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  1. newzhack

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I used this mixer for a couple of interviews yesterday and found using the headphone volume for naming tracks to be near impossible with the bag I have. I got this small keyboard that I use with my 664 and it works fine with the mixer. I don's see any keyboard layout info inside the manual. Does anyone have that info?
  2. newzhack

    Adapting Sennheiser G3 wired mics for use with Sony UWPs

    I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find some adapters from a 3 pin Lemo to the Sony UWP transmitter. I have two dual channel Sony's that I use for a hop and wanted to be able to adapt my current mic inventory to these as a backup. Betso sells an adapter that goes from Lemo to Sennheiser 3.5mm inputs. I contacted Betso and they said they could provide some adapted to the Sony wiring scheme for 25% more if ordered thru their website after the first of the year.
  3. newzhack

    Red question

    I tried balanced and unbalanced settings and it just would not read the audio. That cable works great on dslr cameras. I will probably just feed it one channel like last time and mark it down as Red quirkiness.
  4. newzhack

    Red question

    Had a shoot a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't get my Sony URX hop dual receiver to work with a Red camera stereo audio input. It would work fine with a single 3.5 jumper and I could feed one channel. I tried to use the y cable included with the receiver that works fine on any DSLR I have used it on. It just will not work at all on a red.
  5. newzhack

    Time Code

    I bought a new 6042 dual receiver with their rebate program for 3800 dollars. I sent them a perfectly working 600 mghz receiver and a transmitter for my rebate. They sent me a letter saying that the serial number of the one I bought is not in their database. I complained, they said they would send me my check then never did squat. I have decided to take it public. I got in this same deal with Panasonic 10 years ago and they pulled the same stunt. I am mad about doing it twice. Shame on me and them.
  6. newzhack

    Time Code

    I think the JB1 needs to be mentioned. I would wait for NAB but I don't think I should be there this year. Still pissed at Sennheiser and would probably stand around and bitch to them and cause a scene.
  7. newzhack

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I took my 664 and gave the client a choice. We could lav everyone and I would be less mobile or we could boom and use one wire. He took the smaller package and he was confident in my ability after seeing the 664. I recycled one of my older 195D's that still works great and is in the 500 range
  8. newzhack

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I used the Mix Pre 6 on a shoot last night. Lots of boom work in a busy kitchen. I was able to be much more mobile and the shooter was happy that I could squeeze by him to get on the other side in cramped quarters. I sent the signal wireless to his dslr thru a URX P03D dual receiver. I hardly felt I was carrying a mixer.
  9. newzhack

    Time Code

    I got this feedback from Ultrasync, "I can't say too much at the moment, but if you are planning to use those UltraSync ONEs with DSLRs on your shoot, or have been thinking about incorporating a :pulse, you might want to hold off."
  10. newzhack

    Time Code

    I can not decide which one to get. They both seem very similar. Ultrasync or Tentacle
  11. newzhack

    Time Code

    Does anyone have experience with Ultra Sync and if so could you express your opinion of the product?
  12. newzhack

    travel trailer

    I am really thinking about purchasing a used 16 foot rv trailer. I wondered if anyone else has done this? I hate driving for an hour or two after a long day. I think I have a 22-day movie on the horizon that is a local job but still a 100-mile round trip every day. I live outside the city in one direction and will be working on the exact opposite side. I would like a place to retreat into from the cold or heat when waiting for stuff to happen. The trailer weighs 2300 pound and some change and will carry an extra 800. The only concern is will my town and country mini van pull it. I have an older Dodge Dakota with a big V-8 that would pull a bigger rig but I would just like to stay as small as possible.
  13. newzhack

    Sound Devices Mix Pre-3 and Mix Pre-6

    I just got a mix pre 6. Do you guys use the basic setting for gain control? I just can not get my fingers to adjust pre-fade easily in advanced mode.
  14. newzhack

    Sennheiser Scam

    After my fiasco with Panasonic, I copied all of the material and sent the original to them as they requested. Sorry if I sound pissed, it's been a hard week. I just want them to follow thru. It seems they contracted with some outfit in Arizona that probably specializes is not paying. I guess I need to put pressure on the company now. regards
  15. newzhack

    Sennheiser Scam

    Did anyone apply for the Sennheiser rebate scam. I got stiffed by Panasonic years ago for 500 dollars and now Sennheiser for 600. I cut out and sent the label from the 6042 I paid 3800 dollars for in good faith that I would be receiving a 600 dollar rebate for the two channels I purchased. I first got a letter saying there something wrong with the serial number on my receiver. I called the number and told the person that tried to dismiss my rebate that I would raise hell with Sennheiser if that check did not arrive. He assured me that it would be sent. I never received a check and will start to raise a stink over this scam. Any suggestions about how to proceed. I guess I could file a small claims court case and force them to appear in rural Oklahoma, that would serve them right. I wonder if I can return it for a full refund and buy a more reasonably priced receiver. I carefully followed all the instructions for the rebate, whats up Sennheiser.