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    UltraSync BLUE - Timecode over Bluetooth from TCS

    I've read nothing suggesting it would talk over Bluetooth with the F8n, only with their VR audio recorder. I think they might be taking the "build it and they will come" approach. As at the moment there doesn't seem much point to it other than some niche cases, but hopefully with time this approach might become popular and widespread. (I imagine for instance that if they pushed for it that maybe the Panasonic GH6/G90/etc could all support it. As no longer do they need to give the excuse "it is a mirrorless body, it is too small to have space for a timecode input as well!")
  2. IronFilm

    waterproofing and mounting a lectro bodypack?

    If it is just SFX recordings with no dialogue, one option to consider if you want to reduce your risk exposure (and not need to worry about wireless issues if underwater) is use a bodypack recorder such as the Tascam DR10L.
  3. I don't know of any camera op who'd like to have a slate attached to their camera permanently! Get yourself a Timecode Systems Ultrasync ONE instead.
  4. IronFilm

    Rycote acquired by The Vitec Group.

    Amusingly they have a fluid head listed under "sound bags": https://www.sachtler.com/products/bags/audio-equipment/sound-bags/
  5. IronFilm

    Movie Slate 8

    Tentacle Sync E can now send TC via bluetooth to the Movie Slate App, which would make it another (cheaper!) alternative to using the Timecode Systems :wave I have at the moment instead:
  6. BMD's older Blackmagic Design Micro Cinema Camera also worked the same way too. TA3 for scratch audio, 3.5mm for timecode input. I've had a listen to the BMPCC4K built in mics (btw... the BMPCC is a different camera!) and they sound surprisingly "good" (by the low standards of camera mic standards! Certainly compared to the original BMPCC it sounded a lot better).
  7. IronFilm

    Audio Limited A10 for talent.

    Well Lectrosonics has their tweedle tone for changing transmitter settings, not quite the same, but still it is handy to have. I guess this means the even shorter range of the Lectro tweedle tone is not such a big downside vs the Audio Ltd bluetooth if you have to get up from your seat anyway to walk over to the talent.
  8. IronFilm

    What is your spare recorder

    Nope. Keep holding your breath!
  9. They're two different things That is indeed what I mean when I say it doesn't have an internal timecode generator, as one which say is used for telling time of day, and isn't even remotely accurate timecode is hardly a timecode generator in my books!
  10. I don't know how long the Tascam HD-P2 would hold for, but I wouldn't ever want to bet on it. As the Tascam HD-P2 lacks an internal TC generator, so you're better off keeping it always attached to an external timecode source. A Tentacle Sync E or an Ultrasync ONE is a cheap way to do it, if you want to detach from the 10T
  11. IronFilm

    What is your spare recorder

    The F4 is still pretty darn good as a back up recorder (or a starter recorder), as it is almost the same as the F8 if you don't need the slightly higher track count or bluetooth.
  12. IronFilm

    LM transmitter question

    Rather than the LMa manual, this would be even better: https://www.lectrosonics.com/US/phocadownload/lm-imman.pdf
  13. IronFilm

    What is your spare recorder

    Oh, there still has been hardware improvements with the F8n. But yes, they're relatively small tweaks, which means the F8 is still an amazing bargain. oh LOL Yup, I've owned 2x DR680 before I moved on to F4 then F8n Even the F4 is better than the DR680 in every way for 98% of users. But yup, I could imagine there is a few 2% of people who could find the DR680 to be more handy instead. Official accounts from Zoom have often responded on the Zoom Facebook forums, they're very active with users on this. Many many times so over this thread.
  14. IronFilm

    What is your spare recorder

    The v5.0 firmware for F8 apparently resolves the headphone issues and makes it sound just as good as the new F8n now.
  15. IronFilm

    What is your spare recorder

    Ohhhhh.... I hadn't realised that was one of the feature of the new v5.0 firmware update! Well, that is even more good news for the original F8 owners. I can only hope as a new F8n owner that I'll still be just as luck with new updates in three years from now!
  16. IronFilm

    Deity Connect.

    So we can have 179 channels of Deity wireless at once? 😉
  17. IronFilm

    What is your spare recorder

    There isn't a MixPre 4, maybe you mean the MixPre3 or MixPre6? (which is only four channels if you're doing TC as well) Also, the Zoom F4 isn't that heavy at all, it is still a lightweight option (a little less than a 633). But yes, if you want super lightweight and compact then a MixPre is the way to go! The F8's timecode is rock solid. But... you need to leave it switched on all day (not a big deal at all though if you've got an external battery). Also, the new F8n is meant to be further improved so you can then power down during the day (for lunch etc) without it losing TC.
  18. IronFilm

    Aeta Systems 4MINX

    https://web.archive.org/web/20120826161005/http://www.afsi.eu/technique/test-de-l-enregistreur-4minx-de-aeta It is in French however
  19. IronFilm

    Tentacle Sync Workflow

    Interesting, I probably should get one of these. But a simple bongo tie has been working out pretty well for me! Or if I must, velcro.
  20. IronFilm

    Zoom F8n.

    The F8n was a big update the F8 But yeah, then with the big firmware update to the F8 it closed the gap back up again. For most people I'd suggest looking for a bargain secondhand F8. However if you want to buy new then the F8n might be the way to go if stocks of the F8 are gone, or if you'll be using the recorder heaps then the price difference between the two you might see as being small enough not to matter much. Only for their first batch of F8 recorders, so any F8 made this year or last year wouldn't suffer from the infamous "White Screen of Death".
  21. IronFilm

    What is your spare recorder

    Avoid the Sound Devices MixPre M series, you want to consider the normal MixPre3/6/10T instead. For me personally, my Zoom F4 is my back up to my Zoom F8n. (and my old Tascam DR680mk1 is my back up back up! Which I haven't even turned on in years now)
  22. IronFilm

    small bag

    Depends on how limiting you want to go? Ideally perhaps a 633 But if going with the MixPre, then the MixPre3 is the smallest (& cheapest!) and is truly teeny tiny super small (I want one!). But then you're limited to only a boom plus two lavs. Which might be all you're seeking, then happy to use your hefty 664 for everything else. Or you might go for the slightly bigger (but still extremely small) MixPre6, but that only gives you one extra channel (if running TC too) over the MixPre3. Might not seem like a big enough leap up? So then you're looking at the MixPre10T which could really cover a lot of your needs on many shoots instead of a 664. But by this time you have increased a lot in price/weight/size, and you might start to wonder why not just get the small 633? It really depends on your own personal preference as to where you draw that cut off line for what "most" means when it comes to your smaller secondary recorder being able to cover for "most" of your jobs instead of the 664. Another recorder to consider also is the Zoom F8n, and is what I've personally chosen over any of the MixPre series. One final mention, is the Sonosax SX-SR4+ which I reckon is impressively powerful for its very small size. But then you're looking at a cost which is even greater than your 664 is worth.
  23. IronFilm


    This. I've done a fair few multi camera shoots with improv (or with amateur actors, which leads to "unintentional improv", even when they do try to follow the script). And you'll try your utmost best to avoid the framing of A cam (using all your psychic powers), but those extra additional cameras? I'd be very very relaxed about being accidentally (or even intentionally.... if they really mess up their camera positions and put sound into a bad corner) in their shots as under these kind of conditions they should expect to do a fair amount of improvisation as well themselves to keep up with the flow of the play.
  24. IronFilm

    "Sound Speeds" vlog

    I have a teeny youtube channel where I talk about being a sound recordist and related stuff. https://www.youtube.com/c/SoundSpeeding Here are a few of my recent videos: