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  1. JWill, Yes, I was a tester of the Pfizer/Bioentec Coronavirus vaccine. Are you saying that you have friends, one was vaccinated and the other not vaccinated, and they both were infected with Coronavirus? Thank you, Martin
  2. TV, You are correct sir. I had to get "creative" with why I would be eligible for the shot, in order for them to provide me paperwork that I had been vaccinated. I started this post as soon as I had it verified. I was probably the first sound mixer on the planet to be vaccinated, I would imagine. And although they make you sign about 40 pages of of "death may occur,....", your head may fall off, etc., they get really testy if you refer to yourself as a Guinea Pig, while in the study facilty. Thank you, Martin
  3. Ah, yes, maybe that was not clear, sorry. I am 5 months after having received my 2nd Pfizer vaccination shot. Sincerely, Martin
  4. codyman, can she get an antibody test, if its good to go, then, when she comes home, assuming a house, not an apartment, put all her clothes in a box, sterilize the box, scrub up, mask on, straight to the long hot steamy shower, clean your mouth, eyes, ears, nose really well, then all good to go? What's wrong with my theory? Oh, and the box of clothes go straight into the wash. Thank you, Martin
  5. Cody, Glad shes doing great. Yes, wacky fits for a description, the vaccine is the same, most people, it's a minor annoyance, then, bam, the next guy it's tough and you are really sick. But I still would get vaccinated if I had to do it over again. Thank you, Martin
  6. I am not in California or Nevada, so I can't help there. As far as failing kidneys, if I had a mother in law with failing kidneys, I don't think I would be getting her vaccinated. I can't imagine going thru the chills, etc., with failing kidneys on top of it. Everyone has to make there own decisions on this, but I would live in a cave as opposed to getting vaccinated with internal organs failing. Tough choices.
  7. You can google the lists to see all the people who have been "qualified".
  8. tourtelot, I would recommend you have blankets and sweaters on standby for when you wake up after the 2nd shot. The first shot was great, I slept like a baby for a few days after that one. No memorable anything from that one, but on the second one, since it was summer, who has a sweater nearby or heated blankets in the summer? The chills were aweful. I worried about chipping a tooth. Apparently, one of the other recipients did chip a tooth from the chills. I think I would say that if you are, say a couple, I wouldn't both get the 2nd shot within about 3 days of each other, one of you has to
  9. Philip, All good questions. In order that you asked. I received the Pfizer version of the vaccine. Before I start answering the next question you asked, I want to say that not everyone is going to get as sick as I did from the vaccine. Don't fail to get the vaccine based on what I'm about to say. Yes, I got very sick from the vaccine. But I still think the vaccine is better than what could happen to you from Corona virus. I had heart pain, I had lung pain and problems, I had terrible coughing, I can expand on that if anybody wants me to, my fever was a few degrees high over normal, then it w
  10. Hey sorry guys, I didn't get notification that I had responses to my post. No extra vaccine, but I'm super full of antibodies, drain off a pint of your blood and I'll give some. You know, like when you put too much oil in the lawnmower. Thanks, Martin
  11. Hello all, I am well past my 2nd vaccine shot, does anyone have any questions? If you feel I didn't post this in the right section, let me know. Maybe the equipment section, ha. Thanks, Martin
  12. Iron, You made me smile, if only it was that easy. Sincerely, Martin
  13. Fellow Zaxcommers, If the screen is the same one as Nomad, it might have been a choice made to go with the same screen because that was a trusted vendor. Having designed and built a fair amount of electronics, decisions are not as easy as you may think. A few of you are aware that I designed and built my own power distro for the mixer bag. I designed it, I decided what enclosure would be used, I decided what switches, at what level the different color led lights would come on, at what voltage level a light would come on to indicate the decreasing voltage in the battery supply. I did it a
  14. Sony, does this mean you have one in your hands? Thank you, Martin
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