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  1. Cool. Going to check it out. As someone who’s worked as a utility on episodic (wiring almost anything that moves) it’s interesting to hear of a mixer handling all the wiring duties on a show.
  2. Ooo. Thats a nice size for a MS config. Cant say I get enough work to justify it but on the occassional doc that wants it - thats what Id want to have in the blimp!
  3. Thats too bad. I thought they were going to address this issue with the 6060s snap on but sounds like it hasnt made a difference..
  4. Good stuff! I think the more products we have focused on healthy ergonomics the better.
  5. I have a question regarding the RA lo profile connectors. Making a jumper cable from mic to plug on, and I cant figure out how to lock the removable black remote audio cap to the actual neutrik connector part. Right now its fully removable, but when in operation how do you lock it down? Im expecting an obvious answer but I cant figure it out this morning !
  6. Id just go high on your main subject. Boom or wire I always still pick up baby breathing under the track hehe.
  7. Thanks Eric. Going to give that a go!
  8. Dave Pullmer


    Just saw the email from trew. Looks like an awesome product! I wanted to go with LT/LRs but was turned off due to battery consumption. Looking forward to checking these out!
  9. I've recently picked up an HMA for a project and will be making a couple low profile cables to go from the mic end to the plug on which will be at the top of the pole. Whats your preferred cable gauge for this? Already have some Canare L-4E6S, but was considering a thinner gauge star quad cable for an even smaller profile. Would the thicker cable gauge provide better shielding against potential RF interference? Im sure it has its plus's for being more resistant to wear and tear. Curious as to what others have been doing.
  10. Where are you located? A trip to your local army surplus or hiking/outdoors store will give you loads of good options in the form of utility pouches or fanny packs for a much more reasonable price (and weight!).
  11. Wow - alot of people are going to be happy to see this. So useful for commercials.
  12. If youre looking for something to move between drama and doc Ive found a pole that can go from approx 3-12ft to cover most situations. For travel gigs I find it useful to pick up a smaller pole, which also comes in handy if you need to jump in a car or boom around other tight spaces. You wont go wrong with any of the brands mentioned above...
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