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  1. Hi I have problem with my DPA 4017B when working with SONY DWT-P01 transmitter.When I'm using 10 or 50 mW I have digital RFI especially on my Cinela Pianissimo. Does anybody have some solution for this problem. Thanks
  2. Hi Suspension is original Rycote. But i think that mic capsule is broken becouse when i try my c amp with another 4017 capsule it is working fine.I send mic back to DPA.
  3. Hi I just bought DPA 4017C. Mic is sounding great but i have handling problem.When moving on axis up and down mic is overloading.this is not happening when i move mic left right or up and down jus when i'm m oving front or back (on axis). Does somebody know should i return mic back or buy MMP-B preamp.
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