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  1. I have not heard the best reviews for the nanoshield with handling noise. I agree I like the design though. Cinela is obviously better in that regard, but I find myself sticking in the rycote camp just because the form factor is easier and smaller to pack in bags, which is helpful for how I organize my kit.
  2. Yea, I don’t think the middle section can be removed for a boom pole. But to be honest just adding a quick release to the tripod makes mic swaps between boom and tripod super fast, and given how small the stand folds up to fitting it in your backpack is no problem. i also found when you had the legs extended on the tripod, and compressed them to more or a pole shape, you actually could swing a mic on the end of it for some simple fx gathering i would say.
  3. Thought I’d share a new favorite piece of kit I picked up last year for the purpose of ambient recordings on documentary projects. The siriu 5c traveller folds up super small, and making recordings while not freezing up my body trying to be perfectly still has been a welcome change haha.
  4. I was cable also, and agree with your previous post, when sending aes audio over cable to Sony cameras it splits the 2 channels no problem for me.
  5. I actually ran into this same issue today, trying to feed a Amira aes audio from my 633. I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it before we rolled, so I’m just sending my mono mix to the camera instead of a boom and lav split like I originally intended. I played with different routing options in my output menu and it didn’t change it on the Amira. Bit of a head scratcher.
  6. I think the only product I really enjoy from them these days are the stickies haha… I’ve also heard subpar reviews about the nanoshield
  7. I went down this road a bit and talked to a few mixers aswell. I know some who are all 6061, and I have a friend who has mixed a few horror features and he said his 6060s never clipped during shouting/scream scenes into a lectro tx…. I ended up getting a 6060 and haven’t had any issues.
  8. I feel like the issue here is more about security than wireless… I’ve heard a lot of productions in the Oakland area have to hire a police officer to be with them for security. Prevents situations like this from arising. Perhaps there are some mixers from the area that can comment on that. I’d suggest that to production if it’s not a safe location to work at.
  9. I’ve used an Hma in the bag with SRC receivers at 50mw with no issues, I also spaced it a block higher than my talent mics… that being said I’ve only opted to use that set up for a snowboard shoot up a mountain where I didn’t want to deal with a cable/wanted the ability to set my pole in the snow at a moments notice, and sometimes for reality shoots where you’re just playing wires and bringing out the boom for a brief interview here and there. For less extreme situations I much prefer an internally cabled pole, for a lighter pole during documentary booming.
  10. That is unfortunate - I wouldn’t want to pick up a 833 if it meant I had to power my ch7/8 wireless separately, adding more weight to the bag. any other SRC users experience this?
  11. For sure - I recognized that in the original post title and I didn’t think you had a negative intention. Just thought the wording could’ve been a bit more strategic to be more inclusive / not potentially alienating. I like many other mixers am interested in the odd materials and resources we can incorporate in our workflow, regardless of where it is made in the world.
  12. I agree with these sentiments - you could start a topic about knock offs or bootleg products related to our industry... seems unnecessary to pigeon hole it to “Chinese things”.
  13. Cool. I will. I also think because of the way Facebook is set up to maximize people’s attention and reward it, you see a lot more “look at me!” type of posts, or people trying to build their personal “brand”.
  14. Agreed. After watching the social dilemma doc I’ve really been limiting my time on social media - it is nice to have this space that’s intention is to share info between our peers, rather than trying to keep you on its platform for as long as possible to make $$$
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