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  1. Have you tried brand new AA batteries? As rechargeable AA batteries do deteriorate over the years. (however for them to go that bad in just 2yrs is outrageously fast!! But then again, not totally outside the realms of possibilities if they are low quality ones that have been heavily used??)
  2. Yup, and the same for the A20-Mini could be a game changer in terms of making the transmitter battery life unbearable or "workable". Hopefully Zaxcom hasn't patented this....
  3. Quite predictable that a Mini TX was announced! That was the biggest complaint about the A10 wireless (with #2 being some complaints about their range with whips). The only surprise is that it took so long? Perhaps the acquisition slowed down development due to the transition period. Yes, I'd also strongly suspect an A20-RX is coming? ("when" is any guess! Been slow development lately from Audio Ltd, but perhaps things are now smoothed out and underway and we can expect a flurry of announcements? Fingers crossed) But it would have to be a quad receiver to tempt me, otherwise I feel that Shure Axient Digital is seeming more attractive right now. Nearly half a grand more expensive than the Lectrosonics DBSMD. However, it is three hundred dollars cheaper than the Shure Axient Digital ADX1M. Not a third. As the A20-Mini uses 3x AAA batteries. And an AAA is smaller capacity than an AA. That's my feeling too, the run time is a deal breaker. (then the smaller minor issues like yet another new battery type, is just mere icing on the cake) Not unless that remote sleeping capability to save battery life can be totally automated (thus each time I put my 833 into stop/record, it would do the same for the A20-Mini. That would be good for scripted drama where you spend more time waiting around than you spend rolling. You'd be able to squeak out the battery life until lunch time. No good for reality tv or docos though where you spend much longer stretches rolling all the time). This A20-Mini announcement is perfect for people already in the A10 system, they've got now a TX to help solve tricky costume problems. Makes sense for them to pick up one or two A20-Mini. I'd love this announcement if I was in their shoes! For the rest of us? It's tough to see the argument to transition over to a new system with what's on offer. Maybe the A20-RX (if a quad receiver) and A20-TX (if it is only a little bigger than an A20-Mini while still being a bit smaller than the old bulky A10-TX, yet somehow gives us a lot more battery life than an A20-Mini???) will both together build up a stronger case to switch over to Audio Ltd wireless? Time will tell, am interested to see what Sound Devices / Audio Ltd will release next. No buttons, switches, or LCD display on the unit itself to set up with! I think that everyone who uses the A20-Micro will have to bring to set an iPod Touch (or similar), not just for an emergency when your phone goes flat, but even worse... if your phone (or the app) randomly updates and reveals some new incompatibility! (thus the iPod Touch at hand, which you will always keep offline, so you don't get any unwanted random software updates) I bet they will! Eventually. Probably a bodypack style receiver, just like their existing analogue prosumer G4 wireless. Shure should beat them to the punch and bring out a Shure SLXD5 bodypack receiver. They'll grab a huge chunk of the prosumer market.
  4. oh for sure, the 833 is indeed more capable than the Maxx
  5. It's definitely one of the very few areas I prefer my Zaxcom Maxx over the Sound Devices 833, it is like night & day in terms of barely using power compared to my 833 instead.
  6. What Trey said is bang on. You don't need powered antennas (although if you're going to remote them far away, it is handy) Even if using Lectrosonics SNA600a dipoles, just simply getting them up high will improve performance a lot! But even better (depending on purpose, of course) is getting shark fins.
  7. As Trey said, your only option is a Sound Devices CL12, unless you go old school and use an analogue board (such as the PSC Solice Mini). I think a better path is to instead get a Sound Devices 833 (if you can still find it in stock somewhere, as Sound Devices has paused making the 833) with an iCon Platform M+ (with the D2 display), which is what I do myself.
  8. Doubt many, if any, people are buying a brand new Nomad these days.
  9. Fair enough, there are also other reasons to go for the 833 other than just price: is lighter, more compact, and uses less power. BTW, if you haven't got the 833 yet, do it sooner rather than later! As Sound Devices has (for now) stopped making the 833, due to supply chain issues. What is the new wireless going to be? I'll be checking out the new Shure ADX5D in person today.
  10. You can record the standard 1 through to 8 ISOs as per normal (with anything you like being sent to them), but the 9th & 10th "ISOs" are via recording Bus 1 & 2 (I've taken this approach numerous times, to squeeze the max out of my 833). Thus you can't include these last two "ISOs" in your standard mix (just bring up on the fader the next nearest physical source for a rough-ish mix). As for how you physically get 10 inputs into your 833, I do that via the additional AES inputs I gain from using an XL-AES attached to my 833. But using an SL-2 is definitely another approach you can take as well.
  11. Ah yes, the ADX5D has nearly double the power consumption vs a Lectro SRc: 2.2W vs 4.2W Yup, am definitely thinking about it.
  12. Raycom has their video up now, this is the most in depth one I've seen so far (early days though!): Trew Audio also has a very brief video up: Here it is looking pretty matched with a Sound Devices Scorpio in an SL2:
  13. It is live! The new Shure ADX5D Superslot receiver for their Axient Digital series. https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/wireless-systems/axient_digital/adx5d Seems like there are a few asterisks listed here * Country-Specific Functionality Restrictions: Interference avoidance is only available in Manual mode when using DB15 or DB25 backplates with United States models ShowLink is not available when ADX5D is used with 3rd party control devices in the United States. Zaxcom patent lawyers are having a chilling effect?? Or thus perhaps Shure is just being extra overly cautious. Don't quite understand though why what would be totally fine for their rack based products, wouldn't be ok to then be in a Superslot form factor instead? I like how there is a headphone output, you could for instance have a Sound Utility bring this along and listen themselves to how the lav wiring sounds immediately after it has been done. Also helps for troubleshooting, if for instance I cease hearing any audio, it gives another point which I can check in to as to where in the signal chain the issue might be.
