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  1. Dang, thats gonna be a nice M/S rig once you work out the kinks! I keep my low cut at 80 Hz as well. That amount of distortion is weird for it sitting in wind protection though. Let us know if you manage to solve the issue.
  2. it doesn't seem like a high pass is engaged at all. Both channels have a lot of bass in them, the left one is through the roof, right is still higher than normal. Is the mic naked? why is one track mid, and the other side? The sound file is very confusing.
  3. hey since no one has chimed in yet - Ive used them for about a month in all sorts of locations alongside Lectro and Zax, which are my normal wireless. They were always used with fins, so I can't speak on the whip reception. All 3 systems performed equally, any difference between them could be attributed to where I had the TX placed on talent. I did always keep it at max transmitting power. Each receiver can accept 2 signals, both signals being true diversity - which i think is unique to their set up [I could be wrong there] They are easy to learn, and the best sounding wireless I've ever used. The bluetooth app is no zaxnet though, your'e better off just adjusting the pack manually. If they make a smaller TX for their new a10 line, I would jump on it no question.
  4. This product seems like a stepping stone towards cloud based audio recorders.
  5. I'm not really sure, it could be something to do with the optical coupling, or the up-charging to 80V across the membrane. Maybe someone with better engineering knowledge could chime in.
  6. I bought one (TL46) to try out on the last few weeks of a TV series and have some observations: Cable is amazingly thin! Sound is very open and natural, not as hyped or "in your face" like cos 11's tend to be. They come with a presence peak cap and a flat cap. They are as hard / easy to hide as a B3 or 4060. Plays well with Zaxcom TX. (Super quiet scenes may be an issue). They make a claim about the cable being "unkinkable" which is not the case if using rubber bands to secure the extra cable- but it feels as strong as they claim it to be, which is fantastic. I see more lav cables being made like this in the future. Overall I like it - if they can make a cap that brings out the top end a little more, it would be right up there with the 4060.
  7. Also, I wouldn't buy the 552 unless its a great deal.
  8. If no one from the camera team is being paid a rental on that unit they may be open to using something else for the rest of the show. Easiest fix I can think of is use a different boom mic.
  9. Nah, you nailed it. Personally, I feel like there are so many other factors that affect how the boom sounds, it seems odd to immediately not want to try a product specifically designed for it. I was just being glib.
  10. That's an odd thing to be snobbish about.
  11. Just a heads up - the MG 210 and 310 don't work with a Lectro plug on [without an additional piece]. Ive tried it with Audio Limited and Zax with success.
  12. I use the tape out for playback - you can assign any card tracks you want on it. it should be in the first BUS menu.
  13. The REGEN then PRESET method has been working great for me. Battery / framerate changes can zero out the clock sometimes but resetting it is real easy.
  14. It's my usual interior mic - I like it, you get a little more in the top end and a bit less in the bottom vs. a 50. The only real issue I had with it is that it doesn't work with a Lectrosonics plug on (I don't know why). It also takes a second to fire up - it goes silent for a half second when powering up. Other than that, it's a pretty darn good mic.
  15. I use it w/ an all zax set up w/ no problems. It seems like a tough mic to introduce interference to. I can't remember where I read it, but I think it actually uses 80V across the membrane and there was something about optical coupling that helps keep out unwanted buzzing.
  16. Is there an amp incorporated into the antenna distro? That could be the cause of the increased noise floor of the scans.
  17. Thanks for the quick response! The input was very helpful.
  18. A post supervisor is insisting on a specific track order I’m trying to wrap my head around. ( I’m asking to just provide a mono mix + Isos) Before I push back, I was hoping to hear some thoughts. Here is what they are asking for: ”track 1 - mix boom” ”track 2 - mix lavs” “tracks 3-12 ISO’s” does anybody here work like this for a TV show? It’s scripted, and I will have a full team with me. On a wide shot would “boom mix” just be really low? I think it’s odd to have my recorded tracks be micro-managed towards something more complicated. any thoughts would be appreciated.
  19. I was checking out the manual for this and couldn't find anything about mix assist. Did I miss something?
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