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  1. Did you ever come up with a fix that let you get back on the camera battery?
  2. Thanks for sharing the model numbers. Very cool that there are LEDs on both sides. Might have to get some as well
  3. Thanks for the new images Simon. For the Cyclone, will the recommendation be to use the lyres as pictured, blocking a few holes on the mic, or will the single point InVision mount be adapted for Cyclone?
  4. I don’t know of a Hubble, but I know of a Leviton. I’ve seen these at Home Depot before Leviton 515CV-LIT
  5. Thank you Chris and Simon for all the updated info, and looking forward to seeing the shortened version for Cyclone
  6. That's a super clean design! At 80mm clearance to the Lyre, there is no room for a Super Softie so yes, it is indoors only or calm day. Looking forward to seeing how this mount is adapted to a Cyclone, or another design to accommodate a Super Softie
  7. Another +1 for the Ram Mount. I use the X-grip head to hold the iPad and then have a screw-on ball for the other end. 100% solid. I ended up getting the smaller X-grip for my cell phone in my car.
  8. I’ve always been interested in checking out the ZFR300s, but have been confused by the specs. They are equipped with NeverClip, and the spec on NeverClip for the ZFR claims 125dB of dynamic range. However, when you look at the actual product page on the Zaxcom site for the ZFR300, it says the Dynamic Range is only 104 dB. I was looking at these for an aviation project, but ended up disabling the radio on my transmitter and just went with that. Does anyone know which spec prevails? As far as the ZFR Workflow, it was also mentioned by Glenn in another thread: http://jwsoundgroup.net/index.php?/topic/23134-documentary-production-sound-options-mixpre-d-zaxcom-zfr100-and-erx/ +1 on Tentacle Sync for adding timecode to your FS5 - plus they come with software for sync
  9. Don't forget Michael Moore's rule 13! You will get so much more footage if you have a mixer on your team. Depending on the mixer's radios, they can mix for a little bit of a distance, preserving the intimacy you desire with your talent. You're going to have your hands full with three talent in the field. http://www.indiewire.com/article/michael-moores-13-rules-for-making-documentary-films-20140910
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