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  1. Hi! I’m doing sound for a theatre performance and wanted to hear people’s thoughts on an RF plan for the event. I have a couple ideas but was curious to hear others out. Only 3 of the performers will be mic’d, moving all over the 46ft x 46ft space. Location is exterior in downtown Vancouver. Performance is 30 minutes and will be performed 3 times during the day, unfortunately there won’t be any rehearsals at this location. I run a RF Venue diversity fin, and part of me thinks that keeping it simple would be just raising the diversity fin high up to cover the entire perform
  2. https://locationsoundtools.com/collections/beltpack-clips
  3. For sure, that’s why I’m asking! Curious to see how ambients internally cabled poles perform, and if people have had experience with them.
  4. What have people’s experiences been like with internally cabled Ambient booms? How do they compare to K Teks cabled poles? I do a fair share of bag mixing where I like to use an internally cabled pole and am looking for a non solder solution for when I have a boom op. I currently have a K Tek but don’t have any experience with the cabled Ambient poles. Any insight would be appreciated.
  5. Ya I’ve seen that, seems like down the line they will eventually have full wideband TXs we will actually use. I feel this is the way to go moving forward with more spectrum potentially on the chopping block - Wisycom has that but no mixers in my market are using them. The Wisy antennae have definitely been on my radar, a tuneable filter is very handy as opposed to the fixed filter offerings from lectro/RF venue - right now I’m using a diversity fin when on a cart. My initial query was more along the lines of seeing if people preferred having their wireless in a
  6. Moving a few pieces of my wireless around due to the recent spectrum sell off and have been debating whether I should keep wireless in both A1 and B1 - which could give me more flexibility for finding open freqs, or consolidate all my wireless to B1, which could give me the option of running band pass filters when I'm in cart mode to reduce unwanted noise. I see benefits on both sides, and would be curious to what others think about operating in a more narrow spectrum which would make filters possible, or going with more spectrum to work in. Perhaps lectro will release full wideban
  7. I don’t really have a strong preference. At the end of the day it’s up to the director or producer and I’m happy to support that. I only really push for exposed lavs in live, or corporate scenarios.
  8. Oh for sure - I’m using my 633 right this moment! Also for doc I’ve been using the mix pre 6 to go even more lightweight. Im in no rush to upgrade, but when surveying the newer options for the work I do, the direction of the Nova seems more intuitive as it meets my ergonomic/power needs more than the 8 series mixers.
  9. I have a similar sentiment - if I was looking for a recorder that would sit on a cart all the time, the 888/8 series would be perfect. As someone who does a lot of bag work even the 833s power consumption is a bit inhibitive for me. It has a lot of great features over the 633, but moves more in the direction of a heavy/power hungry bag for documentary.
  10. I used them on a snowboard doc where the riders were going up and down the span of a snowboard park and we wanted to be recording all the time as I couldn’t keep up with them. There were cameras at the top and bottom of the hill so they were useful if a camera op wanted to do a quick interview and I wasn’t around, or to grab their reactions while launching off jumps. The PDRs are really small, with lithium’s they lasted about 5.5-6hrs on the mountain. We went from their output to SMQV’s and it worked well. If size is an issue the offerings from Zaxcom would be less bulky and
  11. Thanks Jack. I’m using RG8X with a 10ft length on a mast off the cart or a 50ft length if remoting a RF Venue diversity fin. I saw on Facebook Glenn recommended not using active antennas with the Nova, so I would probably pair it with passive fins, and just use whips out the bag. Will look into RG 174, haven’t used that before.
  12. Please keep us posted on what you find Constantin. I have been holding off moving from my B preamp to C for this reason.
  13. Haha for sure. That sounds like an elegant solution having a short adapter cable, and changing BNC lengths on the antenna end when necessary.
  14. What is best practice for cabling antenna with the Nova? A SMA to BNC adaptor on the nova end? Or the antenna end?
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