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  1. "At a APRS show, where the SN was first shown, I met Stefan Kudelski and was told to introduce him to Ray Dolby!" I find this fascinating, did they meet?
  2. Hello, Hope everyone here is well, I continue to follow and enjoy the Nagra Stories Thread and wish I could enjoy using my machine which is in for repair. I am writing to ask if anyone could assist me with a copy of the Harvey Warnke flow charts, and diagrams. I have the written manual available online but can't find any technical circuitry diagrams. My X4S had the modification installed in 1995 at Audio Services Corporation. I would be most grateful for any help. Thank you MarkC
  3. Hi Philip, So if you used them to record just one voice I assume you then had to sync the track to another before you even put it to image. In a conversational piece two or more individually recorded tracks must have been pretty technical. Did you have a guide track to line up pauses/breaths etc? I assume the SN was not timecode of course. Cheers MarkC
  4. Were SN recorders as robust at their larger family members such as the 4.2 and IV-S? They are such an exquisite masterpiece. Regarding the photo's above are the jacks standard banana plug, not ever seen or touched one is impossible to tell. Were these ever used by sound men for film recording? Did Nagra ever create a Nagramaster stereo SNST or SNST-R?
  5. Thanks Bash, I have emailed Norman, my fingers are crossed. Would love to get the unit back to spec. Cheers MarkC
  6. Hello, I have a 35 year old Dolby 372 unit that needs some servicing. I contacted Dolby and unfortunately they do not service their older instruments anymore. Everything on the left channel works but the right channel has a shrill thinning sound when playing back a 320 wBn test, encode in record with NR on has no problem, however, playback "NR off" produces a distorted,/scratching sound. I feel like I have exhausted my options besides constant cleaning etc. Do any of you leaders have any advice for troubleshooting or suggestions of whom I could contact to inspect/repair this unit. I am using a Nagra X4S at 15ips with Stellavox AMI48 mixer. As always, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you MarkC
  7. Dear JBond I love the neon light effect, Nagra is beautiful. Is it feasible that Nagra reduced the tape width on the Nagra IV-S to compensate for the increased S/N ratio made possible from NRS? Do the earlier IV-S recorders with 2.75mm heads have an NRS option? Just intrigued as always.. Not being a technician, I hope the "won't ever tells" unless asked will explain the NRS option. Was it better? Would it be better for quieter stringed instrument sounds? Peace and a Brilliantly Happy New Year! MarkC
  8. Thanks Glen, thanks Philip, I haven't ever come across the Bryston unit, nevertheless, what you say makes sense to me. Cheers Mark
  9. Dear Mr Tr Dear Mr Trew, Can you please enlighten me on how to calibrate a dolby NRS to an X4S. Do I need a special calibration tape? Is it necessary to have the qsnes? All the best for Christmas!
  10. Hello, Your mixer looks to be in beautiful condition. What a gift!? I have a Stellavox AMI48 and it is a simple species, in their instruction manual they talk of this. Just a note I think your unit does not have 48v phantom so technically speaking it is a Stellavox mixer but not an AMI 48. It's a rare little thing, I hope it finds a "HAPPY HOME" (Salute P.Perkins). To have this repaired is expensive. As far as I know there is only one location on this entire planet that services them. One as old as yours will cost alot of CHF's. I am happy with mine but it will take a lifetime of use to make the money I spent on it not so reprehensible. Peace from Australia MarkC
  11. Hi Dela, As a matter of fact I do have a X4S modded machine. So I assume this machine was originally NQS-L. If I wanted to put wider stereo heads on and did not use the pilot tone/timecode function would it work without any circuitry changes as an NQS-LSP would? Thanks MarkC
  12. Thanks Dela, You are a trove of information. MarkC
  13. Hello again, From a technical perspective, can a IV-S operate timecode with the less common wider stereo record and playback heads? I haven't seen any examples around. As always, thanks in advance. Cheers MarkC
  14. That's great Spectreman. Driving with a Nagra connected to your sound system brings a smile to my face.
  15. Dear mikewest and Philip Perkins, I really appreciate your detailed reflections. I have re-read both your replies numerous times. Very informative and educational. Thank you MarkC
  16. Hello again To Sound-men would you say you used a mono Nagra, for film sound, longer than the Nagra stereo? I would be interested to know how long you used a mono Nagra machine in comparison to a stereo Nagra. Also when was it when the digital framework began to interest you? How long was it till you moved from analogue to digital? What about microphones? Did the technology develop in parallel? All the best MarkC REQUEST: Nagra Mastrclass Video's If any of you master's would be interested in a walk through of how you used to or still do setup your Nagra, I would love to see any video's. General Setup and Tips and Tricks please. Always here to learn!! MarkC
  17. Hi Dela, Thank you for your reply regarding the QSEF. I will get it looked at. Again, apologies for the diversion. Cheers MarkC
  18. What a fascinating story Dela. TCO is a great acronym, especially for my car. Built for european climate and disastrously unreliable in Australia. This tool kit inside the Nagra is quirky? How many pieces were in it? Is the E smaller than the IVs and 4.2s? Was it a competitor to the Stellavox? Apologies for diverting this discussion but I have a question regarding this accessory QSEF. I am comparing the quality to the QSCE cable, which is great, but for some reason the sound is degraded using the QSEF. Could someone help me here, I was expecting the QSEF to sound better. Thank you all in advance Mark
  19. Was the release of the Nagra Stereo recorder anything like the anticipation some people have for the next new Apple product back then?
  20. To The Immoral Mr Teas, evidently you have answered my issue regarding my most recent work, the higher frequencies do tend to be emphasised, however this is ideal considering the majority of music comes from the double bass. I am privileged to have this IV-S.
  21. Hi JBond, I use the iv-s for music recording. The Nagramaster is very useful for me and the sound is heaven. I am curious as to whether the wider heads would suit my purposes better, but I am content. I was not aware the counter was settable, or should I say that it never occurred to me. Thanks for the tip! Cheers MarkC
  22. Could one of these Stellavox tape counters work on a Nagra IV-S? Can anyone suggest an alternate option? Peace MarkC
  23. The Nagra III is also featured in the Britney Spears Femme Fatale Live Concert DVD. Sexy it is....
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