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  1. 653 to 663 is where all my wires are. They have been there since last November and I haven't had to retune since.
  2. I have one on my cart and I use a 688. I am still learning how to use it. I have both attenuation and bias at about -4. I have read that it will work better with AES in and out, but all six of my inputs are designated to my wireless. I send the mix to x3 and x4 and directly to the Cedar then out put to channel 8 and 9. have left and right output turned off and record them pre faded.
  3. I think this is all normal for emerging markets. The guys who work cheap are busy and the others are angry. I have seen this forever in the freelance market. I spent 20 years in the Austin Texas market from 1986. I try to not even think about these things, work comes my way then great. It does seem that up and down of the freelance market is something that has no logic to it.
  4. If I hadn't already bought a second Schoeps I would be trying to use my MKH 50. I have a new small bag with a mix pre 6 if I need to do any bagwork. Think I will pair it with that kit. I did one bag job with the mix pre and MKH 50. It was a wireless feed I used Sony digital for the hop. Since it was single system I used the highest bit and sample rate just as an experiment. I will try to find the audio, it was amazing.
  5. I have had some disappointing results with the MKH 50 except being hardwired to a mix pre. That mic came alive and was completely different. I have not had good results with any of my 6 series SD recorders. I look forward to hearing about preamps.
  6. real good if you want to work for 4 to 500 per day with gear on a movie. There is other work too but the market is maturing at a glacial pace. I watched the same thing play out in Austin Texas during the late 80's and 90's. Many of the struggling legacy Oklahoma crew members are having trouble getting the right pay and there is a resistance to any new blood. The crew we have fought hard to establish themselves here. I am a relative new comer to OKC and that a was 10 years ago. One of the other local sound mixers will not even answer my phone calls. The other's really keep their distance. I recently finished a movie with one of the other mixers as a boom op and he was great. Not very often is work as rewarding as that movie. It's been a long time coming. Looking forward to more collaboration but I am not holding my breath. Too often freelancers start to think they own one market or another and get away with it to a degree, it always leads to destructive paranoid thinking.
  7. I was thinking about movies.
  8. good luck, I hope you get a position.
  9. How many mixers actually try to mix their content? Over and over I have been told to just put the lavs on one track and the boom on the other. I would love to hear from those in Post Production too.
  10. I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease yesterday. Good thing it will only affect one ear. Another downside is Caffeine and salt aggravate it, I love coffee. There is no cure and no known cause. I tried a hearing aid and it did help with conversations. I am not confident it will help, if not hurt, my ability to mix when using multiple microphones. I just finished a movie this week and all went well. I was able to mix it as good as I ever could.
  11. Last April I started to have some balance problems. I just finished a movie and I had used an earbud for the radio and headphones over that for the mixer. I had become used to not hearing all the sound of the mixer in the left ear. Shortly after the movie went dark because of covid I had trouble talking on the phone with that ear. I had hurt them before with loud sounds and just figured it was the two way radio and the ears always recovered. The balance continued to be a problem and has slowly become better. I made an appointment with the ear specialist three weeks ago and after many hearing tests said I had a total loss of the lower frequencies in my left ear. I am surprised that I am not more upset, I am actually relieved to know what the problem has been. I don't think my mixing has suffered, I only provide a mono track with Iso's. The ear doctor said my loss was probably due to a virus or bacteria attacking the hearing nerve. She had a very long winded name that I didn't remember or care to know about since the damage has already happened. She said they know little about this and I wanted to know if any one else has dealt with this and knows how it happened. Oh, I started using a small box called the ComBiner and that has really helped and keeps the two way from blasting.
  12. I am trying to get my second shot of the Moderna vaccine. I described the experience as a mini version of Covid. I did not loose my smell but had sore muscles, brain fog (more than usual), headache after two days and it lasted about 3 days. I am due for the second shot on the 4th.
  13. I blasted Sennheiser a couple of years ago for not sending me my rebate check. It turned to that the envelope had been pushed under a pile of junk mail, It was my fault. They reissued the check, that took a while. But in the end it was my fault.
  14. I had them on but had no way to know if they were working.
  15. I received my MCR 54 kit with 4 MTP 40S October 15th and have been using it for almost a month. I started a move on the 21st and just finished it this week. Observations: * Encoder mode needs to be included in the Sync function. * Range is great, I settled on 50 Milli watts. * Sound is very crisp and clean * Receiver output headroom exceeds my 688 and can be a problem. Getting the Attn right is a constant battle. * 40S transmitters are durable and last up to 5 hours on two enelope pro batteries * The expanded wide range is great, I have been using mine in the 653 to 663 range and have not changed the frequencies since the first day and all month * I did get a little ticking when trying to use the transmitters thru a door with sonic openers, I was right next to the door. I just moved to the other side of the door and it went away. * Wisycom manager works great and is easy to use, it is PC only right now. * The narrow front end filter needs to be explained in the flyer you get for a manual. All of the transmitters need to be around a 30 mghz window or the receiver will disable some of the channels. * Transmitters took a beating on this last movie with no problems. Spring clips are very strong and slowed down the mic process a bit. * Receiver worked great in a drop bag for long range work.
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