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  1. Hello everybody ! I have an issue with the plug of my headphone. The plug remove accidently and a part of it stick inside the connector for headphone. I cant extract it easely... If i open the Nomad can i have an easier access to the plug from inside ? Thank you to answer !
  2. Thank you for the PDF Jack It was very easy with it ! I have a nice clock now... See you all !
  3. Thank you so much I ll try it ! Keepin touch !
  4. Hello everybody I'm a freshly owner of a wonderful Nomad 10 ! I bought it used and the battery to maintains clock is dead... I'm very affraid to open the nomad... I saw a post about this topic but the photo is not enough to understand how to do... The xlr input is gone ! Maybe somebody from here can shoot a video about the disassembly ? It will be very very nice ! Thank you so much !
  5. Thank Christian I know very Well the cmit and the mkh50. I would like to try the 4017c because i think it Will be à marvelous tool.
  6. With the mkh60 you can be very high in ext, room or whatever... With my km185 in interior i cant have a nice sound if i m too high.The sound seems too far.. With a mkh50 i can be higher than km185 for a very good résult I dont know the DPA.... Just tell me if this microphone 4017c can be high or not to take à good and nice voice. I need a nice micro for interior because the mkh60 take reverb by his back side. Thank you
  7. Hello everybody Hello everyone I would like to know the maximum distance of the microphone from the mouth of an actor to have a correct result ? 50 cm ? 1 meter ? With the mkh50 we can be high but i dont know with the dpa 4017c... Can you answer me ? Thank you very much
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