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  1. I have the feeling that the Schoeps is more "dry", with less room acoustics. But it depends on the takes and thus on the exact placement. Both are of course supercarioids but the Schoeps seems to have more reach. It's worth noting that a mike developped at the begining of the 70's is still a reference. As I often say, I am not rich enough to buy low cost, meaning that if you spend well, your investments will last for decades, and this is so true with this kind of mikes.
  2. And being also a consumer oriented company, I am afraid that’s the pro products, per definition a niche, that will suffer the most. I hope I am wrong but definitely there will never be a MKH 8030....
  3. This indoor version is brilliant. Bravo Philippe !
  4. In 2016, I sent mine (first batch) to Sennheiser after the warranty and they simply replaced it for free. They were aware of the defect and didn’t argued. For the subsequent series, they just added a distinctive ring so you can differentiate it. I am in Europe, so maybe the mothership has another warranty politic than the US representative.
  5. Thank you Patrick. I sent you a message.
  6. Thanks to my colleague @Masaki HatsuiI had the opportunity to test a Nova this week. Really nice and clever machine. The form factor, the ergonomics, the weight and low consumption are real advantages. I am a bit confused by the software, but It’s just a question of time and habits.
  7. Its' a 4 week shooting in the wild, the periods of three days are between the acces to the base camp and a generator. Indeed, I plan to bring a lot of batteries, but we will have to carry a lot of stuff during long hiking days, so if I can be more power efficient, my back will be grateful. As this is a long and demanding shooting, the choice of equipment should not be limited to what I already own, and if necessary, I'll rent the recorder that is best suited for the job. And as you mentionned, I would never go with a brand new equipment that I don't know or not deeply tested before d
  8. Nova seem the way to go. I'll definitively borrow one and test it. Some time ago, I planned to replace my 633 by the SX-R4+, but the 8 series was presented and I finally decided to go for the 833 because of the features (Dungan, EQ, ...). The Sonosax is brilliant, especially the preamps, but I was a bit disapointed by the lack of limiters on inputs and the LC filters at 60 and 120 only. Unfortunately, it's a hardware setting that can't be changed by firmware. And if this is of interest for someone, I've found these solar chargers that seem perfect for the kind of sit
  9. Thank you all for your inputs. Nova seems a very good option, but there is no distributors here in Switzerland, I’ll have to go the France to borrow one and try after the lockdown. The Maxx s a good option as I already have Wisycom systems and there are plenty of second hand recorders available. Any MixPre 10 users here ? I’ll be interested to know your thoughts. Another question regarding the batteries, do you guys, know a way to charge Smart batteries via solar pannels ? I’ve seen plenty of solutions for small batteries, but again, first hand experience is precious.
  10. I’ll have to record 6 radios and an MS pair, all ISO’s, so the 552 is not an option, but thank you for reminding me this one.
  11. Dear colleagues, for a documentary project next summer in a very remote location, I have to chose a recorder that is not too power hungry. We will have to be autonomous for periods of 3 days without possibilities of charging batteries. I generally use two Smart batteries per day with my 833, this is then certainly not the right choice in this situation. I never used the Mix Pre 10 and wonder if it could be a alternative choice. As it is a simpler recorder, I assume it needs less current. The ads for the Nova announce very low consumption and the SxR4 i
  12. I haven’t experienced any problem with the SSD of my 833 so far. This week I recorded a theatre play of almost 3 hours with 8 mics and it worked like a breeze. I am afraid your SSD has a default.
  13. This is a great combo. This little controller from Sonosax is a perfect complement to the 833. The unit is recognized as soon as plugged, all buttons are operational and the build quality is excellent. The faders are smooth, slightly less than on larger Sx mixers, but I especially like the faders placement, very ergonomic, at least for my fingers. This little guy allow to use the channels 7 and 8 very easily and with it’s perfect form factor, it’s a tool that will find its place on many small gigs where 8 mikes are enough.
  14. henrimic

    Schoeps CMD

    This seems really interesting: Support for a planned new feature of MK capsules: capsule memory chips that will contain individual calibration data unprecedented precision of microphone matching can occur automatically, e.g. in a stereo pair the overall frequency reponse of any given capsule type can be adapted for particular applications Really promising if you can adjust filters, pad and proximity effects compensation for example, directly at the capsule.
  15. As there are four front end, and two AES outputs, could we imagine a four mono channels receivers in a future update ?
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