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  1. Dave Pullmer

    View From The Office:

    So cool! Perks of the job.
  2. Dave Pullmer

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    +1 Another good mod is to get a small rubber grommet from home depot to fit around the knob which makes it easier to use. Did that to mine and it feels like a 7 series headphone encoder. Way easier to use. IMO the K tek bag for the mix pre is too bulky. A local outdoors store or military surplus store will have a variety of fanny packs or utility pouches that will fit this mixer perfectly (at a much lower cost).
  3. Dave Pullmer

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    Thats sweet, Ive always thrown my boom pole and travel boom stand in the camera ops tripod case or a PVC case I have if theres no room. I have been thinking itd be handy to have a check in that could fit my travel pole. Ive been using a k tek 102, the super small travel poles that can fit in a carry on have never been that appealing to me.
  4. Dave Pullmer

    2018 New Lav mounting tools

    I find regardless of what new lav mounting toy you use it still comes down to good placement, whether youre using a mount or a piece of moleskin... Im a fan of the hide a mic bra holder for documentary work, where subjects arent used to micing themselves. The bra holder simplifies the process for sure.
  5. Dave Pullmer

    Red question

    +1 Ive only sent a 2ch mix when the operator has rented an A box. I recently worked with a red module that had XLR inputs, mic/line switches, and trims on it. Didnt even have to go in the menu!
  6. Dave Pullmer

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    Nice. Also less of a target for theft. Most of my travel is pretty tame (around north america), but I would definitely ditch the pelicans in situations theyd stick out too much.
  7. Dave Pullmer

    sound devices and all audio gear on airliner

    Are most of the frequent flyers here using a pelican 1650 as their check in? What other check in bags are your choice to travel with? I currently use a 1535 and a backpack, but have been thinking about getting a bigger bag to check in so im not so tight for space.
  8. Dave Pullmer

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Unfortunately I didnt make a recording!
  9. Dave Pullmer

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Constantin, I believe Ive read of this issue before w/ C pre amp and lectro TXs. We have a mixer in town that uses the 4017c with a smqv and a small ambient 48v power supply on the pole for this reason. I ended up going with the B pre amp, as it works with my current zeppelin and other shockmounts, but I am interested in picking up the C so I can use a Cosi and get the kit even smaller. RFI issues with the Tacit cable doesnt sound promising. I A/B'd the 4017B with my MKH50 again yesterday, and this may be funny but I think what I perceived as 'noise floor' of the 4017B mic may have been the flatter frequency response I wasnt used to. I noticed I could hear the noise of the 50 in the mid/highs and it was less pronounced in the lows, but the 4017 I could hear it more flat through the whole spectrum. I was listening to the BG in my kitchen, and when I took my headphones off the 4017B sounded the same as what my ears were hearing. The 50 not so much. By no means a scientific test, but it was interesting listening for the nuances of the mics.
  10. Dave Pullmer

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    This is true, could be my recorder or headphone amp perhaps. Been using it with a mix pre 6 and 633 the past week. And will take a listen back to some of the recordings. With no low cut on the 4017C, how have you found it for handling noise? Im thinking of trying the C pre amp before I go with the B.
  11. Dave Pullmer

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Thats right Chris. I havent compared it to a cmit so I dont have that point of reference. I know there alot of 4017B users out there that are happy campers, I just wasnt used to the minimal self noise in comparison to my 50.
  12. Dave Pullmer

    DPA 4017B Vs CMIT 5U

    Thought I'd revive this thread as I've been trying out a 4017B this week. Been loving the sound, weight (or lack of), reach, and the lack of off axis coloration for the documentary work I do. I also like its ability to smoothly transition from exteriors to interiors for run and gun when I dont have time to switch mics. Compared to my MKH50 I have noticed the 4017B requires about 10db more gain at the mixer, and as Brian mentioned I haven't noticed it much in practical locations with normal BG noise. I have noticed a bit more of a noise floor with the mic in quieter locations though. Perhaps it is negligible but I thought I'd see if others have heard this with their 4017.
  13. Dave Pullmer

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Exactly. I had the same revelation when I started using it as well. No fatigue at the end of a day, its become my go to mixer for doc work. I look forward to seeing what other compact mixers pop up in the future.
  14. Dave Pullmer

    View From The Office:

    Nice. Is the air quality affected from the fires around LA? We had smoke around Vancouver all summer from the fires up north.
  15. Dave Pullmer

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    Ive only used the advance gain settings. I prefer to be able to adjust the fader to record a hotter mix track than my ISOs, or have more control over whats being sent to camera if thats happening. Over time I have developed good references of what trim levels to start at for different situations and adjust when necessary.