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  1. I currently use the DNS2 for live transmissions in Davos where we have to work in a very noisy environment. I use it on interviews with 3 to 4 people splitting the anchor and the guests. 3 to 6 dB attenuation works well on ventilation and general background. But had weird results today while Trump’s helicopters were passing by. Such low end rumble was giving awful monkey noises.
  2. I have to confess I never used the Invisitys so I couldn’t answer. But as far as I know the Rogers, I have to say it’s working better than expected. The level is not bad and the transmission is reliable in a range of about 25 meters indoor.
  3. Hi I have experienced 3 Phonak Roger on three different transmitters simultaneously and it work flawlessly. You just have to turn on and synchronise each earpiece separately. I couldn’t confirm for 6 but definitely 3 work without a hiccup. H
  4. Salut Fred, I bought it directly from the European distributor in The Netherlands: Burg.J.G.Legroweg 96 9761 TD Eelde The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0) 651 014 014 Email: info@nanukcase.eu
  5. The 664 being an analog design, it’s certainly for that reason they keep it on their catalog. H
  6. it’s mainly the latch system that I find very clever and easier to use. The wheels, the telescopic handle (placed outside) and the compartments in the cover and the general build quality are really good too. I also own and use several Peli´s and they’re certainly not bad, the differences are quite small, but in the end, I have a subjective preference for the Nanuk.
  7. Hi Fred check the Nanuk 935, I own one and prefer it over the Peli. https://www.nanuk.com/nanuk-935.php Henri
  8. henrimic

    PSC RF mult

    I use these 250 mm sma to sma cable between the receivers and the PSC https://www.te.com/usa-en/product-1337812-1.html Between the PSC and the antennas, I use RG58 but not more than 10 meters. If I need longer, I'll use Sommer RG-213
  9. Great job Matthias ! Congrats. I found the german voices really clear and detailed. I can not wait to read your comments on the way you worked for this series and the challenges you faced.
  10. Hi Carlos, I havn't made AB testing of Sennheiser RX vs MPR52 in Evo mode, but to my ears, the sound was ok, without any hiss, artifacts or pumping. Unfortunately I can not make such a comparative test now as I am on vacation, but I could try when I'm back. What is sure, is that using the wrong compander gives absolutely unusable results.
  11. The main advantage of omni and wide-cardioid is the absence of proximity effect. One think first to the accentuation of low freq when the microhone is placed close to the source, but at the contrary, the main problem with pressure gradient microphones is the lack of low end when placed far from the source. Thus, using omnis for ambiance or classical music is a real advantage for the rich low end. Also, spaced microphones give really nice sense of depth and envelopment, really nice for ambiances. Here is what one can read on Schoeps’s website about wide cardioids: - extremely consistent polar response leads to a very natural sound - combines the advantages of the omni (warm sound) and the cardioid (directivity) - popular as a main microphone pair e.g. at a spacing of 30 cm, angle +/- 45°
  12. The problem with your setup is that the Wisycom receiver can emulate the HDX modulation of the Evo systems, but not the transmitters. Your only options are Enc or Enr. Thus the IFB receivers will not be compatible. You should indeed use Sennheiser transmitters with the MCR52. regarding the sound quality, I recently used a MCR52 un EVO mode with a G3 and I didn’t noticed any artifacts or problem.
  13. henrimic


    I had a direct confirmation from someone on Wisycom’s booth at the last IBC, that they are working on a 4 channels full diversity receiver. No release planned yet at that time
  14. henrimic


    Just to be complete, I have used the EVO emulation with a G3 and this is working really well. So I assume it is working well with the 5212 too. I know a rental company who have replaced all their rack receivers by Wisycom’s but they kept their Sennheiser 5212 and Shure handheld so they can adapt to their clients needs.
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