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  1. Such a deal happiness abounds. Enjoy your day
  2. Aloha, I just sent you 15 pages from the Nagra 4S service manual. Hope this helps
  3. Aloha, I will photo copy the pages for you, scanning is not an option. I will then send them to your email address. Please advise your email address. Thanks
  4. Aloha, I have the Nagra 4S service manual. It is not for sale or loan. However I would be willing to copy a few of the pages to help you with your project. The manual starts with the mechanical section and then the electrical section. Any adjustments or calibrations appear in these sections. I have no idea how they could be sent to you. I wander if USPS goes to Brazil. Anyway please advise if this will help you.
  5. Aloha these are really good sources, Forrest and Fred Ginsburg are very well qualified to help.
  6. Aloha, I went on the Internet for you and found the following. They say they have 4S service manuals on PDF file www.sharefx.com. search their files for Nagra
  7. They are extremely rare, why not just send your Nagra to Steve George. Location Sound may be able to help. Ask for Mike Paul. 1-800-228-4429. Last time I saw him he had all the manual. You may only need part of the Nagra Service Manual. Reproducing some of the schematics may help. Another possibility would be Trew Audio. Cheers
  8. Aloha, perhaps Ebay may help you. There is an isolation wedge mount being offered(two each} for $45.00 or best offer. They are designed for 19mm. diameter. Enjoy your day
  9. Aloha, I will bet you will make it work. Just saw today your reply on July19
  10. Contact Location Sound in North Hollywood. Ask for Mike Paul
  11. Aloha, Charlie does another great job.
  12. Aloha, I have gone thru about half of my Nagra111 info. I have found a number of original schematics for the modules in the Nagra. These detail resistor and capacitor specs by size and part number. I have also found the original Nagra principal schematic. For example the preamp-micro shows the schematics and details by "R" and "C" numbers and size and value. I also have a number of Nagra111 operation manuals, the most significant was1963. Perhaps an effort by Nagra to really show the importance of their products. They used very impressive pictures of Nagra in use. The brochure is loaded with their specs. Hope this may help somebody in effort to better understand the Nagra111. Enjoy your day
  13. Aloha, looks like the pinch roller needs replacing. The replacement roller would be the standard Nagra 4 series roller, and with the bearing and shaft, and all spacers. The main holder of the pinch roller can be lifted up by removing the large center screw, and loosening the side Allen screw. The main shaft is held in place with the "C" snap ring which has been known to take off if not carefully removed. Just replace all the existing bearing parts, clean the existing support and install the new pinch roller, lightly lubricating the parts. Re-assemble the main support adjusting it to the proper tension for your tape. Should work for you. A note of importance, the new pinch roller should be yellow in color, as these rollers wear, they turn towards red in color, finally the black rollers are inclined to be worn. The color change is influenced by tape and oil contamination. Cleaning the new roller after every use will help to retain its new appearance. Regarding a Nagra 111 manual, I have a lot of Nagra literature and manuals and I will research thru all that I have. Nagra never really had a service manual. I would expect Nagra began to direct their attention toward the Nagra 1V which surfaced in 1969/1970. Enjoy your Nagra 111, still today they are great machines
  14. Aloha, great, really funny. I wander if the mileage is measured in Amps
  15. Aloha, living in Hawaii I have had extensive experience with the Aquaear MKII hydrophone. It is a great mic, performs very well underwater. You can find out more about this product by going to www.burnselectronics.com.au/prod)01. They also make all the power supplies well as the hydrophone preamplifier/ amplifier. Check it out, it very well may be what you need. Thanks
  16. Aloha, it is such a pleasure to own a Nagra, thanks for your input
  17. Aloha, at the request of a couple of members, I have posted several pictures of the Neil Stone mod.
  18. Aloha, thanks for your response, I sincerely appreciate it
  19. Aloha, thanks for your input. Interesting that input 2 is perfect in recording and playback. Input 1 is also usable for recording and playback however it's level is slightly lower than input 2. I spent the morning playing with the recorder and found it to be immaculate in every detail. If you never opened it up you would never know of the Neil Stone. The exception would be the stereo heads. In really detailing it out, I was unable to detect even a very minor scratch. I will continue to enjoy it before deciding to convert it back. I wander now that it is in fantastic condition, how many famous sound mixers fingerprints were on this recorder over the years. Everybody have a great day and thanks
  20. Aloha, I sincerely appreciate your response
  21. I have just received a near new Nagra 4.2, immaculate condition. However the recorder includes the Neil Stone mod. It includes the Deneke board and an interesting toggle switch "left-stereo-right". I noticed the record and playback heads are stereo heads. When I record on channel two, it does great and the playback is also great. The first channel appears to be for timecode. I talked to Deneke and they confirmed the setup, sent me a very early drawing which details an external timecode hookup. The preamps are universal. I would like convert this recorder back to it's original factory specs. I have absolutely no knowledge of what that would entail. With twenty years working with Nagras, this the first exposure to this mod. Any information regarding this interesting mod would be appreciated or what direction I must take to convert. Thanks in advance.
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