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  1. This is how it worked for me. Remix enables the ability to adjust the faders while playing back a clip, which affects the outputs. Re-record actually records the new mix you are creating to a new file.
  2. Found the re-recording feature: - From the home screen, tap the name of the file in the upper right corner (even if it is not the file you want to re-record) - In the file list that comes up, select the file you want to re-mix/re-record - In the menu that comes up, select Re-record LR (on the second page of the menu)
  3. Very happy to see the re-mix and re-recording features added. I see that re-mix can be turned on in the record menu but do not see how to initiate re-recording a mix. Anyone chanced upon how to start re-recording?
  4. Curtis Judd

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Hi James Louis, the * button on the MixPre-6 can be set to initiate the following: 1) (default) Ch 5/6 Screen Toggle 2) Solo/Mute Screen - a nice simple interface for solo-ing or muting any of the 6 inputs 3) Project menu 4) SD Card menu - for "emptying the trash" or formatting the card or viewing its name, size, and free space/time remaining at the current bit-depth/sample rate.