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  1. I regularly use a 4017B with a CMC1/MK8 in a Pianissimo for outdoor doco style shooting. Works like a breeze. I recently had a sequence with a group of people speaking randomly and the S Mike helped greatly to “open” the sound of the dialogs.
  2. https://wisycom.com/products/product/mtp61/ https://wisycom.com/app/uploads/sites/2/2022/10/MTP61-en-b02.pdf
  3. Hi Michael, Thanks for sharing. Great review far more « real world » oriented than many of what can be found on the net. I am also a A20 mini owner and share all your thoughts. I’ll add that fortunately, firmware updates allow to upgrade the possibilities. Long range modulation and Spectra Band are good examples. I was disappointed by the range at first when I bought it last year, but I am now very satisfied with the Long range option, especially in the 1350 MHz band available here. Regarding the shape and weight, talents love it, but some complaints about the heat. Codyman, I also have Wisy’s and prefer these for run and gun. The A20 mini battery life is more tricky on fast pace production where talents are always on and one should roll at any time. The Bluetooth app is not always very reactive, especially in stressful situations.
  4. Back from my first shoot with the A20 mini and A20-RX in the 1350 MHz band. So far, I haven't noticed any difference in range compared to UHF. I put the transmitter in the front pocket of the talent and had no problems, even when he was walking quite a distance away, from behind. His body seems not being a more noticable obstacle, which is good news. The real advantage is that the antenna is now really tiny, about 2 inches, and that makes a real difference to hiding the transmitter. Not to mention that the band was totally clear when I scanned it.
  5. I have recently upgraded my A10-RX to a new A20-RX. The idea is to move from the crowded UHF band to the 1.3 GHz band and to reduce the lenght of the antenna on the A20-mini transmitters. As I was searching technical informations about the effects of obstacles, and especially human body, on the transmission at higher frequencies, I found this very interesting study: https://www.bakom.admin.ch/bakom/en/homepage/frequencies-and-antennas/facts-and-figures/the-effect-of-the-human-body-on-wireless-microphone-transmission.html If I understand well, if the body is an absorber in the UHF band, it acts more like a reflector at higher frequencies. I will try to work in the 1350 MHz range next week and I'll let you know if I see an improvement in the transmission at these frequencies.
  6. Hi Jim, I have the three models mentionned and definitively find the Cinela the most effective, even in exterior by light wind. But this effectiveness come at the cost of a heavier weight, so I still use the B5D for interview and static shots. The weight implies also a firmer suspension to avoid handling noises. For walking shots, unanticipated doco shoot or heavy boom movement, the Cinela is unbeatable ... or maybe by the Cosi ! The CosI with its integrated suspension is one of the best rehgarding handling noise in my opinion and you can order it with the simple fabric, not the fur. The fur is a tiny bit less transparent, but if suddenly you have to go outside without time to change the windscreen, the exrtra protection will save your recording. I bought the Rycote Baseball to try when it came out it but was never convinced. Henri
  7. Hi Fred, all informations can be found on Gallery’s website. http://www.gallery.co.uk/ixml/ There is also an extensive list of compatible recorders, NLE, DAW and utilities. Henri
  8. Indeed the connection with the LC8 is via a USB-Binder cable sold with the unit. It is also powered by the USB. I don’t have this setup anymore as I am now fully Sonosax with the R4+, so I am not certain if you can map the buttons to other fonctions than pfl and select on the 833. I am quite sure that you can map the slate rec and stop buttons.
  9. Indeed, and this has to be confirmed, but I think you can’t use two LC8+ or mismatch controllers on the 833.
  10. Yes the LC8+ only control faders and only for the 1 to 8 first channels. You can’t control the gain and can’t “map” the tracks to the faders.
  11. For those interested in lighter bags, there is the Laavu brand. Formerly sold by Kortwich years ago, they are available again with new models for modern recorders. (Nova, Cantar X3 , 888,… ) I have just bought the model for 833 + SL2 for my R4+ and RC8+ that fits perfectly. https://www.audiosense.be/en/laavu-833-sl-2-case-kor-833sl2 Compared to the old ones, these new models have several pockets added on sides and in the front. The build quality is exactly the same, at a very high standard. As there is no metal structure, the weight is kept at a minimum. I very recommend it.
  12. Thank you all for these invaluable tips and experiences. I am interested by the light weight and the small collapsed size. But definitely the collars has to be smooth. So I’ll borrow and try one before placing the order. H
  13. Hi everyone, I am looking for a new medium boom for doc shooting. I know well the old VDB ones, but am interested to know your real world experiences with their (quite) new quarter turn system. Is this system working well ? Not too loose, or too stiff ? Unfortunately I am a bit far from any dealer to try it myself. Many thanks for your help. Henri
  14. Audioroot has several solutions like this: http://www.audioroot.fr/product/eusb-c-hrs4/
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