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  1. IronFilm

    50fps On Sony F7s in 4K - Timecode Question

    If he was trying to make a big deal of it, why not just set TC to ToD (which matches his wristwatch! ha) and be done with it?
  2. That is amazing! Great work Bouke
  3. IronFilm


    I reckon I'd prefer a gorillapod over this.
  4. IronFilm

    Broom poles, again

    Oh wow, this entire video was painful to watch. So so so much wrong with it. Would take a response video ten times longer than the video itself to fully explain *everything* wrong with it! But then again almost the entire point of this youtube channel is "oh hey DIY gear you can make yourself instead of spending money!" And I think waaaay back when Indy Mogul started (pre DSLR revolution days!), then going the DIY route made a lot of sense as you had many fewer options. You couldn't pick up a carbon fibre 3m chinese boom pole for sub US$100, which for very very little money is massively hugely better for booming with than a broom pole. Thus now in 2019, unless you're a broke high school student (and even then, I wouldn't recommend it! Plenty of high schoolers scrape together the money for a DSLR, if you care about sound, you can do the same for sound gear!) then for the love of god and all that is holy, DO NOT DO THIS!
  5. IronFilm

    Zoom F8

    So did later model original SR receivers get the 1/8 Watt 0805 parts before they even left the factory once you realized the problem, at what point in the serial numbers did they see this change?
  6. IronFilm

    Sonosax M2D2

    "Beginning" of 2019 is vague enough it might still be next month (or even the month after!)
  7. IronFilm


    A FIVE channel SR RX? ha
  8. IronFilm

    Mixpre 10t as mixer?

    With the latest firmware the MixPre10T supports USB controllers from Novation, Korg and Akai, which would be really good if you're wanting to do a mix with the 10T Personally though, I'm really happy with my Zoom F8n with a Zoom F Control panel instead.
  9. IronFilm

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    Oh dear god, that sounds like all kinds of fucked up fuckkery!! :-o Why can't sound mixers also structure their business to quickly write off against taxes their sound gear purchases like gets done with the camera departments' Alexas and all their other fancy expensive thingymabobs? Doesn't sound fair at all! Am curious as to why you spend part of your time working in Turkey rather than just 100% of your time in Netherlands? Is it to be nearer family in Turkey some of the time or such reasons like that? Ahhhhhh........
  10. IronFilm

    "Sound Speeds" vlog

  11. IronFilm

    Boom Pole Quick Release Systems?

    Thoughts on Ambient QuikLok vs Rycote PCS-Boom Quick Release System vs nothing vs something else?
  12. IronFilm

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    Fun fact: I recently purchased a NTG3 (four of them actually!). I'll try to get a comparison video of them all up on YouTube (oh noes, not the YouTubes!) soon. The Deity S Mic 2 is literally HALF the price of the NTG3 at B&H, that is a massive price difference for anybody starting out and considering those two mics. Aputure store says the Aputure Deity is $279, and B&H says the NTG2 is $269 Close enough for me to call them the "same price" more or less.
  13. IronFilm

    new low cost radiomic

    Doubtful, it hasn't really been out that long? What, a couple of years?
  14. IronFilm

    Noise canceling headphones on set?

    Sounds like Remote Audio headphones are the ones for you, the use the same drivers as in the Sony 7506 so what you're already used to listening to from years and years will be pretty close to the same response as what you hear with the Remote Audio ones
  15. IronFilm

    PSA MKH 416 on eBay

    I'd still put the original Deity shotgun as a better pick than say a NTG2 which was priced similar, but the new revision makes it a proper competitor to the 416