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  1. Normy , I've seen your setup, a 100 meter cable is not short.
  2. Dan, you weren't wrong to chime in. I was just surprised at how much power it takes to run that cart. 140 watts is enough to run 9 Nova's that are running 72 receivers and 9 zaxnets. As to your question of peak vs. nominal, that doesn't have any effect in my world. I just design the packs for the real world power that my system will need for the amount of time that I will need it. The battery distribution system is another conversation, there I did have to design for max current. I cover that by a lot more than 10 percent. Of course there is no battery distribution sytem on Nova, so I did not need to redesign a smaller sytem for the Nova. Just from memory, I believe Nomad with 4 QRX running was about 24 watts. Nova is now about 15.5 watts, about 36 percent less power. That's what led me to redesigning my battery packs, because they can now have about 36 percent less capacity, yet maintain the same run time. I'm pretty sure you're not a dummy. Thank you, Martin
  3. Mungo, Well of course an RX-4 won't slide into anything, a receiver slides into it. But, how many receivers do you get for the 4 watts on a Sony slide in slot? Thanks, Martin
  4. Fred, I used watts instead of amps, because I think most people on hear would have thought that I was deriving the amp figure from a 12 volt system, which I don't run and have never run. Mine has always been a 16 volt system. So, if I had listed amperage instead of wattage, I could have mislead someone with what would be a lower number for my setup. Less Amps equals less heat. The current drawn on my DC mixer is not constant, as the voltage goes down, the amperage goes up. This is why I would use watts. Anyone who knows their voltage can then calculate the number that is appropriate to their own setup. My original post, this one, wasn't about battery packs. I was just measuring some equipment because I was curious how much power they needed. For instance, an ERX3TCD uses 1/3rd of a watt. I think I was surprised how low that was. My comment about Nova using 15.5 watts with 2 MRX414's running 8 wireless receiver channels did not have analog inputs turned on, because few people will have more than the 8 wireless running, so it didn't make sense to give a value that would not be used much by many people. I have been using lithium packs with my equipment for many years. I have never had a problem. I have never powered my equipment with anything other than lithium packs. Everybody is different, this is just how I prefer to do it. I like a pack that will run a nominal setup until lunch and weighs very little, and thanks to building it myself, I can make it into a shape that will fit well into the Nova bag. Thanks to Glenn and Howy, it now appears, that I will be able to run 8 wireless and not do a battery switch until after lunch. The only wildcard that will be new with Nova is the fan setup. I can't know what that is going to do to battery consumption in the real world. I think your english is just great. Thanks for your input. Martin The Zaxcom RX-4 running 4 receivers is 5 watts total, 1.25 watts per wireless receiver, if you want to think of it like that. Thank you, Martin
  5. Dan, I wasn't questioning the way in which you arrived at the power figure, I was just surprised at the number on the wattage. Thank you, Martin
  6. Dan, 140 watts? Wow. So you used an ammeter on the AC line which has given you that 1.2 amp figure? Thanks, Martin
  7. Hello all, While I was planning the building of my battery packs for Nova, (which I think nobody cared about, ha) I was testing to see how much wattage various components use so that I could build corresponding battery packs. Does anyone care to know what pulls watt? Pun there. Maybe I could list the wattage for various components? Thank you, Martin
  8. I will respond in the order you listed. You typed: "Your idea has a couple flaws – the first is that there isn't any fall over between the power inputs on the Nova – they will just draw from whatever battery has the highest voltage. So your "backup pack" will add to the battery life of your system but not work the way you want it to." Me: In my testing the Nova power system, with the 2 Hirose inputs is not wired in a true parallel. My reference to the amount of time the "backup" battery would last was if the main battery were to fail. The time I listed for the backup to power the Nova was listed lower than the actual capability of the battery. You typed: "A 3S lithium battery has a nominal voltage of 10.8v and a range of 12.6v to 7.2v (with a safe cutoff of 9v)" Me: That is actually a good idea, that would convert the 2nd battery into an absolute take over battery after the main pack had been exhausted. The problem I have with that, I have never powered a mixer with 12 volts, I am not a fan of lower voltage/higher amperage. So, I don't think I could talk myself into a 3 cell pack. But it is a good idea. I had a conversation with Glenn about this a while back. I might make a board that would "switch on" the second battery at a select voltage in order to turn on that pack after the primary pack drops to a select voltage. In doing this, I could have the 2nd pack turn on while the primary pack has 20 percent left in that pack. That would then turn on the 2nd pack and in effect, turn the primary now to backup duty, so should the 2nd battery fail, the primary pack would then have 20 percent power left to power the unit. That circuit would probably utilize a zener diode to do the switching, because I am a zener fan. And it has a really cool symbol. Can someone draw superhero Zenerman? You typed: "The second flaw in your proposed batteries is a battery management system (board) as raw cells can be easily destroyed if you draw them down too low, which the Nova would happily do as it's cut off voltage is lower than the battery's discharge limits. Additionally "raw" cells aren't supposed to be used out of battery packs, they are, but it is risky." Me: I took a picture of just the cells. There are many parts missing, nickle strips, BMS board, balancing connectors, wire, cell holders, heat shrink, power