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  1. newzhack

    664 timecode question

  2. newzhack

    664 timecode question

    If you set the time code on the 664 to 24h run it will start off with the time of day each time you start it. I guess it is setting itself to the internal time of day. Will that timecode be frame accurate since it is using the system info instead of the time code circuitry.
  3. newzhack

    What is your spare recorder

    I am so torn between getting the zoom f4 or a mixpre 4. I would love to have a very small setup for run and gun stuff. The zoom makes more sense with the time code and xlr outputs but it weighs twice as much as the mix pre and would not have as small of a footprint.
  4. newzhack

    time code box

    has Anyone tried one of these? https://www.microframecorp.com/d8010-time-code-sync-master
  5. newzhack

    small bag

    I am 6 weeks out of a complete knee replacement and my energy level is just not what it was, but getting better. I have had 3 days of work in the last 2 weeks and am really grateful that I can still get around. I was struggling to stay with a very active shooter last Monday chasing the Budweiser Clydesdales. Praying that my other knee holds together, I don't want to go thru this again. I am down to one pain pill a day, I just took it (feeling chatty, sorry for any punctuation errors). I had to turn down two movies this summer due my fear of not being able to finish them. I am also getting more and more requests for me to boom and mix. Now I can say, "No problem, you get two wireless and a boom." If I use this for live shots can you run a breakaway cable from these little guys? I like the fact the Mix Pre-d has xlr outs. Any pros and cons on bags for the mix pre-3.
  6. newzhack

    small bag

    I am at the point of not wanting to hoist around my 664 with all the stuff in it for more than 30 minutes, maybe an hour. I am going to start carrying a small mixer for boom work during b-roll. I am leaning towards the mix pre with a wireless hop. Any suggestions?
  7. newzhack

    The "Best client/producer/agency quotes" thread

    "I spent six months working there, It was the longest 5 years of my life."
  8. newzhack

    bluetooth sound box

    What better place to ask, hopefully? What would be the best battery powered Bluetooth portable sound box? Occasionally I would use it for production purposes. It would be nice to play back some test audio on shoots for nervous clients but I mostly want it for my garage and porch where I sit when the weather is nice. Regards John in El Reno
  9. newzhack

    Sennheiser 6042

    just an update, I have been using this receiver for a few weeks and it is working great. My only complaint is that when I am not using the other channel it keeps nagging me with a message that the unused channel is in mute. The automatic sync is very fast and works great with my skp300 cube. It is also working great with my sk250 transmitters.
  10. newzhack

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    I used it once for a wireless and had the same issue. I turned the transmitter towards the skin on a wrap and had range issues. Once away from the skin and it worked fine.
  11. newzhack

    Sennheiser 6042

    Well, I had a weak moment and bought an EK from TK at Gotham. I got it last week while I was out on a news assignment and got around to unpacking it this morning. It is a little heavy but that is due to the bag housing. It has lots of cooling fins, for what reason, I don't know. I love the clip on the housing, it fits nicely on my divider. You can see I am somewhat invested in Sennheiser receivers and because this one will work with the older sk250 and anything newer was very appealing to me. At first, the bright red light was bright enough to disturb some sets, but after connecting to a transmitter, it turns a green that is not very annoying. After reading the skimpy manual, I kind of had a knot in my stomach about using my older transmitters but that turned out to be a non-issue. The clip holds the housing in just the right place to access the USB port or to give the IR port proper access. I also figured I needed to use the web interface to set them up so first thing I hooked my Mac up to it, and it needs some Microsoft software to connect so I pulled out my old Dell pc. At first, it did not want to hook up but as the skimpy manual says it may take some time for the plug into work. After 5 minutes or so I called Gotham, and while they were on the phone, it started working all the sudden. The manual was right. Once in the web interface, I clicked on the maintenance screen. I updated to the latest firmware with little effort and about 10 minutes. Once I was thru that, I entered a custom transmitter and gave it a range. After firing up the receiver and selecting the custom setup, it just started working. You have to choose a profile and just used the SKP3000 since it is Hidyn also. You can manually change the frequency thru the menu; it is effortless. The receiver came set on analog output. I will try the digital out sometime in the future. I then tried my skp3000 cube and used the automatic setup. I just set the cube down next to it and selected the sync option, it all happened in about 5 seconds. Everything sounds fine. This is the first downtime I have had in a few months so will probably not use it for a week or so but will report back after the first field test. The battery transmitter level does not work on the SK250.
  12. newzhack

    Sennheiser 6042

    I have some nice SK 250 transmitters in the 500 range that still have some life in them. I also have a 3000 cube for the boom that is about the best transmitter I have ever used. I could retire my 600 range units.
  13. newzhack

    Sennheiser 6042

    I am seriously thinking about purchasing one of these receivers. I would love to hear from someone who has used one. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. newzhack

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    I’ve been using them as a camera hop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I’m going to try to come up with the cable from the headphone outlet to XLR so I can use it on an Arri camera Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. newzhack

    Sony UWP Wireless System

    You rock I would never have thought of that Sent from my iPhone using TapatalkI’ve been using a pair of these for about two months now. They been working fine I have the dual receiver and it tends to go through batteries very fast Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk