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  1. Indeed the connection with the LC8 is via a USB-Binder cable sold with the unit. It is also powered by the USB. I don’t have this setup anymore as I am now fully Sonosax with the R4+, so I am not certain if you can map the buttons to other fonctions than pfl and select on the 833. I am quite sure that you can map the slate rec and stop buttons.
  2. Indeed, and this has to be confirmed, but I think you can’t use two LC8+ or mismatch controllers on the 833.
  3. Yes the LC8+ only control faders and only for the 1 to 8 first channels. You can’t control the gain and can’t “map” the tracks to the faders.
  4. For those interested in lighter bags, there is the Laavu brand. Formerly sold by Kortwich years ago, they are available again with new models for modern recorders. (Nova, Cantar X3 , 888,… ) I have just bought the model for 833 + SL2 for my R4+ and RC8+ that fits perfectly. https://www.audiosense.be/en/laavu-833-sl-2-case-kor-833sl2 Compared to the old ones, these new models have several pockets added on sides and in the front. The build quality is exactly the same, at a very high standard. As there is no metal structure, the weight is kept at a minimum. I very recommend it.
  5. Thank you all for these invaluable tips and experiences. I am interested by the light weight and the small collapsed size. But definitely the collars has to be smooth. So I’ll borrow and try one before placing the order. H
  6. Hi everyone, I am looking for a new medium boom for doc shooting. I know well the old VDB ones, but am interested to know your real world experiences with their (quite) new quarter turn system. Is this system working well ? Not too loose, or too stiff ? Unfortunately I am a bit far from any dealer to try it myself. Many thanks for your help. Henri
  7. Audioroot has several solutions like this: http://www.audioroot.fr/product/eusb-c-hrs4/
  8. I haven't done any scientific or rigorous comparative testing yet, but after Friday's update, my initial experiences show an improvement in range. I did a quick walk test with a Wisy and an A20 mini, both on whips, and the outdoor range seems comparable (40mw for the A20, 50 mW for the Wisy) . I'm waiting to have more real world experiences to say it's better, but for now, everything seems fine.....
  9. If I am not wrong, the MCR54 comes already with a 32 MHz bandpass filter. That’s why, even if the frequency range is very broad, your 4 receivers needs to be tuned within this 32 MHz window.
  10. Aaton has just announced that the Cantar Mini is now available with the 16 x 16 Dante Option. https://www.aaton.com/cantarmini
  11. Some reseller might still have some: https://www.decibel.ch/fr/products/schoeps-blue-colette-set-5412.html
  12. Indeed, if someone wants to sell a CL-12, I am interested….
  13. Indeed, I am using the Wisy’s MCR54. The goal is certainly not to have a perfect mix, just a guide for editing before a proper audio post. My question was more about the added value of an 888 compared to an 833 with this +4 plugin. I know it’s pretty new, but if someone has already tried it, any experience will be valuable.
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