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  1. Aloha, for many years Dan Gibson produced the best all around parabolic reflector. Keep in mind the diameter is related to the low frequency response. Dan's parabolic was approx 19" diameter which would be equivalent to about 700hz no less for low frequency. You can then fit a bunch of omnidirectional mics on this reflector to fit your needs. Hope this helps
  2. Aloha, a great review, quite detail. Excellent job
  3. Aloha, I have had extensive performance with the MKH70 mic. It works great
  4. Aloha your Nagra 1VS was manufactured in 1976. Cheers
  5. Sony ECM-MS5 is MS stereo
  6. Aloha, lots of great ideas generated for you from sound guys with a lot of experience. It would appear to me that even the best low ambience mics like Sennheiser are going to really be taxed in picking up the desired effects you are hoping for. This room is not ever going to be super quiet. The Foley idea seems quite real as you can record the desired effects and then patch them into the finished product. Hope it all works out for you, cheers
  7. Aloha, for many years I have used Sennheiser MKH 30/40 mics for MS recoding. They have always been great for getting the desired results. For my use the Audio Developments Matrix box gives me the flexibility to adjust the total MS pattern, opening up or reducing the overall polar patterns needed.
  8. Aloha, the Garfield Softies are great. All of my headphones have them, they even fit my Beyer DT-48.
  9. Aloha, Beyer DT48 are my all-time choice. Second are Sony 7506
  10. Aloha, their advertising shows this being made out of Hong Kong. It is also offered for the Stellavox and Sony APR-2003. In the Sony it requires custom fitting and uses a flat plate for assembly. At some time in the past I owned the Nagra QGB and it was a real state of the art and it worked great. Happy Holidays
  11. Aloha, this QGB11 is being made in the orient. I wander what the warranty is if any. Cheers
  12. Aloha, interesting but quite short of the original Nagra QGB. The original used the batteries in the 4STC to power its source. The original had spacers fitted over the supply and takeup spindles to keep the tape from contacting the spindle surfaces. Because the Nagra has tension rollers, the QGB11 when starting would more than likely generate an oscilating cycle until the tape comes up to speed. Possible tape alignment might occur until the speed is reached. It would seem likely there may be loads generated on the Nagra spindles as the tape is moved from one reel to the other. The original was expensive, however when you consider the quality you were getting it is still the best way to go
  13. Aloha, well I have to agree with Jeff, I love my Beyer Dynamic DT48 headphones. I have used them for many years. In second place are my Sony 7506 headphones.
  14. aloha, stay with pin to pin only. have built many cables , never have connected the case shell and never have had any hum problems
  15. Aloha, I have a plexiglass cover with a small crack which has been repaired. This lid is for 7" reels and uses a special frame that bolts to the Nagra. A piano hinge supports the frame and lid. You will have to custom fit the Nagra 111 levers on the front to hold the lid securely. This type of lid was developed many years ago to upgrade the Nagra 111 for 7" reels. I noticed you have a takeup reel which appears to be a 16mm film reel. Search for a Scotch 7" reel. Also I wander if the Quantegy 406 tape would be a good fit for the recorder. If you can get Scotch 208 it be in the same time as your Nagra. My experience with shipping to South America is a major effort. Very rarely does a Nagra 111 lid come up for sale. Best of luck
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