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  1. Can somebody please re-post the picture with pin layout for TC in?
  2. Hi Larry, Thank you for the info and also for a funny story : ) I am not very good with schematics so i didn`t look there. Best Koca
  3. Hello all, long time reader here. I purchased a used UH200C plug on transmitter and i can not get it to work with condenser mics. In the manual it says it does provides phantom power and that`s it. There is no switch nor does it say if it`s 12V or 48, nothing. I managed to get signal with it using battery powered electret mic. Did anyone used this or have any knowledge about it? Thanks Koca
  4. Koca

    Zoom F8

    I tried it and it works but in the end i didn`t use those tracks because even when the peaks in screaming were limited the sound was still ok. I set my limiters to -2dB with fastest attack and release so my guess is that limiters can cut at least 6dB before losing their purpose. And one more thing, few days ago i wrote about a F8 unit that died during a shooting. Turned out to be a "flat cable" problem. It was replaced i think and it works again. It is a one in a thousand situation i guess.
  5. Koca

    Zoom F8

    I wasn't there so i didn't see the actual battery but i belive it is a no name chineese from ebay such as this http://m.ebay.com/itm/Protable-DC-12V-20000mAh-Li-ion-Super-Rechargeable-Battery-Pack-with-EU-Plug-/141728974752?nav=SEARCH
  6. Koca

    Zoom F8

    Hi, i have a question for @ZoomOfficial My friends F8 went dead today during the shooting. He turned it off beetween takes and later no signs of life. He was using external 20000 mAh Li-Ion battery. He tried turning it on only on 8 alkaline and only on Ni-Mh and still nothing. He tried with different SD cards and nothing. Unit is month or two old. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you
  7. Koca

    Zoom F8

    Hi everyone, I bought this recorder a month ago and so far i am satisfied for owning it. Recorded one concert so far, takes were more than 1 hour long. Used both SD cards and both were ok. I tried the dual-channel recording and it proved useful for this kind of job since the dynamic of music was very big. It saved a few peaks here and there but in the end when i listened to the parts were the meter clipped even with limiter on it didn`t sound distorted so i used it. Clip indicator is a real drag. I wish there is a different way to clear clip than to have to press STOP button in the middle of the recording. I tried it at home and it works but no way i am touching it during a recording. Anyway, i wanted to ask if anyone have any suggestion on what EXT battery i can use and if anyone have any experience with F8 ext batt of some type. Cheers
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