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  1. I will shoot in Israel. What are the restrictions on the use of wireless microphones (frequency)? Nowhere can I find this information. Thank you
  2. But the sauna will be turned off ....? It makes no sense to shoot in the turned on sauna.
  3. The second antenna is on the skeleton EK2000. EK2000 does not have full diversity, the second antenna does not function fully as the first antenna.
  4. You can use https://www.betso.eu/tcx-2 https://www.betso.eu/wtcs-1
  5. I am using K-tek harness with Orca OR32 and without any problems ... Works well.
  6. I have absolutely same problem. Problem isn't in TC cable.
  7. Hello, what does it means in this comparison http://sounddevices.com/products/mix...ure-comparisonDigital Mixing, Processing and Routing : "SD688 - DIGITAL" and "SD664 - ANALOG"What is exactly analog in 644 and no in 688?
  8. humbuk

    Zoom F8

    Hello, have you already found out what´s wrong?
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