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  1. Jule

    Treatment in production

    I fully agree with that! This is another reason to only accept fully paid work. Jule
  2. Hey, you all, thank you very much for your input!! This was helpful for me! Jule
  3. Sorry, no, I am not ruling out the PreMix-series, I am just unsure what this series can do for me with pre-fade-listening and some other features. (I know the series provides pre-fade-listening, I am just unsure, how deep in the menu behind the screen I'd have to look or fumble for this). And I was just not able to follow the different features (provided with different firmwares) in the 3/6/10 machines. I am sure it is a useful recorder, I am not so sure about it being a useful mixing device. But that is just my impression.
  4. It does sound superb! No question about that!
  5. I am not made for the AETA, unfortunately. I tried, the menu blows my brain.
  6. No, the first fader controls your first two channels in the mix, but if you want to change the side signal, you have to move the trim.
  7. Sorry, I mixed up "odd" and "even", because this is a second language to me.
  8. Negative. 6 series is different to the 7 series.
  9. This sounds good! The X3 unfortunately is not my wingspan, I'll inform myself about the Cantar Mini, thank you!
  10. Tho odd pan does nothing on the 633, when you use MS linking in the input menu.
  11. The pan pot of the first channel controls the proportion of the first two channels in the mix, the second pan pot does not change the width. That is a possibility for the case one does not want the MS signal processed to LR, true. And my tracks are L and R - or they are still MS then? And if they are L and R, will I still habe the unprocessed MS as ISOs?
  12. Thank you. Yes, true. But they are the trims. I am currently working with a SD633 and I find this dissatisfying.
  13. Hallo, hello, hola et bonjour, I am looking for a mixer/recorder model where I can actively change the stereo width, when I record MS stereo - (Just like with the SQN models, where you close your second fader, when you want a mono signal in your mix) - and have the ISO tracks recorded separately at the same time. Is there a model that can do this? Thank you! Jule
  14. Jule

    SD 633 X3/X4 question

    You should be able to set the ISO tracks to prefade by preselecting the prefade option in the bottom line of the output / x3x4 / menu. You can not put L R or x1x2 to prefade, but that is in the nature of things as they are postfade.
  15. Jule

    Induction Kitchen Nightmare

    I experienced something similar, but with the 5000 series / Sennheiser - and it was not with induction ovens but with the ultrasonic connection of hairpieces (extensions) at the hairdressers. The radio link could not be used at all.