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  1. Run, I was going to be able to let you know how long it lasted, I'm still scheduled for my antibody test next month, but since I get my Delta variant booster in the morning, I'm sure antibody data will get modified. I hope, I guess. Thanks, Martin
  2. D., Your welcome, I'm gonna be by myself, again, for this shot, tempting to sleep in my vehicle in the hospital parking lot, so when I get up I'm already there. Thanks, Martin Philip, That is a great question. If I can remember to ask, I will. But if we were betting, I'm gonna guess Pfizer only. I don't know how long from the time they shoot me up until the time it is available in regular vaccine places. Again, guessing, I would say 4 or 5 months from now. Unless it kills a bunch of us testers, and they have to start over designing it. Thank you, Martin
  3. Rich, I see where your thinking there. Well, your not wrong, but I think these are not very standard times. I get my booster in 48 hours. I will update as soon as I know what happens or doesn't happen, but they have to try something, and it takes so long to go from Guinea pigs like me, to all of the rest of you. So, my thinking, they have to start testing that booster now, can't wait. I will know more in 2 days and then I can update. I have to sign about 30 pages of lawyer talk beforehand. It won't be boring, so there is that. Thanks for your input, Martin
  4. Rich, Thanks for that. Unfortunately, since I'm testing the Delta booster, if me and a few select other guinea pigs don't try it, there won't be anything to VAERS. I'm now about 10 1/2 months past my first shot, so I'm guessing when I go in this week, they will antibody test me and then shoot me up. Will be interesting. Thank you, Martin
  5. Well, I'm guessing I was the first mixer on the planet to be Coronavirus vaccinated , and subsequently, I will probably be the first mixer on the planet to get their Pfizer Delta Variant booster shot. Who among you that was vaccinated would look to eventually get the Delta Variant booster shot? Why or why not? Thank you, Martin
  6. For tomorrow, in Atlanta, need to know Zaxcom.
  7. May 24th, Monday $800. for the day, scripted, call time 6pm. Please message me. Rocky Mount NC.
  8. JWill, Yes, I was a tester of the Pfizer/Bioentec Coronavirus vaccine. Are you saying that you have friends, one was vaccinated and the other not vaccinated, and they both were infected with Coronavirus? Thank you, Martin
  9. TV, You are correct sir. I had to get "creative" with why I would be eligible for the shot, in order for them to provide me paperwork that I had been vaccinated. I started this post as soon as I had it verified. I was probably the first sound mixer on the planet to be vaccinated, I would imagine. And although they make you sign about 40 pages of of "death may occur,....", your head may fall off, etc., they get really testy if you refer to yourself as a Guinea Pig, while in the study facilty. Thank you, Martin
  10. Ah, yes, maybe that was not clear, sorry. I am 5 months after having received my 2nd Pfizer vaccination shot. Sincerely, Martin
  11. codyman, can she get an antibody test, if its good to go, then, when she comes home, assuming a house, not an apartment, put all her clothes in a box, sterilize the box, scrub up, mask on, straight to the long hot steamy shower, clean your mouth, eyes, ears, nose really well, then all good to go? What's wrong with my theory? Oh, and the box of clothes go straight into the wash. Thank you, Martin
  12. Cody, Glad shes doing great. Yes, wacky fits for a description, the vaccine is the same, most people, it's a minor annoyance, then, bam, the next guy it's tough and you are really sick. But I still would get vaccinated if I had to do it over again. Thank you, Martin
  13. I am not in California or Nevada, so I can't help there. As far as failing kidneys, if I had a mother in law with failing kidneys, I don't think I would be getting her vaccinated. I can't imagine going thru the chills, etc., with failing kidneys on top of it. Everyone has to make there own decisions on this, but I would live in a cave as opposed to getting vaccinated with internal organs failing. Tough choices.