connector, etc. I will take another picture of all the parts that it takes to make a battery pack. You referenced "out of a pack". It's not in a pack until I build it. I have been using my own packs for years, as well as my own battery distribution system. I have never used a distribution system or battery pack manufactured by anyone other than me. I have been using lithium batteries for 21 years with no problems so far. My post was just showing the smaller cells I am switching to because Nova/MRX uses so much less wattage than my previous Nomad/QRX setup. Nova with 8 receivers going and Zaxnet transmitting uses about 15.5 watts. That is still amazing to me. You typed: "but the other option, and probably more reasonably, is to just use that second shoe and just add a fresh battery when the first one gets low (as the new battery will take the load, as it is fresh off the charger, and the voltage is higher)" Me: The problem that I have with that is there is then no protection for a Hirose female connector failure, a Hirose male connection failure, or a battery pack failure. In my Nomad setup, I ran 2 packs in Parallel, so if a pack component failed, Nomad would continue to run. I would only know if there was a failure later, when the charging showed a disparity in the 2 packs. My charger would also indicate if there was an individual cell starting to degrade. I have never had a pack failure, they have just simply aged and been removed from service. Thank you again for your input, Martin
  9. Pete, Thank you. I just wasn't clear what you were meaning there. I will go back and address your first reply. Thank you, Martin
  10. Shastapete, Thank you for the response, I can address most of it. The only statement I'm not clear about was "Additionally "raw" cells aren't supposed to be used out of battery packs". What is meant by that? Thank you, Martin
  11. Hello gang, These are the batteries I will be using to power the Zaxcom Nova with MRX414 receivers. The tall purplish one will be the "main' battery, and is rated at 5000mah and thanks to the extreme efficiency of the Nova and the MRX414 receivers, 4 of these will power the Nova and all 8 receivers and Zaxnet for a minimum of 3 hours 45 minutes. That pack will weigh about 12 oz. (340 grams). The AA energizer is there for size reference. The small battery will be my "backup" battery that will be plugged into the other Hirose 4 pin port on Nova. They are rated @ 1100mah. 4 of those batteries will run Nova with 8 receivers and Zaxnet for a minimum of 35 minutes and weigh about 6 oz. (170 grams). That is really an impressive number to me. Did I leave anything out? I usually do. Martin
  12. Run, I was going to be able to let you know how long it lasted, I'm still scheduled for my antibody test next month, but since I get my Delta variant booster in the morning, I'm sure antibody data will get modified. I hope, I guess. Thanks, Martin
  13. D., Your welcome, I'm gonna be by myself, again, for this shot, tempting to sleep in my vehicle in the hospital parking lot, so when I get up I'm already there. Thanks, Martin Philip, That is a great question. If I can remember to ask, I will. But if we were betting, I'm gonna guess Pfizer only. I don't know how long from the time they shoot me up until the time it is available in regular vaccine places. Again, guessing, I would say 4 or 5 months from now. Unless it kills a bunch of us testers, and they have to start over designing it. Thank you, Martin
  14. Rich, I see where your thinking there. Well, your not wrong, but I think these are not very standard times. I get my booster in 48 hours. I will update as soon as I know what happens or doesn't happen, but they have to try something, and it takes so long to go from Guinea pigs like me, to all of the rest of you. So, my thinking, they have to start testing that booster now, can't wait. I will know more in 2 days and then I can update. I have to sign about 30 pages of lawyer talk beforehand. It won't be boring, so there is that. Thanks for your input, Martin
  15. Rich, Thanks for that. Unfortunately, since I'm testing the Delta booster, if me and a few select other guinea pigs don't try it, there won't be anything to VAERS. I'm now about 10 1/2 months past my first shot, so I'm guessing when I go in this week, they will antibody test me and then shoot me up. Will be interesting. Thank you, Martin
  16. Well, I'm guessing I was the first mixer on the planet to be Coronavirus vaccinated , and subsequently, I will probably be the first mixer on the planet to get their Pfizer Delta Variant booster shot. Who among you that was vaccinated would look to eventually get the Delta Variant booster shot? Why or why not? Thank you, Martin
  17. For tomorrow, in Atlanta, need to know Zaxcom.
  18. May 24th, Monday $800. for the day, scripted, call time 6pm. Please message me. Rocky Mount NC.
  19. JWill, Yes, I was a tester of the Pfizer/Bioentec Coronavirus vaccine. Are you saying that you have friends, one was vaccinated and the other not vaccinated, and they both were infected with Coronavirus? Thank you, Martin
  20. TV, You are correct sir. I had to get "creative" with why I would be eligible for the shot, in order for them to provide me paperwork that I had been vaccinated. I started this post as soon as I had it verified. I was probably the first sound mixer on the planet to be vaccinated, I would imagine. And although they make you sign about 40 pages of of "death may occur,....", your head may fall off, etc., they get really testy if you refer to yourself as a Guinea Pig, while in the study facilty. Thank you, Martin
  21. Ah, yes, maybe that was not clear, sorry. I am 5 months after having received my 2nd Pfizer vaccination shot. Sincerely, Martin
  22. codyman, can she get an antibody test, if its good to go, then, when she comes home, assuming a house, not an apartment, put all her clothes in a box, sterilize the box, scrub up, mask on, straight to the long hot steamy shower, clean your mouth, eyes, ears, nose really well, then all good to go? What's wrong with my theory? Oh, and the box of clothes go straight into the wash. Thank you, Martin
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