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  1. There's so many factors, from mics used, to noise reduction done later on during post production.
  2. Hi there, If you get the sound effects bible by Ric Viers, you' ll find a subject that covers the transportable foley. Easy to construct and acomplish what you're looking for. I would suggest always keep in your mind of recording foley outside a Foley stage. As a last small advice is to watch experienced Foley artists in action. In that way you'll understand how footsteps support the different characters involved in a shot and their mood also.
  3. Hi guys, I'm preparing for a scene, in which, I'll need 6 tracks(iso's). So, I was thinking of linking my 744 with a 702 (that I'll rent). Linking two recorders is something that I've never did before, so I'm asking for your patience and help. I know that you can do that through the C-Link conection, which carries world clock, TC and RS-232 data. My question is, should I also use the timecode multpin connection in order to assure that both machines are running and maintaing the same speed, or is it just safe using the C.Link connection? Thanks in advance, Marco
  4. Hi guys, This my view from the office last night. We are shooting in Ayios Sozomenos, an abandoned village in Nicosia.
  5. Hi guys, has anyone used Boom Recorder with the Digi 96I/0? Thanks, Marco
  6. Wow Crew, great picture! What mic is that? And also, which film is that? Best regards, Marco
  7. Why dont you do a test linking you Rx using instead of line level, Mic level? Adjust your Tx at -30 and Rx's at +6db or lower, and also adjust your 552's preamps. Listen to the difference if you don't like it go with the line setup. What mic are you using? Where's the scene taking place? Best regards, Marco
  8. Actually Altiverb gives you this option. You record an impulse on set ( a clapboard would do) and then import the file in altiverbs plugin and use that impulse to match ADR with the on set sound.
  9. Man it's a tough one, but I think it's possible to accomplish a good result. 1. For the acoustic part, I would definitely ask from the production to cover a big part of the ceiling with hanging blankets. For the close ups I would use a second layer of blankets, above the speaking actors and a third one on the floor, and a 4th one blocking the sound coming from the walls or windows, so you can diminish the reverb in the wanted area. 2. Now for the drain issue, I would ask from the production, for the close up parts, to lower the level of the water enough so I doesn't come out, provided that the pool behind the speaking actors is out of focus, and you cannot tell that the water level has changed. 3. For the safety part of the wirelles system I would use the Aquapac 158 or 554 depending on which system you'll use. 4. For lav mics someone suggested to me the VT500 water, which can be sumerged temporarily under water...don't know exactly for how long... 5. As for the boom mic, I would try out a cardioid mic, or perhaps with the treatment you could use a shotgun. 6. For the crowd walla I would plan that part previous the shooting with the director. According with the shots and how the story evolves I would record specific sounds, like for example, just people talking normaly. Then more excited and then cheering. You could record a couple of people whisteling and cheering for their team or swimmer individually, and then of course the applauding part using the same variations as the vocal ones. The sound designer will appreciate that. It surely sounds interesting and a challenge one. I would like to see how it goes. Good luck.
  10. My wife took this picture of me during our vacation in Sweden. We're seating in a restaurant next to Gröna Lund in Stockholm. Great times!
  11. Thanks, I just checked it and the specs look great. I have the VT500 which is amazing in noisy environments, so I guess the VT500W behaves the same way.
  12. That's my first option, but since I'm combining it with the lavaliers, I'm trying to figure it out.
  13. Hi guys! I have Countryman B6. So what you are suggesting is just stick it under his shirt and is going to be fine? No worries? Thanks
  14. Hey guys, I'll be on a shoot where the main actor, due to the rain, is going to get gradually soacking wet. There's no dialogue under the rain so, I'm save in that sense. My main concern though, is that in the interior scenes, where he'll still going to be wet how could I avoid the lavalier in getting in touch to his wet shirt and getting damaged? I talked to the costume designer to see if he's going to wear a sleevles shirt under his shirt and she still not sure. So, in order to be prepare for all events, I was checking the mole skin or use some pieces of transparent tape to protect the capsule. Could any one of you guide me on this one? Thanks in advance, Marco
  15. Thanks for that. I didn't realize that there was a topic on that one.
  16. I had also the pleasure to work with Alexa. As everybody else said it already it's very silent and user friendly. Everything is simple to access. You don't need to start looking for the audio submenu, in the hurry of the shooting. But the most important, is that, it doesn't crash( saw a lot of media crashing or all of the sudden stops recording or just shuts down) and it wont delay the shooting program. Imagine that this happened some weeks ago: http://techcrunch.co...camera-dust-up/ And now I'm wondering, why would a 95 year old company, with an amazing Digital Camera, have the need to do this? Or is this just a trick of Red to survive?
  17. Really enjoyed Rango also. Loved "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". Very clever have the actors talk english with swedish accent. The photography was brilliant. Capturing the light during Swedish winter and of course the sound! Brilliant. Ah and Tron, for the Sound Design!
  18. Hi guys, Thanks for your answer! Hi Tom. During recording it stopped copying to the CF card and he's using San Disks. Hi Marc, I'm definetely going to check. Sometimes you're looking to solve a problem by trying to deal with the complicated scenarios and it ends up that the least simple expected one, you never thought of. And that's why I'm not using a CF card in my 744. Don't know why I reject them, is just that I feel safer using the inner hard disk.
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