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  1. Glen Trew

    Remote Audio MEON Hi-Q batteries

    The Audio Root and Remote Audio HiQ chargers and batteries are interchangeable.
  2. Glen Trew

    Cos11 Re-terminating

    It's best to use small scissors or very sharp dikes to cut away the yellow kevlar fiber. Then turn the heat up to 11 and touch the tinned soldering iron tip to the cut tip of the enameled conductor. When the solder flows onto the raw copper tip of the wire, it will burn off the enamel insulation, at which point you can tin the rest of the wire tip. It needs to happen fairly fast, but that's how it's done.
  3. Glen Trew

    DIY sma antenna

    I use the "cable dipoles" in a bag, running the cables (A and B antennas) up the shoulder straps. It worked as advertised. I was using Lectro receivers, but they should work just as well with the G3.
  4. Glen Trew

    HN-7506 or something else

    Exactly, Jan. The HN7506 uses the same Foster Electric drivers used by Sony in the MDR7506, but the first attempts (about 15 years ago) were dismal. The most influential variable in those headphones is the effects of isolation, itself. Others include the distance that the drivers are from the ears, and the resonance of the cups, both of which must be different with isolation headphones. The HN7506 tries for the best balance of isolation and approximating the sound of the Sony MDR7506 so that we can go from one to the next while compromising our monitoring reference as little as possible. There are several thousand in use now, and a run of 50 is produced about every month.
  5. Glen Trew

    New to Nagra!!

    I'm sure the movie sounded great, as did so many others recorded with the Nagra 4 series (including IV-S). But that "something special" can only be distortion, whether it's the harmonic type or tape hiss, or the effect of being over-driven into tape saturation or the hard-hitting, slow to recover nagra limiter (tape saturation being the preferred option for me), necessary with analog tape because of the need to record with only 12dB of headroom above the 0VU reference to minimize tape hiss. Instead of comparing one recording to the other, but the more telling test is to compare each recording to the mic, itself, and listen for which is the closest. Assuming that all the links in the chain are properly set with both the analog tape and nonlinear recorders, the closest to the original signal will be always the 48K, 24 bit digital recording.
  6. Glen Trew

    DIY Dipole antenna!

    Looks like my old Tennessee backwoods remedy has been repurposed.
  7. Glen Trew

    DIY Dipole antenna!

    I don't know the impedance of an Idaho potato, but when our car antennas were broken off in the 70s, pushing a potato onto what was left of the antenna worked really well.
  8. Go for reality. A cardioid a two or three feet away (since you're in Canada, 1-meter). If you had some extra tracks and mics, put a cardioid XY pair on iso tracks.
  9. Glen Trew

    HN-7506 or something else

    Putting Sennheiser HD25 drivers in headphone cups would seem simple enough, but, without going into the many details, we've found that the result does not sound like Sennheiser HD25 phones.
  10. Glen Trew

    DIY sma antenna

    I ordered one! Great to have foldable vice grips in my pocket.
  11. Glen Trew

    New to Nagra!!

    I'll preface by saying that I doubt anyone's love affair with Nagra recorders is stronger than mine. I used them on countless productions, starting in the 1970s, with the Nagra III, IV, 4.2, IV-S, D, Ares C, V, VI, and 7. I've serviced hundreds of them, mechanically and electronically, and know the process backwards and forwards. But... We (Trew Audio) no longer services Nagra analog recorders at our Nashville location. Forrest Forbes, at our Burbank location will service the 4 series - and he knows them well - but if they are not already in pretty good condition, it will likely not be economically feasible. So, with that said, I'll add, with sadness, that there is no longer any practical benefit to recording on an analog Nagra, with the possible exceptions being gun shots and door slams (with the limiter off). Compared to today's 24-bit digital recorders, the analog Nagra specs of noise, distortion, and wow and flutter are way outside the modern acceptable range for professional use. They are a great piece of history, and fun to operate, and look great in the bookcase, but don't expect to use them for any hi-quality benefit.
  12. Glen Trew

    Abisonic Microphones

    The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) is partnering contributing three panel discussions/workshops to the MIX Magazine "Sound for Film" event at Sony Studio in Culver City this October 13 (www.mixsoundforfilm.com). One of the panels will be about the Ambiosonic / Soundfield recording processes. It will be a great way to learn a lot about what I believe will become a common practice.
  13. Glen Trew

    HN-7506 or something else

    Jeff Wexler, this forum needs a "like" button!
  14. Glen Trew

    HN-7506 or something else

    Probably a bit more comfortable for all heads.
  15. Glen Trew

    HN-7506 or something else

    Hi Phil, For the last couple of years, the HN7506 phones have been available with the 1/8"-1/4" combo "unimate" plug. There are a variety of cable options, including quick release and built-in slate mic, but the least expensive cable option now uses the OEM Sony cable and connector. Also, the headband, cup, and cushion assembly has change slightly, with a subtle difference having less pressure and more comfort. This latest version has the round logo like in the pic: