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  1. mikerobertson

    Stereo Mix - scripted series

    Thanks for the quick response! The input was very helpful.
  2. mikerobertson

    Stereo Mix - scripted series

    A post supervisor is insisting on a specific track order I’m trying to wrap my head around. ( I’m asking to just provide a mono mix + Isos) Before I push back, I was hoping to hear some thoughts. Here is what they are asking for: ”track 1 - mix boom” ”track 2 - mix lavs” “tracks 3-12 ISO’s” does anybody here work like this for a TV show? It’s scripted, and I will have a full team with me. On a wide shot would “boom mix” just be really low? I think it’s odd to have my recorded tracks be micro-managed towards something more complicated. any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. mikerobertson

    Deva 24

    I was checking out the manual for this and couldn't find anything about mix assist. Did I miss something?