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    Working in TV sound in the UK and internationally for 28 years. Before that in PA and recording studios.
  1. Sean O'Malley

    NFL sideline mic

    Thanks to everyone for your helpful answers, all very much appreciated. The team I am working is indeed The Rams. I am looking forward to the event. This will be my first time at an NFL game though I have worked many times on studio based NFL shows and I am very sad to hear the recent news about Kevin Cadle who I have had the pleasure of working with several times over the years.
  2. Sean O'Malley

    NFL sideline mic

    Hi John, there are plenty of good pubs, and bad, in Twickenham, but it is not my stomping ground. There a good one by the river but it is often very full. I hope we can meet up at the match. My role there is working for one of the teams. I believe we are just covering the match and press conference after. cheers Sean
  3. Sean O'Malley

    NFL sideline mic

    I will be covering sideline sound for an NFL team and will be feeding scratch sound into an ARRI Amira. Covering NFL is a relatively new thing for us here in the UK, so my question to our US colleagues is which mic would you use for this. My goto shotgun is currently a Neumann KMR 81, would a long shotgun be more appropriate? I know that parabolic dishes are often used by US broadcasters, but I am thinking that would be overkill for a single camera shoot. I would appreciate any thoughts the forum may have on this. cheers Sean