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  1. In a way, they do. They're both government employees. There is your problem!!
  2. From Rode's website: "or they can be used as a beltpack with an external lavalier" https://www.rode.com/microphones/wireless/wirelessgoii Zoom released the F2, that is basically their take on the Tascam DR10 But..... they also released the Zoom F2-BT! Which adds bluetooth/timecode to the base model F2.
  3. The Tascam DR10 didn't have timecode, neither did Juicedlink.
  4. As you've got an interest in docos / YouTube content / indie filmmaking / corporate / etc, I can say the MixPre3 is almost certainly not sufficiently "future proof" (as if such a thing even exists...) for you even in the near / mid term future (let alone further out into the future). Especially as this is your only/primary field recorder. You need at least a MixPre6 / Zoom F6 as your newbie starter recorder (or even better, the next half step up: MixPre10 or Zoom F8n). MixPre3 can be a great pick as your secondary / backup recorder, but as your primary / only recorder? Y
  5. That's also not quite true. As to get the full Nomad 12 feature set it requires a return to the mother ship and a hardware upgrade. This is why you can't get this full Nomad 12 update now. I've asked.
  6. Zaxcom came out with a firmware update (note: not "plugin") that enables recording of 16 channels of audio.
  7. What discount? All we've seen from them lately are price increases, and charging for what are essentially firmware updates (which they never did before. We can agree or disagree about if this a good business practice, but the fact is this is a complete change in how they do their business when compared to the 6 or 7 Series days). Sure, let's play that game: How much is their 16 channel field recorder? That would be the Sound Devices for US$7.9K What is the price of Zaxcom's 16 channel field recorder? The Zaxcom Nova is $5,495 The Aaton Cantar Mini is a 16 track recorder,
  8. Yup, even if we in the sound department are pushing for this (we're not!) it would still be totally meaningless and go nowhere if the camera dept wasn't totally 100% on board. If there is a push, it will come from either the producers themselves or from post production, or both. And even then, it will only happen if camera dept supports it can gets on board too. And yes, it won't be normal on short day or two shoots, this will happen first on long jobs which have the time for preproduction. Maybe in another decade or so it will filter down to the short notice quick jobs.
  9. If production is happy to pay the extra rental on top, then I'm happy to cater to whatever special workflow they want to do.
  10. I totally agree except I wouldn't call Hollyland a "no name toy brand". They're becoming quite established as an up and comer for wireless video, with many shoots using them. Thus the fact they'd take a stab at wireless audio as well is not a shocking surprise at all. But as this is their first ever audio product, I'd prefer to give them a few generations of improving it before wanting to seriously rely upon it for a paid gig.
  11. If you think that is expensive, wait until you see the price of 8 instances of this: https://store.sounddevices.com/product/cedar-sdnx/ It is a clear change in business strategy by Sound Devices, to keep in extracting more money from existing users without needing to convince them to buy more hardware. That's 110% the entire basis of their "plugins" (i.e. paid firmware updates) for the 8 Series. With the 6 and 7 Series, Sound Devices was focused instead on long term custom satisfaction (and it worked! They got #1 for Market Share, and tonnes of loyal fans), by bringing
  12. Thanks Philip, that's useful to hear, so if someone wanted to try dabbling with giving Mac recording a spin, you wouldn't even bother wasting your time trying out Metacorder? Just go straight to Boom Recorder, or try out something else more modern like Reaper.
  13. @Leonardo Dias, ok, I believe you! 🙂 As for wireless, Sennheiser G4 (or G3) is the bare bare bare absolutely minimum for vaguely "professional" wireless (it doesn't, but at least we could pretend it does). Anything else below this is too horrendously bad. In my personal opinion, the Sony UPW-D21 is a little better, for the same price. Otherwise yeah there is the Deity Connect, which has its own sets of pro/cons.
  14. First post? Asking this? Suspicious! Could be fishing, to promote Hollyland.
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