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  1. Apcki

    Deity HD-TX

    I run zaxcom so not really I do think its cool that other companies are pushing boundaries though, as competition is always good!
  2. Apcki

    Deity HD-TX

    Looks like Deity launched their newest wireless transmitter. Most interesting to me is that it records and transmits. I assume this gets by the zaxcom copyright because it operates at 2.4ghz instead of UHF? Kinda insane for $250. https://www.deitymic.com/hdtx/ Edit: NVM, I jumped the gun on that. Recording will disable transmission in the US. So not quite as ground breaking, but still nifty.
  3. Are the inputs on your recorder the same? Is one set to mic and one to line?
  4. Curious, has anyone soldered a cub to lemo 3 for zaxcom zmts?
  5. Def better to focus on skills. I've heard stuff from a kid with a rode ntg2 and zoom h4n that sounded surprisingly good. Its so easy to clean up recordings with the software out now.
  6. Tile idea isn't bad! Nice!
  7. I've seen people use the ktek squid as well.
  8. This whole time I've been using the wrong mics! Movo > all huh?
  9. Most podcasters I see use the Shure smb7 or electrovoice re20. Rode nt1 not bad either. There are like a million shootout vids on youtube on all the mics.
  10. I've used the b-flex systems and they sound good but am having trouble with them always falling out of the mount.
  11. Ahh, the one I just worked with had a bnc. Didn't know it could change.
  12. Indeed! You could still make out Bradley Cooper's mumble dialog. Great job!
  13. Apcki

    Favorite Slate

    I use a denecke but kinda want to test out the betso.
  14. That's what they said as well. Thanks!
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