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    I have mostly done music studio work. I also do a lot of concert, orchestral, and chamber music recording. Recently I started doing more work for location sound and sound for picture. I've been thoroughly enjoying it because it takes me out of the control room!
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  1. What wireless boom solution are you using now? I do like the way the Lectro system sounds. I’ve boomed for a mixer who has them and it seemed fine. I use the Zaxcom 742/743 and its really nice sounding. Quiet, amazing dynamic range, crisp and fast. I did the SGS battery sled solution and I can go 9-10hrs on a medium battery, about 5.5 hrs on a small battery which is nice. I usually go directly digital in to the Cantar and the results are solid in my opinion. I’m sure the rest of the competitors are great sounding too. I saw that sony recently released a boom specific TX. Has anyone used it? Re
  2. not to side track the discussion but i used zaxcom wireless with my other non-zaxcom recorders and enjoyed all of the things you seek and it worked flawlessly. started with the qrx235 (block specific but gives you zaxnet to control TX’s remotely) and added rx/qrx 200’s and linked them to the 235. all my inputs left at unity (analog) or digital ins and i would just control the gain remotely. that being said, i do love the Audio Ltd 2040’s. all the high end wireless sounds pretty darn good though. you could probably pick up some used zax gear and save some $$$$$.
  3. I’ve rented the A10’s before to supplement my Zax kit. Similar observations regarding range. Is there a reason you’re not considering Zaxcom? Their solutions pretty much tick every check box that you mention: built in recorder (TC stamped), great dedicated boom TX, or phantom two which you could do both boom and lav and is small like SSM
  4. i would love if zaxcom did this. without having to send in the units back to the mothership....
  5. i think a lot of the SD stuff is fantastic but is generally built for dialogue. it was one of my frustrations with previous SD recorders i owned. i think having input trim linking is a major step in the right direction. i assume you can link as many input trims as you want with the 8 series. but haven’t used any of the 8 series/scorpio so i don’t know for sure.; i think it would be really cool if SD did something like the cantar x3 where, on top of having input linking, you can have fader 1 control the fader level for the M channel while fader 2 controls only the side channel. this way y
  6. I would contact the company/pilot and request info on what type of comm system they are running so you can have the right connectors to tap into. I always do this to make sure. Then I just order the right connector and make up a cable. By now I have a bunch that I’ve made over the years. Like mentioned above, the gating system is a pain and unnatural so having an ambience mic will be good. As far as you not being in there, its going to be productions gamble. That being said, if you’re recording at 24bits you could record pretty low levels and hope for the best.
  7. Haven’t spent much time on these consoles or tape machines. I’ve been told they’re ok. Sage Electronics up in Toronto makes two flavours of op amps that area faster and more articulate and apparently it makes a big difference. The Mara machines I’ve heard are nice too. Again, never worked on one, this is just word of mouth from other engineers. I wonder how they compare to the ATR Aria electronics that the late Mike Spitz came up with for the old Ampex ATR-1xx series. I can’t imagine paying 8-15k for one of these nowadays. Per the tape counter, I’ve never encountered an accurate counter on any
  8. i’d love to cut some tracks on this thing. this is just right after (or there abouts) when some sound engineers wore those white lab scientist robes. its not all numbers. i’m sure these consoles sound amazing. looking up a schematic now. I believe there are kits to put together the redd3.7 mic amp....
  9. Thats a sweet rig. I’ll see what I can dig up thats cool. Either a mic or a limiter, hmm, which one should I put up on here🤨
  10. Is tjat a BCM2 type mixer? They look so sweet, always wanted one because of the awesome routing abilities. Reminds me so much of working with the Angela desk. Really hard to service and work on though haha
  11. I believe most of them can run on 10v-16v and use about 6watts. the sifam analog meters dont require any power if you decide not to power the lamps
  12. also recommend the dorrough meters. or if you want some VU peak meters, sifam also makes different kinds that you can rack up
  13. Looks pretty amazing!
  14. the 256gb ExtremePro Sandisc cards are rock solid so far.
  15. Hey all, thanks for all the responses. I do have a bunch of chargers for batteries recorders and such. I’ll give those a try if they have the output amp capacity. I just wanted to ask before going on an plugging things in and blowing fuses or something. In the end a power supply is a power supply....
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