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  1. Zach R

    Opening idx np-l7s battery

    Yep - spoke to them already. I’m not looking to recell any batteries at this time. While they were happy to recell any batteries I have, they wouldn’t give out any ‘trade secrets.’ I have seen work they’ve done recelling Anton Bauer batteries and they do a great job. Just not what I’m looking for. Through trial and error I think I found my answers. For anyone interested in my findings: •There are 4 screws in the corners at the top and bottom under the label. • there is an adhesive/bonding throughout the entire seam of the caseing. If you don’t easily find a starting point in the seam you will damage the caseing. And even If you do get a starting point - the other side will be very difficult to get off without damaging. • if you can’t get through the adhesive you will most likely damage the caseing. Cheers Ps. For some reason phone formatting is making part of this post bold/large. That’s not intential.
  2. Zach R

    Opening idx np-l7s battery

    That sounds like an excellent project. That would be incredibly useful. Did the external mod work out well?
  3. Zach R

    Opening idx np-l7s battery

    I agree that txsound video is awesome.
  4. Zach R

    Opening idx np-l7s battery

    Glen have you done this before? Did you do anything to soften the adhesive? i have electronic prying tools but the adhesive seems to stop them from getting in and to do their job - or being able to slide through the seams at all. I imagine it’s actually plastic bonding?
  5. Zach R

    Opening idx np-l7s battery

    In taking it apart, are there tabs that need to be undone or is it two pieces that slide together and are just held by the adhesive? I dont mind having to glue it together. My question is if “you can take it apart carefully without destroying it” - what is the best method to do so?
  6. Zach R

    Opening idx np-l7s battery

    That seems to be the only video I can find regarding this topic (I originally found it on this forum). While this was helpful for some things, unfortunately, that person is pretty much destroying the casing and then just glueing it all back together. I'm hoping there's a way to open the casing that doesn't involve breaking it apart.
  7. Has anyone had any luck opening an np-l7s battery without cracking/bending or tearing apart the plastic casing? I have one that works fine but has something rattling around inside so I want to get in there. I know there’s the 4 screws but is the plastic bonded together as well? If you’ve had luck - what was your method? If this has been discussed before I couldn’t find any answers. Thanks
  8. Zach R

    Sonotrim: Positive or Negative Bias?

    without opening the connector - i believe newer trams have a red band to signify positive bias. Negative bias would not have anything. Older trams used to have a little mark on the head (opposite grill side) that had either a + sign for positive bias or nothing (possibly a - in some cases?) to show negative bias.
  9. Zach R

    UCR411a select buttons beep

    First it's coveted ears... and now best thread. I'm honored. Enjoy the beeps!
  10. Zach R

    UCR411a select buttons beep

    Jason - I tried different leads and different power cables. No difference there. :/ Thanks for the images and instructions Dean. This will be a project for my next day off.
  11. Zach R

    UCR411a select buttons beep

    I wish I could say my ears were THAT good! Haha I'm thinking it's not the LCD whine you're talking about though. It doesn't seem to correlate with the LCD changing. Rather, it's more a direct 'press button' -> get a beep through the output. - like the digital watch example. Thanks Peter - glad someone else has heard it. Since its not something hindering my recordings I'm not really worried about it either. I'm just curious about it.
  12. Zach R

    UCR411a select buttons beep

    I figured there wasn't a beeper built into the 411. In regards to the physical squeak - it's only audible through the 411's output. I wouldn't hear a squeak from pressing the button if the unit was off or not running through something with headphones. The LCD screen whine you speak of sounds like the closer match. Though, rather than a whine, it's definitely a short beep - like a very faint Casio watch beep. If it makes a difference, it makes the beep at the home screen as well (where the select buttons do not affect the LCD)
  13. Zach R

    UCR411a select buttons beep

    One of my 411s seems to beep when I press the select arrows. It's a pretty faint beep that you'd only notice when pressing the buttons in a quiet room. I did a forum search and didn't find anyone else talking about this, so I was wondering if this is something others have experienced? And if so, what causes it? thanks
  14. Zach R

    Sanken cos 11 paint coming off head and grill

    I've had the same question about one of my 416 bodies. Paint has worn off in some spots just like this lav. I was told that sennheiser would just replace the putter tube but the price is something like a quarter to a third of the full price. For small touch ups on cos-11s and even the grill of other black mics I've used, and seen others use, just a black sharpie. ...it's far from perfect. I once bought a stick mic not knowing its grill had been sharpied until I noticed the intense smell.
  15. Zach R

    Bluetooth sender cheap on amazon

    After seeing this post I put some time looking for one that's 'just right. ' I found most of the transmitters were between 5-10hours (two hour charge time) - which could be fine if you had two, remembers to charge at lunch, Or got the ones that you could charge while in use. I don't know Bluetooth specs well but it seems at this time any device that can transmit to two devices (headphones) negates the low latency features when in two device mode. Range seems to be around 10m Sounds like they could be useful for things like Chris' doc scenario or even small studio jobs. Amazon sells some cheaper Bluetooth headphones for around $10 but if they're not the latest specs that may hinder the range and connectivity as franky mentioned im still interested in hearing your experiences with them but wish they could use full function of the latest Bluetooth tech as well as transmit to at least 3 devices.