  14. I do the same, it's so much easier to quickly unclip from your boom when you've already got the connector hanging six inches out of your bag, rather than needing reach into the bag itself and fumble around finding the connection point to unclip the XLR cable.
  15. Pat, I'd always thought that way as well! But now I'm starting to drift in the direction of seeing benefits of going wireless.... don't think either approach is "wrong", just a matter of personal preferences. However, if I am going to go wireless, I'll want the very best. For me, that has meant for my boom ops running a Sound Devices MM1 in front of a Lectrosonics transmitter. But am thinking my next step should be a Shure AD3? No decisions made yet, still pondering it, no rush. Anybody used the Shure AD3 a lot? Guessing not too many have? As the AD3 is a very new release as well.
  16. I think when starting out there are a lot of benefits from doing both sides of audio, because you get to experience the whole workflow from start to finish which helps you develop as you realize what Post needs, and you gain an understanding of what they have to go through on location as well. Also as you're building up your client base in the early years, there can be certain synergies too from working both sides. As it gives two pathways of people connecting with you, then people who hire you for post might later on hire you for location (or the reverse). But in the long run, you're better off to specialize and become an expert, rather than being a Jack of All Things but Master of None. You don't want to spread yourself too thin.
  17. If I was in your shoes, I'd be seriously looking at a Shure AD3 with the new Shure ADX5D. Because: it would likely sound better, is digital, can be run as low as 3mW In fact this is quite possibly the direction I'll go, if not this year, then perhaps next year: my current Sound Devices 833, but with an SL2 that will have an ADX5D in the first slot and a Wisycom MCR54 in the second slot. This feels like it would be a really nice combo to put together.
  18. Shure have teased an image: I went nuts and boosted the exposure on that image heaps, but haven't picked up any additional details/clues. I'll note that there are clearly four stacks of LED lights, maaaybe that's because it is a quad receiver? (like the Wisycom MCR54) But more likely I suppose it is two pairs of LEDs, with each pair being for RF & audio levels for that channel. But can tell from it's name ("Shure ADX5D") that this is now 110% certain to be a dual receiver, as we can easily tell from Shure's naming conventions. That's just dashed any slim hopes this might be a quad receiver. Wisycom continues to stand alone in this regard as a Superslot quad receiver. Have found out what frequencies they'll be available in: ADX5D A receive frequency is 470 ~ 636 MHz; ADX5D B receive frequency is 606 ~ 810 MHz; ADX5D C receive frequency is 925 ~ 1000 MHz; Also went through FCC approval for "2.405-2.48 GHz 1.3 mW", that would be for Shure Showlink. Zaxcom have got one Superslot product: Zaxcom SRX220 https://zaxcom.com/products/srx220/
  19. Great timing, a birthday present! 😉
  20. The LT also has the benefit of being controllable by tweedle tone, but the LMb isn't. From my perspective, that's the key reason to get a LT over a LMb. Do you know about the DCR822? As you're a current user of the UCR411 then that might interest you, it's the same size as the 411 and is Lectrosonic's latest receiver. If you're doing regular drama work, then you will definitely need smaller transmitters than the LT/LMb. Although your thread is focused on Lectrosonics, if you want to consider other wireless then I'd suggest also checking out Wisycom MCR54: https://www.trewaudio.com/product/wisycome-mcr54-promo/ And if you can wait a little longer, then later this year Shure will be bringing out their Axient Digital Superslot receiver.
  21. It's not just the audio industry which is struggling, but across the board, all sorts of industries are struggling with parts shortages. For instance the auto industry has got a huge huge headache with shortages of chips: https://www.dw.com/en/computer-chip-shortage-disrupts-global-car-production/a-56224486 https://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/chip-shortage-to-plague-auto-industry-for-next-year-autonation-ceo
  22. They do physically exist, I’ve touched them, even used them on shoots. Not sure though why they’re not yet being released widely? But I would’ve imagine it is “soon”.
  23. Another similar/better option to consider is a DPA 4098, you can get it with a microdot connector, which means it’s then easy to adapt to anything else.
  24. When I saw the video titles I wondered if I’d spot anybody I recognized, as locally at least I know lots of people who are/were in the mess community because I’m in it too, and some of them travel overseas for mess events too. But nahhh... only three riders! Bit of a small race eh? Anyway, I’m currently working as a Utility (thus: almost zero gear I bring along to work) on a TV Series, we’ve just reached the half way mark and so far I’ve cycled to set 100% of the time! It is a great way to start off and finish the day. Plus a good way to combat any weight gain from snacking on set! Ha
  25. App control is great too! But that's a little different to simply blowing up to a bigger screen what's already on your recorder's built in monitoring screen. And you could still use both together, a big screen for viewing, and an app in your hand for quick controls. That's fantastic! Seems almost every week I learn something new and cool that the Cantar X3 / Mini can do. (am beginning to understand why people choose them!)
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