE, and apparently higher than anyone else's camera. Probably to an unneeded level. I don't think anyone needs sync more accurate than 1/20 of a frame, or whatever all the other cameras have. Someone can weigh in on that level of sync. Thank you, Martin
  12. Hello, Well, you guys jinxed me, or I jinxed myself. I shot on the Alexa mini yesterday, and sure enough, it's giving a warning, (picture attached) that it needs to be jammed. I could see the TC looked accurate, and it had jumped from the previous time in the camera to the time currently on my erx. I thought it was going to be a longer discussion after I mentioned the software issue, and then the d.p. overheard us, and said "I was shooting in Miami last week, and it did the same thing", and that was that. I have a great camera crew. I will ask the d.p. what device they were using in Miami. Maybe if I show him a picture of time code boxes, he can identify the suspect. I will see if I can get the software version that the camera has too. Thanks, Martin
  13. Constantin, Thank you. I can only remember maybe 2 of those in the last 6 months. Maybe I have been lucky on those few. Thank you, Martin
  14. Hi All, I have never had these problems. I will be on an Arri tomorrow, I'll let you know if I do have problems. But I have never had any problems with my ERX not feeding time code properly. The only time I have had time code problems, the camera was broken and no device could have fixed the time code. Maybe I have been lucky and the software in the Arri cameras that I have dealt with has not been upgraded. I don't know. Thank you, Martin
  15. Hi, I have used the ERX on just about every digital camera, and I haven't had the mentioned problem. The only problem I can relate, is the camera dept. Using a cheapy version of the Teradek, and I guess it was leaking, which caused interference to my 2.4 signal. I will go check and see if I can find that brand. I remember on the 1st day of the shoot, the website for the cheapy video transmitter was down. I found the brand, it was the cheapest unit that Trigyn makes. Thanks, Martin
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