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    Freelance Sound Mixer and owner of Noise Boys, LLC, with employees in Atlanta, Seattle, L.A., and New Orleans. Split my time between reality and feature films.

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  1. MacAulay Flynt

    BETSO synxbox blinking issues

    I have had only one problem with the Betso box, and yes I changed it to Lithium read out, the battery meter seems to not read at ALL. it just goes dead after 2.5 days. So we change it out every two. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. MacAulay Flynt

    Shitty Rig of the Year

    You made it work. No C-Stand or boom buddy; you do what you have to. It's either that or bag it and hold the boom for what could be a 45 minute sit down...
  3. MacAulay Flynt

    Sound Location Notes App

    The Sound Report App is good, and does remember previous characters and notes that you've taken in the past, but even if you do the best you can to manually sync TC from your recorder to the app it will always drift. It's not a frame rate issue on the app, and possibly since the last few updates they've fixed it but, the last time I checked it was still an issue.
  4. MacAulay Flynt

    Situation in Paris

    I applaude all cities and towns raising awareness after this nightmare.