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    I have mostly done music studio work. I also do a lot of concert, orchestral, and chamber music recording. Recently I started doing more work for location sound and sound for picture. I've been thoroughly enjoying it because it takes me out of the control room!

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  1. what firmware are you running on the mixpre? on the ifb200 etc? dont follow the firmware history too closely since i don't use those units but might be worth checking out
  2. my understanding has always been that any bits get added to the bottom of the scale. unless something changed i would think that those extra 8bits get placed at the bottom of the scale not in the 0 dbfs or above the 0 dbfs. its really not like tape where you can bias the machine differently along with different formulations. i compare it to overxposing film/sensor. at some point, if its overexposed you lose all details and sich. the magic halpens when you add more shadow details. its the same thing here i feel like. perhaps i’m wrong and 32 bit float goves you bits above 0dbfs. i never record at 32bit fixed or float. 24bits has great dynamic range as it is.
  3. Gimborano, I would seriously consider the ktek stingray small bag. I just picked up a used one from a friend and its amazing. I’m coming from the orca bag world (own the 28-30-34) and the difference is night and day. I used to use the or-34 (the big one) and it was way too wide for the recorder and fader pack. There was a lot of wasted space. Its overall just awkward for that combo. With the ktek bag you could put your rec/fader combo and the RX’s in the main compartment and still have room to put the antenna distro box and a comtek bst75 inside the front outer pocket. you’d still have plenty of room for the battery at the bottom of the bag. At the bottom of the bag is also a strap to hold the battery in place. Ontop of all this, you still have room on the side pockets to keep TX’s or lav swag, markers, and tweakers. I highly recommend it. Maybe there’s a dealer that can send you a demo? Check out the FB group too!
  4. ivanovich


    jensen transformers might also be a good option
  5. point taken. both great recorders! cheers!
  6. they're nice they're nice! i love my sxr4+! for me it's the best little portable recorder for all of the reasons stated above! i love this little machine! i rarely engage limiters anyways because it has an extended dynamic range as do the Zaxcom wireless systems....then I go in digital and its sweet!
  7. johngooch, the sonosax limiters arent bad, its just the aaton one are like butter left out over night in the middle of summer...hehe
  8. The answer to these questions is easy. Just get both! I haven't used the CM but work on the X3 regularly. One thing I really like about the x3 is the limiters. Aside from the mic amps being super sweet, the limiters just sound amazing and are there for safety. They're pretty much like a Neve 2264 or a 33609 metal knob version. They work, they're transparent and great on every source. The Aaton recorders may seem really complex but they actually aren't. Like with anything in life--speakers, girlfriends, microphones, wife--you just have to get to know them. Once you learn them it is a breeze. I simply love the quickness and customization of almost every aspect of the recorder. Once you get to know the workflow everything is a breeze. The limiters (or lack there of--sometimes) on the SX-R4+ are sub par in comparison to the Aaton ones. I know the inputs have an incredible amount of dynamic range, but still, it's nice to have nice sounding limiters. Per your output question, I have my Zaxnet audio coming out of the TA3 connector and I have the analog output option card which I use for comteks and/or hard wiring to camera and such. I feel there's enough outputs to take care of business for most things. One annoying thing is the lack of a slate mic on the recorder itself. You have to use the RC8 joint to get access to the slate mic. Otherwise it is an amazing sounding machine! I love that it uses the smart batteries and that it has a hirose power output. Usually I rock two Zaxcom RX's (4 TX's) via digital inputs and line inputs which leave all mic amps open. But then you need more faders.... All in all, the SX-R4+ is excellent for portability. I don't need any power distro or anything. It's also super power efficient. Both recorders allow you to configure most of the pots (faders on the x3) to whatever input and to gang them if you're doing stereo/ambisonic/surround work. This is something the 600 series lack. If you complement the sonosax with the x3 you'll have all your bases covered! I did a shootout between the Maxx, 633, and the SX-R4+ and went with the sonosax. Where are you located again? I'm sure there's a dealer that would let you audition both units!
  9. i’ve used the 742/rx200. works like a charm. good for capturing atmos on the run for documentary stuff. i recently got the sound guys solution sony l-mount battery sled and i must say its awesome. the batteries last a good while and you dont have to think about it. just build it into your budget. i’m waiting on the locking cone mod as well which i hear is stellar. all this being said, if its for sfx or hi-res atmo i usually go with a smaller recorder (sx-r4+ or a 744t) and hard wire it. you cant control the TX with the rx200 though. you need something that is zaxnet capable as stated above.... all this being said, the 742/3 and rx200 is pretty damn solid!
  10. hey patrick, yeah, i have the daylight/night time switch programmed into a button on part of the screen screen so i can change it on the fly. but still, its just not bright enough. i got a delkin 2.5inch digital camera collapsible screen hood which works and helps a bunch. its also nice because you can take the hood on and off. works like a charm. screen is definitely not as bright as the x3 screen or the sound devices and zaxcom screens though. ivan
  11. i used one of the kids used pencil cases they use for school. got a second one at the container store during back to school supplies time. its a small hard case with two sides. i keep the mics with a bit of foam for protection and on the other side i keep the microdot extension cables all in one package. i can throw it in a pelican case and feel good about them being safe and not getting crushed. that travel tooth brush ideas is stellar!
  12. i’m in the US and use the sx-r4+. i got it used second hand and its the normal version with the extended dynamic range. i love the size and weight. it seems smaller and lighter than a 633 even with the inspired energy battery installed. the fact that it has a hirose output is super nice. i can rock a small bag (small mindshift rig) with 4 wireless without need for a power distro system, cabling and such. its also super power efficient. my main qualms with it are a few things: 1) no slate mic and switch(these features available with the rc8 unit but meh) 2) screen could be brighter. specially under sunny conditions. 3) when using the ad8 or the rc8, the package is really small which is nice—i just havent found a small bag to fit it ergonomically! i have a big orca bag but it seems overkill and leaves a ton of space on the sides lf the recorder setup. 4) i wish faders 5/6 were assignable like 1-4. being able to assign faders like that is super sweet. jumping from ambisonic/stereo to dialogues is quick and easy. overall the pres and superb. excellent for music and overkill for dialogue. still, the cantar x3 limiters are the best for me up there with the cooper mixer and the neve 33609/2264’s. for music nothing beats a console though. they just have the full feature sets that location setups dont have for obvious reasons. just my 2cents. hope it helps!
  13. i recently rented a pair of a10s for a job to go along with my zaxcom setup. i was very happy with the sound and range. i downloaded the app (iphone x here) and it worked much better than i expected. granted, its bluetooth and BT range is t great, but all i had to do is startup the app and it worked nicely. it’s nothing like zaxnet which i’ve grown accustomed to. i did have to go up to talent to make adjustments (gain, freq) but it worked. zaxnet is the bomb diggitty in that domain. i’m in the US, so didnt test out the record function. if jamming the TX is as easy as the bluetooth procedure it seems like a pretty solid system. again, nothing like zaxnet, where i dont have to do anything since it distributes TX commands along with TC. in the zax system you can configure the record function to do all sorts of things like start record upon power up, loop record etc etc. on a 4gig card i get 50some recording hours. overall i liked the a10s.
  14. i used to love these for close mic’ing toms! sounded fantastic for that purpose....
  15. i'm excited to take the new 6060's for a whirl. per the cable question, i thought you could order all/most of the DPA with various cable configurations. they make the more nimble thinner cables which i use extensively and then they make the 'durable' or 'heavy' cables which are thicker akin to the COS-11d.
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