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    I was born in Ecuador and moved to L.A in 1982 at age of 13 and realized culture shock at a very young age. Grew up in the valley and attended CSUN. Started working part time at a Lighting rental house but was always captivated by the sound department on set when I had to do deliveries. I saved money quit my job and started to work on any sound project . Been doing audio since 1997 on a number of projects from running and gunning reality and documentary shows, all over the world. I've also worked also as boom and utility on many narrative episodic shows, and a but now a days focusing on commercials and promos. I count my blessings with my 2 beautiful kids and an awesome so life is busy at the Muga's Residence.

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  1. mugasound

    Snap On Rack Panels

    Hey friends want to introduce a new product I designed the Snap On Rack Panels. The units are soft panels made of Cordura fabric or Mesh for ventilation. The panels are available 2R,3R,4R in solid and mesh. No tools needed easy access to your components, the panels Snap On/Off with the included hardware kit you mount on the rails.
  2. mugasound

    Yamaha O1V dust cover

    I don't visit this sound forum much but just a friendly announcement. Hey friends been making dust covers for SD CL12/9 and now got a dust cover for your YamahaO1v. Made of Cordura fabric available in all black or green/black. You can IM for more info. Available at Trew/LSC Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. mugasound

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    I upgraded a few months ago with the dual batt. Charger and it's a winner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. mugasound

    New Production Sound Cart concept

    Great cart like the CNC wheel brackets Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. mugasound

    Anechoic chamber in L.A- testing mics.

    I know about LSC unit and Mike Paul helped out at the beginning of the year. We tested windbreaker covers that I'm making for the softies and results where great with no freq. response alterations on the shot mics. Went back recently to do another test and they are in the middle of upgrading the computers and make take a few months.
  6. Hey friends looking to get leads where I can find a anechoic chamber facility in Los Angeles area to test microphones along with a cover that I'm developing.
  7. Looking for a second audio ENG mixer in Nashville to run a SD633 bag with 4 wires for 1 day 1/25. Rate is comparable based on 12 hour day but most likely be no more then a 10hr day. Reality show for E- channel. E-mail me for faster response at mugasound@gmail.com
  8. mugasound

    Deva v frozen disk folder file

    I think that's a good idea, I'm going to upgrade both of my drives in another week once this show wraps. So far it's holding up ok and I've even mirror to an external drive while on record mode.
  9. mugasound

    Deva v frozen disk folder file

    Hey Gang, today for the first time I had quite a worried evening. As we where shooting our last scene my deva would not go in to record mode. The red record button was flashing and an audio alarm came thru my headphones. We're shooting with 2 F 900 cameras and I was sending a wireless mix to them as redundancy back up so I was able to finish the last scene with just a mix to camera. Upon inspection of the folder I couldn't engage my last folder on the disk folder for playback to check files. Neither can I mirror that file to an external drive. But everything else was working fine all inputs, outputs faders etc. I rebooted the unit several times and even removed the NP1 batt. but no go to select the last recorded folder for today.I could feel the hard drive spinning but now there was an additional what seem to be a mechanical click. I made a phone call to My good friend Juanito Cisneros and he came up with the idea to reset the factory setting button. And sure enough after rebooting I was able to select the folder from the disk folder to check and mirror that last folder. My question is what caused that to happen is my HD(180 gig)ready to crap out.
  10. mugasound

    Building a cart, selling anything?

    I about to sell my Deva5 and a few Lectrosonics MM400 tx block 20 & 21 let me know if interested