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  1. Gordon's got some other pictures of the feral kittens on his facebook page. Gordon's female dog went over to check out the feral momcat and to quote Gordon:"She discovered what Hell with teeth and claws looks like." LEF
  2. Thanks for the real world usage. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  3. One solid way of "shortening" the cable, is to come out of the mixer at line level and then attenuate the signal to mic level right at the 3.5mm input, i.e., in the cable connector. The signal in the long part of the cable is at line level and much higher than the interference and then the interference is attenuated along with the signal at the camera. This cable construction would be worthwhile if you had to go to a camera at mic level on a regular basis. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  4. The full Lectro crew is back at work in Rio Rancho, NM with masks, distancing and gallons of sanitizer. That includes service, engineering, sales, shipping, production, etc. Gordon is the only crew member who may be still at home, trying to safely resettle a mom cat and her 5 kittens that have made an inaccessible den out of his outdoor kiva/waterfall. Gordon says he will price the kittens very reasonably. Any color as long as it is gray and white Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  5. If you are comparing to a different brand mic (4060), the COS-11's might be wired "properly". About the only way to tell is to open the connector and measure (or see) the value of the resistor. Once you have that value, you can decide on a value that gets you to where you want to be. On the other hand, the transmitter is perfectly able to gain up the "missing" 10 dB you speak of and you can just use them as they are. Best Regards, Larry Fisher
  6. A bit of "tech theater" seems very appropriate LEF.
  7. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says the coronavirus “does not spread easily” through touching surfaces or objects. https://nypost.com/2020/05/20/cdc-now-says-coronavirus-does-not-spread-easily-on-surfaces/ Best Regards, Larry F
  8. If everyone for years had been using UV boxes for sanitation, this thread would be about these new fangled packaged chemicals called "wipes" that used a recently discovered ingredient "alcohol" that were portable, quick, low cost, and effective. Curmudgeonly, Larry F
  9. LarryF

    bag drop

    Yep. We've been deep into Dante in the Aspen auto mixer products and various audio boxes for some time. Now Dante is moving steadily to the wireless side. In order to be able to speak with some experience, Gordon at Lectro rewired his complete church audio system with Dante and removed several hundred pounds of cables and replaced them with a few Cat 5 wires. He and about 5 techs and engineers are available to speak Dante. (It's all magic to me) Best, Larry F
  10. Intriguing solutions above to say the least. Just to prevent some false starts, volume is rarely the problem if the surroundings aren't very noisy. To see what kind of range was possible, we tried a speaker system that put out about 20 Watts into a re-entrant horn (LongRanger) and even at deafening levels, the maximum range is about 6 feet or less. The limitation is due to reflections from surfaces delaying the individual dweedle tone bursts so that the tones overlap and confuse the detector. For instance, the ground you are standing on is one major reflecting surface. The valuable upside of this is you won't change the settings on an innocent transmitter that is 15 feet away. Changing the settings on innocent transmitters was an original concern and we were tickled to find that Father Physics helped us out for a change. Best Regards, Larry F
  11. The DSQD/AES can be converted to a Dante configuration at the factory in the future. I'm sure the converse will be true also. So if your work flow changes from AES to Dante in the future, it will be possible to convert for substantially less than an arm and a leg. Best Regards, Lawrence Fisher
  12. Cheap batteries won't but the Lecto branded ones will. Best Regards, Lawrence Fisher
  13. Don't worry about 75 Ohm vs 50 Ohm BNC connectors at frequencies below 500 MHz. The BNC connector's internal conductor is many times shorter than a 1/4 wavelength at anything below 500 MHz. At the frequencies you are involved with in this application, the best analyzer made, used by the most anal mad scientist couldn't measure a difference in performance. Best Regards, Larry F
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