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  1. MartinTheMixer

    R9! warning on Zax Tx

    Hi, What version software is this? Just curious. Thanks, Martin
  2. The frequency response listed above is up to 15kHz, the frequency response, as listed by Zaxcom, is 16kHz. Does this mean you are doubting the listed specs of Zaxcom?
  3. When someone tells me the frequency response of a piece of equipment, unless I have reason to doubt that person, my conclusion is what they stated
  4. Hi Jon, I don't think anything is missing from any of the Beatles albums. I just find it odd that it was and is great for this equipment not to go above 15kHz, but yet somehow, people have claimed they are missing something important with Zaxcom, which goes 1000Hz higher than what the Beatles could record. Thanks, Martin
  5. Anyone else want to weigh in on the limited frequency response of this system?
  6. Hi All, So if the frequency response only goes up to 15kHz, isn't there some top end missing. Thanks, Martin
  7. MartinTheMixer

    Zaxcom and DPA6060

    Glenn, That's what I was thinking. My testing sure indicated to me that the 6060 would be awesome with Zaxcom. When I had gotten the info about the lack of a dedicated Zaxcom mic, similar to the 4060/4063 relationship, I was concerned with the bias voltage issue as well. I had previously tested the slim with Zaxcom, and in my opinion, won't work with Zaxcom, unless your shooting at the drag strip or on the runway at the airport, but the 6060 is a whole new deal. It really sound great with Zaxcom. And as much as I like the Countryman company people, and the b6 was great for what it was intended for, I compared the B6 to the 6060, and the difference in sound quality is tremendous. The b6 sounds "ok" until you A,B it with the 6060. Thank you, Martin
  8. MartinTheMixer

    weak RF on 100 G2 sennheiser receiver

    Frido, It could have been worse, if you did that in the U.S., you would only get about an inch and a quarter. Martin
  9. MartinTheMixer

    DPA 6060 works great with Zaxcom and sound wonderful.

    Glen, Is this from personal testing? I.e. did you spend some quality time screaming into the mic? Thanks, Martin
  10. MartinTheMixer

    DPA 6060 works great with Zaxcom and sound wonderful.

    Loc, That's a great idea. Tonight, I will mount both and see what the noise is like with the same material, maybe I can run to generate the wind. Or I could mount both on my dog and throw the toy. Yes, I have done that before, she is so cooperative. DPA, in my opinion and experience, has the lowest handling, clothing rub, noise transmitted via the wire, etc., than any other mic I have used. As far as robust, I believe it's the same cable as the 4060 series, so the cable won't be a problem, and since the mic itself is not only much smaller, it also doesn't have a fat part to catch, so when talent "demics" themselves, it should have a lower risk of damage, combine that with a much lower weight, and you don't need as much sticky whatever to make the mic stay in place, less sticky means that the mic comes loose easier when the aforementioned talent "demics" themselves. Thank you, Martin Tony, I just use DPA concealers. I like them a lot. Thanks, Martin
  11. MartinTheMixer

    DPA 6060 works great with Zaxcom and sound wonderful.

    Tony, Are you referring to the DPA concealers? Thanks for your input, Martin
  12. MartinTheMixer

    DPA 6060 works great with Zaxcom and sound wonderful.

    Pin, I thought the same thing. I played around with it a good bit. While I was testing, my dog about 18 feet away, shook its head, causing the metal tag to hit the metal collar piece. I noticed on playback that the chinkachink sound level was much lower on the 6060. After that I started listening for other sounds that were not close to the mic, they seemed diminished. Maybe I should have said something other than "off axis", distant axis? I may have put commas above in the wrong place, so to be clear, I was testing the mic, not my dog. Thank you, Martin
  13. Hi all, The good news is that the new 6060 works with the lower bias of the Zaxcoms. The other good news is they sound wonderful. My testing shows (sounds) that they sound better at most frequency/mount setups than the 4063, but always sound as good as the 4063's. It seems to me they might have better off axis rejection. They are much easier to hide. I am attaching a picture of 4 mics. In the picture taken from the top, the mics are from left to right, the Sennheiser mke2, the DPA 6060, a B6 with a beige cap for contrast in the picture, and a DPA 4063. Reverse the order for the picture taken looking down the barrels of the mic. Great new mic from DPA. Martin
  14. MartinTheMixer

    Np50 chargers

    I Hi, that can't be the right charger for np-50's. Thanks, Martin
  15. MartinTheMixer

    Np50 chargers

    Osa, that spray insulation foam is probably your best bet there.