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  1. Iron, You made me smile, if only it was that easy. Sincerely, Martin
  2. Fellow Zaxcommers, If the screen is the same one as Nomad, it might have been a choice made to go with the same screen because that was a trusted vendor. Having designed and built a fair amount of electronics, decisions are not as easy as you may think. A few of you are aware that I designed and built my own power distro for the mixer bag. I designed it, I decided what enclosure would be used, I decided what switches, at what level the different color led lights would come on, at what voltage level a light would come on to indicate the decreasing voltage in the battery supply. I did it all. And I'm not crazy about the design, as far as indicator lights, the voltage level they come on with. But I'm not sending anyone an email, because it's me. I had one, just one customer to make happy. Me. And I failed. So, if I can't make me happy building a device with an unlimited budget (how much can you possibly spend building a distro box?) designed for just one customer, what chance does Glenn have designing for thousands of people? Would I like the Nomad display bigger? Probably, but that display is very reliable. As far as scratch resistant, I put a clear protective cover over mine. It also makes it more dent proof as well as scratch proof. If you got this far, I will send the first 3 Nomad owners a free protective screen for their Nomad. Send me a message via JWsound, and I will mail it to you. Sincerely, Martin
  3. Sony, does this mean you have one in your hands? Thank you, Martin
  4. AJ, What are we seeing happen in that video? Thank you, Martin
  5. Pillepalle, Yea, but can you write with a carbon fiber pole? Like if you needed to take notes. See? Jon was on to something there, I could just choke up on the end of the boom and make some quick post notes with a graphite boom. The only problem I see, by my calculations, a 12 foot boom would only be able to hold a 90 gram blimp setup, but on the bright side, you could write over 12000 Km of notes before the boom length became unusable. Sincerely, Martin
  6. The first one, in whatever length you need. I.e., not just the extended length but the compacted length. Thanks, Martin
  7. Hi All, Yes, this sounds like a lot of quality couch time, maybe Gilligans Island playing in the back ground, while sitting there for many hours learning the new system, just like I had to do with Nomad. But, here is my take on it. In my experience, it's rare to have a transmitter "emergency" gain adjustment. With Zaxcom, I personally use the trim much less than the transmitter gain control. That leaves faders. I will have to sit there for many hours training myself as to what color equals what fader bank. That won't take long, I believe. Now, and I am serious here, after I have memorized the colors of banks and the buttons for trim, zaxnet and fader, I will have someone, probably a P.A. , make little flash cards that have, for example Z6,T4, F16 printed on them, meaning zaxnet gain control transmitter number 6, Trim for track number 4 and of course fader for number 16. Then have the cards held up and see how fast I can get that done. Maybe compare that with doing the same thing on Nomad, and time both events. One thing of course, the FP8 has no knob 16, so on the Nova, it will not only be faster, it will be possible. Thank you, Martin
  8. Hi, Do you want me to see if I have it? I can send it to you. Thank you, Martin
  9. Patrick, I believe Brent was comparing one model of Arri with another model from Arri. I don't think that was a Red Weapon comment, but Brent can clarify. Thanks, Martin
  10. AO, was that what you meant, the power roll function. I would like this to get cleared up, just to make sure that there is not some actual problem with his, or anyones sleep function. Thanks, Martin
  11. Someone done stole that man's low power function. What version are you guys on that don't have the sleep feature? Thanks, Martin
  12. Bouke, Everything said by everyone on this site is what they said. You are correct. Thank you, Martin
  13. Hi, But what does matter, the time code was connected and working and the warning indicator was flashing indicating it was not working properly, and it was not Zaxcom. We also know: Arri Alexa Mini= Zaxcom erx use indicates a problem with time code when there is not a problem. Arri Amira= Zaxcom is great and the Arri says all is great. Thanks, Martin
  14. Exactly, the moon is not in phase, it just has the correct polarity.
  15. Wandering, I don't understand what you mean. I can send track 2 to out 1. I'm too tired to go dig the mixer out, but, are you saying you can only send certain tracks to certain outputs? Maybe I'm just tired, but that is not making sense to me right this minute. Thank you, Martin
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