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  1. Of the few online forums I have participated, the people in this forum and sound guys in general are a cut above. I always get good advice from some very experienced people. Thank You.
  2. I continually get offered movies with a 1 person sound department. I tell them it is impossible. I live in Oklahoma.
  3. I am working on a movie right now and had a tight fitting cocktail dress on a young lady Saturday night. I hate those things. Wardrobe wants to do the placement because I can not get to it with the dress zipped up. I finally gave her a hide a mic bra clip and it still had clothing rub. I hate to be defeated over this and the rest of the crew just shrugs at the issue. I can tell some appreciate my tenacity and some don't. Any suggestions.
  4. I did three years full time of Real Stories of the Highway patrol in the 90's. Thinking about dying at the entry way of a Wendy's is just beyond description. What a sad way to leave this planet. Those shoots are bizarre at the least. Up to 40 stops or calls a night is very stressful. I still have visions of a trooper looking up from giving a dying man CPR with blood all over his face. Some of many images that I still carry and yes those images create a world view that most of my family and friends don't understand.
  5. Did you upload the clip? I have had Cos 11 do some really wierd stuff twice. After another mic and transmitter receiver combo I tried a MKE and issue stopped.
  6. I used this mixer for a couple of interviews yesterday and found using the headphone volume for naming tracks to be near impossible with the bag I have. I got this small keyboard that I use with my 664 and it works fine with the mixer. I don's see any keyboard layout info inside the manual. Does anyone have that info?
  7. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to find some adapters from a 3 pin Lemo to the Sony UWP transmitter. I have two dual channel Sony's that I use for a hop and wanted to be able to adapt my current mic inventory to these as a backup. Betso sells an adapter that goes from Lemo to Sennheiser 3.5mm inputs. I contacted Betso and they said they could provide some adapted to the Sony wiring scheme for 25% more if ordered thru their website after the first of the year.
  8. newzhack

    Red question

    I tried balanced and unbalanced settings and it just would not read the audio. That cable works great on dslr cameras. I will probably just feed it one channel like last time and mark it down as Red quirkiness.
  9. newzhack

    Red question

    Had a shoot a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't get my Sony URX hop dual receiver to work with a Red camera stereo audio input. It would work fine with a single 3.5 jumper and I could feed one channel. I tried to use the y cable included with the receiver that works fine on any DSLR I have used it on. It just will not work at all on a red.
  10. newzhack

    Time Code

    I bought a new 6042 dual receiver with their rebate program for 3800 dollars. I sent them a perfectly working 600 mghz receiver and a transmitter for my rebate. They sent me a letter saying that the serial number of the one I bought is not in their database. I complained, they said they would send me my check then never did squat. I have decided to take it public. I got in this same deal with Panasonic 10 years ago and they pulled the same stunt. I am mad about doing it twice. Shame on me and them.
  11. newzhack

    Time Code

    I think the JB1 needs to be mentioned. I would wait for NAB but I don't think I should be there this year. Still pissed at Sennheiser and would probably stand around and bitch to them and cause a scene.
  12. I took my 664 and gave the client a choice. We could lav everyone and I would be less mobile or we could boom and use one wire. He took the smaller package and he was confident in my ability after seeing the 664. I recycled one of my older 195D's that still works great and is in the 500 range
  13. I used the Mix Pre 6 on a shoot last night. Lots of boom work in a busy kitchen. I was able to be much more mobile and the shooter was happy that I could squeeze by him to get on the other side in cramped quarters. I sent the signal wireless to his dslr thru a URX P03D dual receiver. I hardly felt I was carrying a mixer.
  14. newzhack

    Time Code

    I got this feedback from Ultrasync, "I can't say too much at the moment, but if you are planning to use those UltraSync ONEs with DSLRs on your shoot, or have been thinking about incorporating a :pulse, you might want to hold off."
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