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  1. I blasted Sennheiser a couple of years ago for not sending me my rebate check. It turned to that the envelope had been pushed under a pile of junk mail, It was my fault. They reissued the check, that took a while. But in the end it was my fault.
  2. I had them on but had no way to know if they were working.
  3. I received my MCR 54 kit with 4 MTP 40S October 15th and have been using it for almost a month. I started a move on the 21st and just finished it this week. Observations: * Encoder mode needs to be included in the Sync function. * Range is great, I settled on 50 Milli watts. * Sound is very crisp and clean * Receiver output headroom exceeds my 688 and can be a problem. Getting the Attn right is a constant battle. * 40S transmitters are durable and last up to 5 hours on two enelope pro batteries * The expanded wide range is great, I have been using mine in the
  4. yes, it sounds good and even registers the battery telemetry. It was not with one of the new 54's but was a new 52. I was using the Sennheiser 5212 II.
  5. I just finished a movie with 6 models in Bikini's. I had no control over mic placement because they did not want me, a male, to touch them. Needless to say i had some clothing rub. Will Cedar help with clothing rub. We also shot in a hot tub and at a water fall.
  6. newzhack


    MTB40S or P for boom work? I have been demoing the B40s cube for two weeks on a movie and all is well until last night. It seems the battery tabs have recessed/bent back a bit and it turns off intermittently. Can I just pull the tab back a bit? The door seems fine. Any suggestions on power settings, that seems to affect the run times a lot. I am getting about 5 hours on a set of Energizer Lithium's.
  7. Hello Trey, I live in El Reno, Oklahoma. What city do you live?
  8. I bought Clear Waves for Mac a month ago and it has changed my life. Very easy to learn.
  9. newzhack

    bag drop

    I don't have any 100 foot CAT6 and will look into this. I think any 100 foot cable is going to degrade a signal a small amount. Thanks for the tip. I did get two 50 foot super cat cables and will check them this week.
  10. newzhack

    bag drop

    your experience may be different than mine. I found it sounded ok on line level but tone seemed to overwhelm everything.
  11. newzhack

    bag drop

    I can not hear any degradation, that does not mean it isn't happening. My receivers will send tone and at line level there was bleed thru. I run them at mic level and with a 100 foot cable I needed a 1 db increase from the receivers to maintain the same levels. I don't see any reason you can not send and receive on the same cable with gender changers. I thought of mixing signals except some shoots will require 4 returns, that is why I am going to create a separate bag for returns. I just ran a long quad star cable to the camera for a scratch track rather than using another cat5 cable. The seco
  12. newzhack

    bag drop

    I was able to eat all the packages of mini Oreo's and drink all the Starbucks coffee in peace while the rest of them sweated bullets. From where I sit, I think Dante is overkill. Most of the time I can get buy with 4 channels of receive and one cable.
  13. newzhack

    bag drop

    I worked my first shoot since March last Thursday and Friday. It was a little stressful setting up the bag and an antenna. I ran two Sennheiser 6042 receivers all day on two Lion NP-1 batteries. I set the bag up outside the rooms that were being used. I was able to set up about 50 feet away next to craft services. I ran the transmitters at 10 Milli watt because they were on 15 feet away and it worked great. I can say I am sold on the concept. After countless arrangements in the drop bag I finally decided to have another one for Comtek, boom return, and wireless hops to
  14. I had the same issue with my 664 when plugged into a sl12. The recordings were always fine.
  15. Do you still have some cables? I just bought some Cat Tails version. John in OKC
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