  14. You can google the lists to see all the people who have been "qualified".
  15. tourtelot, I would recommend you have blankets and sweaters on standby for when you wake up after the 2nd shot. The first shot was great, I slept like a baby for a few days after that one. No memorable anything from that one, but on the second one, since it was summer, who has a sweater nearby or heated blankets in the summer? The chills were aweful. I worried about chipping a tooth. Apparently, one of the other recipients did chip a tooth from the chills. I think I would say that if you are, say a couple, I wouldn't both get the 2nd shot within about 3 days of each other, one of you has to be well. I think the odds are against both of you getting really sick from getting the 2nd shot, but the odds of me getting into a crash today are very low, but I will still wear a seatbelt. Thank you, Martin Rich, I don't think I understand the question. Can you clarify that question? Thank you, Martin newzhack, Those were your symptoms after the first shot? Thank you, Martin
  16. Philip, All good questions. In order that you asked. I received the Pfizer version of the vaccine. Before I start answering the next question you asked, I want to say that not everyone is going to get as sick as I did from the vaccine. Don't fail to get the vaccine based on what I'm about to say. Yes, I got very sick from the vaccine. But I still think the vaccine is better than what could happen to you from Corona virus. I had heart pain, I had lung pain and problems, I had terrible coughing, I can expand on that if anybody wants me to, my fever was a few degrees high over normal, then it went back to normal, then it started plunging down into the hyperthermia range. The low temp was really concerning. The arm pain was probably not much less than had I been shot in the arm with a gun. That lasted for weeks. My arm began to atrophy. The good news on that, from not booming for so long, that little pinch feeling that I had, for years during booming, is gone. There were other problems, symptoms too, just look at the side effects from Coronavirus. As far as booming during that time, to give you an understanding of how much pain and inability, I could not have held up a lav mic, much less a boom. Now, from overworking my left arm (the vaccine arm), that arm is stronger than it's ever been relative to the right, or dominant arm. I can now boom at least as well as I could before the shot, I have practiced a lot. Your question about contact with others with or without the vaccine. The amount of people I am in contact with the vaccine is probably very close to zero. I can safely say that because of the amount of people that I am in contact with is very close to zero. As to your age question, I am not near 65 years old. As to your question about where I was vaccinated it was a private site. My 2nd shot, or booster, was in early September. That is the shot that can make you miserable. I am skipping the cost question as it does not apply to my shot, so I have no knowledge about that. The appointment questions also do not apply to my situation. Feel free to ask any questions, Thank you, Martin
  17. Hey sorry guys, I didn't get notification that I had responses to my post. No extra vaccine, but I'm super full of antibodies, drain off a pint of your blood and I'll give some. You know, like when you put too much oil in the lawnmower. Thanks, Martin
  18. Hello all, I am well past my 2nd vaccine shot, does anyone have any questions? If you feel I didn't post this in the right section, let me know. Maybe the equipment section, ha. Thanks, Martin
  19. Iron, You made me smile, if only it was that easy. Sincerely, Martin
  20. Fellow Zaxcommers, If the screen is the same one as Nomad, it might have been a choice made to go with the same screen because that was a trusted vendor. Having designed and built a fair amount of electronics, decisions are not as easy as you may think. A few of you are aware that I designed and built my own power distro for the mixer bag. I designed it, I decided what enclosure would be used, I decided what switches, at what level the different color led lights would come on, at what voltage level a light would come on to indicate the decreasing voltage in the battery supply. I did it all. And I'm not crazy about the design, as far as indicator lights, the voltage level they come on with. But I'm not sending anyone an email, because it's me. I had one, just one customer to make happy. Me. And I failed. So, if I can't make me happy building a device with an unlimited budget (how much can you possibly spend building a distro box?) designed for just one customer, what chance does Glenn have designing for thousands of people? Would I like the Nomad display bigger? Probably, but that display is very reliable. As far as scratch resistant, I put a clear protective cover over mine. It also makes it more dent proof as well as scratch proof. If you got this far, I will send the first 3 Nomad owners a free protective screen for their Nomad. Send me a message via JWsound, and I will mail it to you. Sincerely, Martin
  21. Sony, does this mean you have one in your hands? Thank you, Martin
  22. AJ, What are we seeing happen in that video? Thank you, Martin
  23. Pillepalle, Yea, but can you write with a carbon fiber pole? Like if you needed to take notes. See? Jon was on to something there, I could just choke up on the end of the boom and make some quick post notes with a graphite boom. The only problem I see, by my calculations, a 12 foot boom would only be able to hold a 90 gram blimp setup, but on the bright side, you could write over 12000 Km of notes before the boom length became unusable. Sincerely, Martin
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