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  1. yes the 4 pin power hiroses. I have destroyed some with my soldering iron, so I thought the crimp would be nice.
  2. Has anyone any expirience with crimp hirose connectors? easier than the soldered ones? Which tools do you use?
  3. It seems that i can edit and write new text through tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Can anyone confirm that the pins number 1&4 in the hirose connector of XL-WPH3 are parallel connected with 2&3? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Note: Jeff here, as Administrator, I am able to EDIT posts which is what I am doing now. This post, which is basically an image since you were unable to enter text, shows up in the regular Text Editor box that I am typing in now. This is a very weird problem that seems to be affecting a few, mostly located outside the US. I will continue to try and get to the bottom of this.
  6. why the tracer battery shipping costs are so high? Indeed cheaper but you pay the difference in shipping
  7. I'm thinking that I'm not interested on more preamps than the digital interfacing (AES mostly). I'm not sure that I want 8 good preamps that i can't use them anywhere else than an sd card. Ok I can mix them on the analog stereo out but... Expandabilty and more options makes me feel more safe. The other thing is the availability. The shortest time that I can find is late january meaning 2 more projects with low end (non)field gear :-( Maybe I am going off my topic! I should write on the f8 topic! :-D
  8. Hi, I'm in the market for a new or used field recorder and I'm counting my options. I usually record sfx and ambiences and some docs with no high channel count. Having a ULN 2 as a secondary interface plus a great set of preamps I was thinking to get a secondhand 744 and feed the line ins with those pres. Are they going to match for lets say a DMS or IRT-cross recording or I should trade the uln for a mixpre-d? Anyone used the uln in the field with a 4 pin xlr battery? Is it power consuming? The other option is an sd633 (and I have some thoughts on the zoom F8 also).
  9. That's my initial thought about it! I'm not sure about the double usage and the sum of the S signal. Maybe it will need 3dB attenuation on each side (front-rear) to reach the total 6 dB gain that a sum will result. I will A B with the plugin of course anyway. Hopefully this weekend I'll post some thoughts on the results, or the results themselves
  10. Hey, thanks for the replies. I also love the stereo image of the rsm, Axel and I'm in love with the detail of this mic : ) My first thought is to use the Schoeps plugin but I want to try to emulate the plugin with a simple 5.1 DAW mixer setup. Maybe I am missing some math here, but I think I can solve it with simple tools! I'm thinking that the sensitivity missmatch will lead to more noise to the rear, but with good-noiseless field preamps I think this wouldn't be much of a problem (to match the sensitivity with gian boost on the km). I still need to buy one good field recorder! Indeed I can see the 3 capsules of the rsm and it's easy to bring the ak40 capsule in the same Y and Z point of the axis. I don't own an LC 3 cable, and as I wait to find one on eBay (I find it somewhat expensive to buy it new) I was planning to test this rig with the body on top of the grilles of the rsm, plugged with a thin right angle xlr kortwich style. All these inside a rycote kit #3. Will the km100 body refract the sound? I Also find more stable to tie the km140 on 2 points on the rsm body than in one. Is there any clamp in the market that I can use like these? http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/770035-REG/Rycote_48488_Back_to_Back_Clips_for_Microphones.html I think those can't fit on the rsm fat body!
  11. Hi, this is my first post in this forum I'm interested in recording some surround ambiences and I was researching the techniques, that I can record with my equipment. Has anyone any experience rigging rsm191 and neumann km140 for a double m/s surround recording. Are there any holes or phase problems?
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