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    Run,agility with my dogs,Kung fu(wing chu)and I love sound!
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    i work for movies series comersials and documentary.
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    I search that with FedEx. Thank you.
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    Thank you.yes I want. Here in Greece we don't have rental house with this sound equipment!!!!I don have the opportunity to rent it!
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    Hello. I want to buy a new wireless kit, and I have done a litle research about the 3 Companies that we mostly use. Lectrosonics- Zaxcom-Wisycom. Lectrosonics : SRC-SSM-SMWB I read,the SRC have some problems and they don't work very well.They have some issues until the company finds the right update. At the moment I prefer to trust the SRB model, but its price is the same with the SRC but on SRC you have a wider range . The ssm its very nice and good unit.The negative of this unit are the batteries..and maybe the 3pin lemo if you have already some kit of lectro. The SMWB is a very new unit,so I am waiting... In general Lectrosonics have an amazing construction. The TXs you have the opportunity to handle with LectroRM App for 21,99Euro. Zaxcom : QRX200-ZMT3 Just amazing. A good RF frequency range: 518 to 698MHz 100% digital and more. But I believe the construction of this unit is not good.They have many problems with updates, and here in Europe this creates problems when you get them for service. TXs have a 3 pin lemo. You can install for free the Zaxmote App. Wisycom : MCR 42s-MTP41 WIDEBAND! Very good construction.I believe if you want to have a good "relationship" with them and work right, you have to know the possibilities of these units. I read they have many problems with some background noise and they have a low line signal.If you want to repair one unit you must wait 2-3 months, and the company is in Italy. I believe they are very good units for live Tv and Broadcast. They TXs have 3pin lemo. They don't have an App. I believe Digital is the future for all companies and Zaxcom is very good in that. Also the 3 pin lemo will start being installed in all Txs. An the App helps a lot with the handling of the TXs. I would like to hear yours thoughts please and correct me if I am wrong somewhere. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your answers. I want your opinion on how these machines behave in your daily job and amount helps you. As i said i have the SD mixer.i bought him because i do most documantary,road shows e.t.c(difficult conditions) and i believe that you will not betray me easily.(weather conditions,dust,humidity...) With tha same criteria i want to choose and the wireless system. I know lectro is the best choice for that,or wisycom(with wideband and true dual diversity) but i believe zaxcom is 2 steps forward!! It is not difficult to learn how zaxcom works,alredy have understood without bit touches!! They will be able to help me in my job? Worth to investing in zax product with SD mixer?can i have zaxnet? For someone who loves the job and he shall not be stagnates the trading in it not bad!! Thank you. SoundCricket
  5. That i believe!!! Do you suggest some kit? Please note that the QRX300 is a dedicated ZHD receiver and works in ZHD mode only (i.e. is NOT backwards compatible with non-ZHD models). It also will not work in dual mode. ...
  6. Thank you all for your advices. Wisycom has created the communication in Formula1! I believe its a good company...And all their products are very good.But they have terible customer service,and many times they dont have in stock some product.in summer i ordered 2 picies and they told me "delivery after 5 months!" I love Lectros and you find a lot of them everywere...thats good. But the company is not progressing the way Zaxcom is. This is the reason why i ask for your opinions. If i do spend all that money for the wireless system, 500€ - or + will not be a problem..
  7. Unfortunately here in Greece we dont have anyone to rent this products..
  8. Hello everyone. As the title says,i want to buy a new wireless system and i want your opinions. Now i have 3 sets of lectrosonics 200 series. I am looking for something either from Zaxcom,or Lectrosonics,or Wisycom. In Lectrosonics i 've been thinking of 1 SRc or SRc5P and 2 x SMQV or SSM. In Zaxcom i 've seen either the 1 QRX 235 ( in Trew audio they are giving it with full band frequencies 518.0 to 872.0 MHz (blocks are 20 to 36 MHz wide).Is that correct?) or 200 (why is the QRX200 more expensive?) and 2 x TRXLT 3 ZHD. In Wisycom i've seen the 1 MCR42S and 2x MTP41. My first choice is the Zaxcom set,because of all the possibilities that can give you.(sd card in trx, ZHD, zaxnet, time code, IFB...)but i am open to other suggestions from all of you, mostly for equipment from the prementioned companies. The biggest part of my job is to travel.Mostly here in Greece and in Europe. My mixer is the SD 633. I am waiting for your opinions. Thank you.
  9. Hello there!I am a new customer of sound devices , I just got to buy the SD 633.I have some questions.After every job,I want to delete all the take lists, notes, reports e.t.c and empty the device for the next job.how I do this?Do I need to delete everything one by one?Thank you very much in advance, happy new year!
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