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  1. https://www.zoom-na.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/pdfs/ZOOM_F8_compatibleCards.pdf
  2. Try this update - https://us.community.sony.com/s/contentdocument/0694O000007X3wMQAS?language=en_US
  3. Yes I think the same way. Feels the same if I use my Zoom F8. Don't have this problem with Sound Devices 788T
  4. Ok guys. I can't understand your problem. I thought this forum is about talking and sharing not just hating! Both of you have never seen this mixer neither to use it somehow? So just to make some possible judgments is not really cool. I know you don't like it but we are just discussing. For example Yamaha 01V96i is noisy and AC powered but many people in the States use it and like it. Never seen a bad word about it. So why we can try to find some proper alternative= 12volt powered, good pre-amps, enough outputs and small size ? That's the point.
  5. Thanks for this review. Nice to hear some feedback about this new unit.
  6. No info about timecode options at all.
  7. Happy birthday Jeff All the best
  8. Just got an e-mail from StudioMaster. They told me the accurate weight of digiLivE 16 Mixer is 5kg (5kg= 11lb) and 10kg (10kg= 22lb) boxed.
  9. To be honest its really strange that we can't find any manuals or full specifications of this mixer. I was attracted by the size and the 12Dc power option. Can't find anywhere info about the weight ? This 20kg info is not possible at all. I think you can get 8 iso outputs from the 8 XLR outputs on the back. Its a question of rooting. Also I really hope that all the inputs can be switched between mic amps. or line level inputs. Don't know also for the digital output options. Probably we should wait for some more info to be available.
  10. Hello Just want to show you something new - Studiomaster digiLivE 16 . Finally a great digital mixer with 16 inputs/ 8 analog outputs (*digital outputs also available) and the most important thing is the power supply - 12 volt DC !!! So no need of any additional power convertors. Also the size is really good. 100mm faders and HD touch Screen. The price is more than good - Didn't see it yet but I plan to check it out. Studiomaster digiLivE 16 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Studiomaster-digiLivE-Digital-Console-Motorised/dp/B01KFZZAV8
  11. Ok its time for my review for Zoom F8. I have it since 1 month and used it in the last documentary show. What can I say. Its really nice and stable. Works perfect and have all the necessary things / settings that we all need both for feature or documentary films. And as all the others I want to share some thoughts about some imperfections and possible future settings updates. First about the pre-amps. They are really high sensitive so using an additional mixer is mandatory. Second its will be good if alphabetic letters like "I" and "O" do not appears in the character's scene increment mode. Third there should be a way to set a take number manually , not just take reset mode.
  12. The MeON Its actually working . I can use it for the the Sound Devices, Lectro, Comtek and etc. This way uses like 3.0 Amps from the Meon and its ok. Works fine for at least 1 hour without any AC. Its like 10 years old Meon If I plug the mixer's inverter to it then goes like 5-6 Amps and starts producing some mechanical/electrical noise. Can you please help me and tell me a bit more ? What kind of Nickle Metal hydride batteries I need to buy ? I open the MeOn once and I saw its like a pack of some small batteries parallel connected to each other. I was wondering what kind are those batteries so I can order some similar. Thanks
  13. This is the cart with the mixer. I used the UPS as inverter and it works perfect. Really happy with the sound of this mixer. I used only line inputs and they sounds fantastic. Working with faders really helps me for the scenes with many lav mics. The problem with my MeOn is that is too old and the cells are gone. So I can't use it becouse there are no enough AMPS for this mixer. Maybe if I fixed somehow I can try modify to 12v from the MeOn.
  14. So now after more than a week I finally understood that the modification won't happen. It's really hard to be made. My guy told me its too hard to make DC to DC convertor +17v and -17v ( 4.5 amps ) form 12 volt power supply.He tried but too much electrical noise is getting to the channels. He offer me a Pure SineWave inverter but it too noisy for me and I don't want to use it. Now he finally told me he can make an special UPS that can run ot 12 volts and also on 220 volts so I can have power for the mixer. The most important thing for me is NO noise at all. He promise won't have any transformation noise or any fans at all. Lets see what he can do and I will share it with you. I'm really impressed by the quality of the mixer. The pre-amps are really really quiet. The bad thing is that my show starts at Friday so I don't have that much time. Hope at the end everything will work fine.
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