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  1. Maybe Kortwich in Berlin has something similar: http://www.filmtontechnik.de/kortwich-produkte/boomholder/
  2. I can confirm that you can use the mirror function on the R4 to have up to 8 tracks recorded onto the CF Card. I own both the R4 and the R4+. I find their sound a little bit different, I'd say the R4 is a little bit warmer, and the R4+ a little bit more detailed. But they both sound great to my ears: I don't find the sound of the newer model far superior. I recorded sound for movies, documentary and son on with them both, and the post production guys have always been happy with their sound. I go on keeping the R4, even if I rearly use it. It's hard to let go such a beautiful sounding and compact recorder. If It only had digital outputs to use its preamps to feed the R4+!!!!!
  3. Me too will appreciate a test reflecting my most common situation: tx next to the the body, possibly not faceing the rx antennas, and just whips on the receiver. I expect great results anyway, but it would be a useful test, I think.
  4. Hi Mateuf, I have a cmc5 preamplifier with some mk capsules, and this is my experience; I know it's not a ccm, but maybe can help for a comparison. I can not use my cmc5 with a A10 tx, because of the RFI noise from the A10tx: I owned the first version of Audio Ltd lemo to xlr cable (blue cap), that has a filter inside, but the RFI noise was too much. I purchesed the new a-filter and assembled a new cable exactly following the instructions on Audio Limited website, and to double check I sent them some pictures of the connections I did: they say I did everything right. But the new cable, directly connected to the preamp, behave exactly as the first one: too much RFI noise. Then I tested some cmc6 preamps of a friend of mine with both the old and the new filtered cable: indipendently from the cable used, the old cmc6 preamps, with black xlr connector, are noisy like the cmc5; the new ones, with golden xlr connecotor, are celan. When I sent an email to the service center, they told me to send my preamp back to Shoeps to get it upgraded. At this point I don't understand what is their new filter for, since it seems to be ineffective on the old cmc preamps. I had and still have no problem at all with my DPA4017b.
  5. Hello, as Audio Limited Service suggested, I reinstalled firmaware 2.5 and everything seemed working right. I then tried again firmware 2.6: when I switched the receiver on, both channel were working,I mean rf full, audio signal ok. The two channel were tuned on the same frequency. As soon as I changed the tuning of the second channel, and retuned the transmitter on that frequency, again rf full, but no sound! I'm now back to 2.5: after some test it seems working good, so I keep this version. I'm writing back to Audio Limited service to report my experience.
  6. Hi Rich, Thank you for your advise! I used 2.5 firmware till ten days ago, and the second channel worked flawlessly. I confirm: channel 1 can pick both trasnmitters. I have double checked and the frequencies perfectly match. I have only txo tx powered up and the rx. The problem shows up as soon as I switch the system son, so se Rx is cold. I sent an email to Audio Limited service center in Berlin yesterday; as soon as the problem occured, just the time to make some test to investigate. I'm waiting thier reply. I'll write here how it goes on Thanks again!
  7. Moving the TX to the other room didn't help. Swapping frequencies didn't help.
  8. Hello to everyone, I spent the last hour testing the updated 2,6 firmware on my A10 RX and two TX. I update everything from 2,5 to 2,6 version, using the last version of Mic2wav. I have a problem with the second channel of the receiver: It shows plenty rf bars, but no audio signal at all, and the leds relative to the second channel on the rx stay blue and red. The first channel works perfectly. Changing frequency on that channel (tx and rx) did not help, and using the other tx to match the same frequency neither. Of course a mic is conneted to the tx and its audio bar is modulating; and the internal recording function works well. I used the restore function, but did not help. Has anyone got the same or a similar problem? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences! I made a test with Audio Limited A10 and dpa 4060, and had no problems. Some guys making a tv cooking show asked me some advice, since they were going through problems with their radio mics and induction stove. They use Sony UTX-URX system, but the say the lav wire is stripped in some points. When I made my test, their wireless system was not available, so I could not test the Sony system next to the Audio Limited one, and I don't know if the problem could be the damaged wire or the wireless system itself.
  10. Thank you all for your advice! I now use an SXR4, old model, a couple of lectrosonics 210, an Audio Limited A10 dual channel system, a two channel mixpre (non digital) if I need more mic inputs to feed the line inputs of the recorder. Let me tell you the story behind my request. The new year is giving me the oportunity to work on a 7 weeks movie, not a big one, but not an indie one. Since I wish to upgrade my SXR4 for some time, this movie, a 3 weeks documentary around the world in June, and some other jobs, are a good occasion to upgrade and buy something new; my wish list is: SXR4plus, RC8 controller, a second wide band dual channel radio mic system, an active antenna splitter. My first question, for the RC8 users is how useful it is? I can imagine it's useful on a movie, to solo each track during a dialog scene, and to speak to the boom operator by the slate mic; but do you find it useful in other situations too? In a one man band situation (my 90% jobs to this day), for a documentary with 3/4 radio mics and a boom, is it worth the extra cost, in your opinion? An active antenna splitter is of course useful in a movie, but maybe in a doc I could go on using the whips, or use a passive splitter with my two lectro sna600. Powering everything from the dc output of the SXR4plus is a good solution if I use only one A10 system, but, if I buy a second one, the 7 W recorder output is not enough to feed 2x 4,4 W A10 receiver. I could go with the new small dual channel Wisycom MPR52, or the mcr42, but I do not know if using different brands with different technologies is a plus, since you have different weapons, or a minus, since you could have different sounds. About the bag, my first question, I already own a big petrol 614, a small petrol 607, a small Camrade/Souns devices Bag; it was for a SD302 mixer, and from the picture I think it's close to the Portabrace you show me Patrick. So I'm looking for a compact bag able to be adapted to the audio kit I'm thinking about. The Ktek small Stingray seems to be a good choice. Thank you again!
  11. Hello everybody, I'm planning to buy a Sonosax SX-R4 + RC8+ combo. I'm looking for a bag able to keep them together with a couple of slim receivers, an np1 battery, and an antenna splitter when needed. Seems to be that the Ktek Stingray Small is deep enough to accomodate on three rows the recorder, the rotary controller and the receivers, but I don't think there is some room left for the antenna splitter. Morover I don't like to much the idea I can not close the outer pouch of the bag with a zip, even if the lateral zipped pouches seem to be spacious enough to keep my tx, lavs and accessories. I like the Orca OR30, too, but it seems not deep enough to put everything in. I have an old Petrol 614, that I could use when I need to bring the full set, and I could buy a Ktek or an Orca for the lighter days. PortaBrace AO-SXR4AD8+ is a bit odd, to me, since it has no lateral covering. Is there some of you that found a good bag for the Sonosax combo? Thank you in advance for your time, have a nice day,
  12. Hi Pontec, wich kind of antenna distribution do you use? Thank you.
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