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  1. amzick

    What frequencies work in Peru?

    Hi - to follow up here (since I'm also traveling to Peru for my first international gig, Cusco and Puno). Is there a centralized place to look up which frequencies are allocated for legal production use in different countries? I'm having trouble finding information between Google and this forum (although I did find a good deal of information about Japan which I guess is a very specific situation?). I'm going to be using a pair of SMQVs on block 26 and am also looking to rent a pair of G3s or something to use as a wireless hop for camera, so we can be a little bit more agile on our hiking expeditions.... just want to make sure I'm getting something that isn't legal for us to operate on while I'm over there. If anyone can point me in the direction of a reference or something for this (if it exists), I'd be very grateful. Please forgive my ignorance .
  2. amzick

    NYC Sound Spring Social

    sorry to miss it, but for good reason, was on a shoot. I look forward to the next one!