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  1. Okay- Moose Drool has my vote for one of the best-named beers (next to Raging Bitch)... It's not my favorite, since I prefer hoppier beers.
  2. Smuttynose Brewery gets my vote for best name in a month o' sundays! (Yeah, I know it's an island... so?)
  3. Just moved to the Baltimore area & found Flying Dog Brewery's beers... My current fav is "Raging Bitch" Belgian -Style IPA. Have to say that originally any of the American-made Belgian-style beers that I tried were either too floral or disagreed with me (I must be allergic to the yeast in those cheap-ass coors/bluemoon beers- made me gag). Plus- I love the Ralph Steadman graphics on their lables!
  4. Would this work for you? Delvcam UTT-1 Universal Tripod Tray 16.75 x 16.75 at Markertek.com It has a 1/4-20 threaded mount, but you could use an adapter on the c-stand.
  5. I saw this on e(vil)Bay & thought it must be too good to be true: Audio Developments AD145 - $249. Anyone in Sandy Eggo & can check with the seller? John
  6. Thanks! I'll take a look at their site... John
  7. Who is the manufacturer of the bar stock your using? John
  8. Today is the 50th anniversary of Newton Minow's "Vast Wasteland" speech: http://www.americanrhetoric.com/speeches/newtonminow.htm He has more to say here: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/08/us/08cncwarren.html Oh, yeah... Supposedly, the SS Minnow (from Gilligan's Island) was named after Minow.
  9. Was this in Provo, Utah? I did one like this last year... never work in Utah again! (Thankfully- I'm moving to Maryland at the end of the month & will have completely new location problems). John
  10. I have a Sony PBR-400 dish (dish only, no mic) which I could let go for $120 + shipping... The only problem is that I won't be back home until tomorrow night, but I could rush ship it out on Thursday morning. If you're looking to rent one- you can try here: http://www.rentcom.com/catalog/Special_Microphones.html John
  11. I'll sign on for that... but I'll have to wait until I get resettled in Maryland!
  12. Try something different: Auchentoshan, Knockando, Highland Park, or my favorite: Usquaebach in the ceramic flagon (around $100). John
  13. I agree... I have a sign on my cart: this is not a drink tray!
  14. Good stuff Marco... It's going to be a Blues night on my turntable!
  15. Sneakymarco: I only have one thing to say: "Ya, sure- ya betcha!"
  16. I'm using a Wendt X3, taking the signal into a Fostex FR-2.
  17. I'm thinking of building a stereo to mono summing box so that I can send a mono signal and was wondering if anyone has done this... any suggestions/refinements? I'm probably going to make it along the lines of this one from the Rane Note "Why Not Wye": I'd be using it to sum the 2-channel output of my mixer, since I want to keep both channels separate to the recorder for ISO's. It doesn't necessarily have to be a balanced signal since it's just the scratch track. What do you think? John
  18. FYI: Mike Van Tine is now with Gotham Sound in NYC, so you might want to contact him for Fostex help... He's helped me out tremendously with my FR-2 power supply replacment & TimeCode upgrade! Gotham Sound 330 West 38th Street Ground Floor #105 New York, NY 10018 Toll Free: 866 GOTHAM-8 (866 468-4268) Local: 212 629-9430 After-Hours: (917) 267-2375 Fax: 212 629-9436 John
  19. Jim - Thanks for that reminder... I saw that before & am interested! Tim - I've researched all of the iphone/ipad/ipodtouch ideas... While the ipad & the touch can be used with MagicSlate to read time code I think the displays are pretty small, as well as a bit fragile. I'm thinking a real slate is the ticket. I'll just have to beg the boss ;p or sell my backup FR-2 to help offset the TS-3.
  20. I've done my research & it appears the most affordable solution to display time code from my FR-2 would be the Denecke TS-C... I would be using it with cameras like the Red, HDSLR, Sony EX1/3, etc. Sorry to sound like a cheapskate, I'm not expecting a $300 solution, I'm just wondering if anyone else uses something that might be under $1200? TIA John
  21. Thanks soundbeing... I think that might be the affordable & small solution. John
  22. Thanks for the info- I hadn't even considered the crosstalk problem! Pluraleyes is sounding like the affordable solution for post. I'm still hoping to use the newly-installed time code from my FR-2 to simplify aligning tracks. It looks like I should just go back to using 2 receivers for separate tracks... I was hoping to come up with something affordable & small for these systems. John
  23. I'm looking for an affordable solution to sending a scratch track & audio time code via wireless. I'm considering using the Sennheiser IEM (In Ear Monitor) system to send a stereo signal... anyone done this, or have feedback regarding another system? I'm working on a upcoming project with the Canon 5D, and regularly work with projects using the Red, EX1/EX3 & HVX/HMC cameras, so the need is for something that will work with those systems. I've looked Audio-Technica's 1800 & Sony's UWP dual systems, but the Sennheiser EW 300 IEM system is $300-400 less & used systems can be found for between $450-600. I know that there are more high-end systems from Zaxcom & Lectrosonics, but they're out of my budget at present. TIA John
  24. Her website is http://www.ellenfullman.com, and there's some examples of her work on MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/377281973 John
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