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  1. My trusted and still perfectly working Nagra IV-S from 1978. I own it since 1992 and have recorded several films, docos and ads until the appearance of the 744T.
  2. Very clever and nice setup !
  3. Hi Masaki, good tip ! Thanks for the information.
  4. That’s also why I still use my old Kortwich bag, light, well organised and really good quality, like new after so many years. I tried the K-Tek but they are so heavy that my back refuse to use this, even if I found the side pockets rally well tought. unfortunately, Kortwich doesn’t make bags anymore. I think the guy in charge is retired now.
  5. As the planes are mostly grounded and the traffic is reduced, it's time to record quiet nature atmos that are impossible by regular times....
  6. henrimic

    SD 888

    I don’t have my machine with me so I can’t try, but does it work if you change the TC mode to external before switching off ?
  7. The firmware update 3.21 for the 8 series includes now the compatibility of SD Remote with iPads running iOS 13.
  8. Hi Vita, I won't be at Prolight, but I've seen your booms are available at Audiosense in Brussels. I will visit them soon, I'll take the opportunity to try the Panamics. Thanks. H
  9. Ben, As you are located in Switzerland, you can use radio microphones up to 250 mW in the 477-694 MHz band without a specific licence. There are just some frequency restrictions. https://www.ofcomnet.ch/api/rir/1009/11 At 50 mW, no restrictions, but you should coordinate with frequency managers on certain events via the website https://pmse-db.ch/ Henri
  10. Mathias, I Have worked with Ambient’s since many years and have been very satisfied with it. As you mentioned that Panamic is your first choice, could you explain for what reason? I have to replace an old Ambient but Panamic are only available on the Internet here in Switzerland and it’s tricky to buy a boom pole without trying it. Many thanks Henri
  11. I would recommend the reading of “dialog editing for motion pictures” written by John Purcell. A gold mine with all the answers to your questions.
  12. If you look at the response of Sound Devices about the lack of AES inputs and the release of the XL-AES accesory, I think we can be confident, they do listen to their customers. If you remember, the Dungan automix was first introduced on the 688 and after a while only on the 633 too. The CL-16 was just announced and is not available yet. This kind of equipment is made to last, we are not in the smartphone business, and investment in our tools is a long term decision. So, we should be patient and see what will really come.
  13. This slot form factor was originaly designed to fit big Broadcast cameras, but one can see that nowadays, most of productions use a lot of different cameras, from the small A7s to Arri's or Red and less ans less Betacam style cameras. Today, almost every sound recordist, from news to high profile features uses small receivers as camera hops. This form factor is inherited from the past and I can understand the need for backward compatibility, but I hope that new products in the future will be more oriented to the sound persons than just "slot compatible". As sound ops, we need higher channel count, at least 4, without compromise on quality, without the need to cables and distros, with a large and clear display, not especially integrated in the mixer/recorder, but definitly more sound oriented. Zaxcom made it, others can and should.
  14. Sound Devices announce their “Cantaress” for 888 and Scorpio https://www.sounddevices.com/cl-16-faq/ Plenty of options now with the support of CL-12 and third parties controllers.
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