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  1. I bought Clear Waves for Mac a month ago and it has changed my life. Very easy to learn.
  2. newzhack

    bag drop

    I don't have any 100 foot CAT6 and will look into this. I think any 100 foot cable is going to degrade a signal a small amount. Thanks for the tip. I did get two 50 foot super cat cables and will check them this week.
  3. newzhack

    bag drop

    your experience may be different than mine. I found it sounded ok on line level but tone seemed to overwhelm everything.
  4. newzhack

    bag drop

    I can not hear any degradation, that does not mean it isn't happening. My receivers will send tone and at line level there was bleed thru. I run them at mic level and with a 100 foot cable I needed a 1 db increase from the receivers to maintain the same levels. I don't see any reason you can not send and receive on the same cable with gender changers. I thought of mixing signals except some shoots will require 4 returns, that is why I am going to create a separate bag for returns. I just ran a long quad star cable to the camera for a scratch track rather than using another cat5 cable. The second day I used a wireless hop from my mixer since it was a scratch track. I sent a mono signal on both return channels. They are in post with the audio right now and I will report any feedback from the client. So far not a word. These were loosely scripted conversations with up to 4 people, with Dugan they were very happy how it was sounding on set. Laving them was a whole different story.
  5. newzhack

    bag drop

    I was able to eat all the packages of mini Oreo's and drink all the Starbucks coffee in peace while the rest of them sweated bullets. From where I sit, I think Dante is overkill. Most of the time I can get buy with 4 channels of receive and one cable.
  6. newzhack

    bag drop

    I worked my first shoot since March last Thursday and Friday. It was a little stressful setting up the bag and an antenna. I ran two Sennheiser 6042 receivers all day on two Lion NP-1 batteries. I set the bag up outside the rooms that were being used. I was able to set up about 50 feet away next to craft services. I ran the transmitters at 10 Milli watt because they were on 15 feet away and it worked great. I can say I am sold on the concept. After countless arrangements in the drop bag I finally decided to have another one for Comtek, boom return, and wireless hops to camera. It just got too crowded in the bag to try and do it all. I think these LYX pro are the best for the job and ended up being the cheapest. The ones with pigtails just seem to fill up the bag with excess cable. My receivers already have XLR connectors on my 5 pin outs. As far as cat 5 cable, I have ordered two more 50 foot "SoundTools SuperCAT". I like this cable over the others, it is a bit bigger but lays flat and is easy to lay out. The cheaper cable kinked up when I first unrolled it, I was a little concerned about it's integrity after that. It was also harder to coil. Both cables had to be carefully untwisted. I did it in the front yard with the sun shining and using pretty large loops the 100 foot cables were manageable. I am still trying to figure out how I am going to remote the feeds back to set (Comtek, etc.) but I will be working this way in the future if possible. I am still trying to figure out how to do this when I need to grab a bag and go.
  7. I had the same issue with my 664 when plugged into a sl12. The recordings were always fine.
  8. Do you still have some cables? I just bought some Cat Tails version. John in OKC
  9. Does any one have Clear Waves and could comment on it?
  10. newzhack

    bag drop

    that is a cheaper solution in one unit. Very nice. Does anyone make a dual cat 5 cable that would work?
  11. newzhack

    bag drop

    After finally seeing the advantage of a bag drop instead of an antenna drop I took the plunge Saturday. I ordered two Cat Tails from Sound Tools website, there is a male and female, on Saturday afternoon and it arrived Sunday evening. Their website link takes you to Amazon to complete the purchase. They are nicely packaged and look like a quality product. If this works out I will probably get another one so I can have 8 channels in my drop bag and use two of the channels to send Comtek and boom return back to the set drop bag with gender changers. They also sell a very hearty cat 5 cable. I have started with 100 feet, the cost works out to something under two dollars a foot.
  12. I looks like you can log in and email a list of invitees.
  13. how about 10 a.m. Saturdays? I think I can carve out a few minutes of my not so busy schedule.
  14. Just logged on to this, pretty cool. No one else was online.
  15. Has anyone every filed for unemployment? Will this come back on the production company?
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