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  1. I personally started with something similar and upgraded the boom mic when I could. I went the schoeps route but Sennheiser and DPA also make great stuff. You could also look into timecode options to round out the kit.
  2. Am I dumb? How does this attach to camera?
  3. Just curious if any of these solutions worked? Mine just started squeaking as well. Haven't gotten a response back from cinela yet.
  4. Lol, I'm going to have to steal that one, but yeah def less and less prepro I'm getting as well. I wonder if it's because post is so amazing now. RX can do magical things, so you can just "fix it in post".
  5. Haha, right? It's almost like they don't care about sound!
  6. Not sure if you can really call it DIY but I did throw together a little solution for hanging the sound blankets I had. Started with some monfrotto 1005bac light stands since they go up to 9 feet when fully extended. Love these things because they clip together for easier storage. They I attached a super clamp to hold the pvc pipe. Picked up some mounting stuffs from home depot. And there it is! It actually stays up without a sandbag, which of course I'd use for safety, but thought it was pretty cool it didn't need one. There is a slight bend to the pvc, but it seems to hold be fine. Maybe I'll try with some speed rail later.
  7. Hey all, Was just curious how everyone's workflow has been for this. Pretty much all the shoots I've been on recently have had client/agency on zoom, FaceTime, Skype, whatever. How are you guys feeding an audio signal to them? Trying to see if there is a better way than just sending an ifb signal out to the mic input of the laptop or phone they are using.
  8. Just curious how often you guys change out your gear? Do you need to keep up with the newest and shiniest or are you more like if if aint broke don't fix? I personally can't look at new gear without heavy envy lol.
  9. What happens though when mixers get something like izotope rx built in? It could match phase and eq right then and there. Placement of lav wouldn't even need to be great, as noise reduction could be used to get rid of a lot of issues. Will it be optimal? No. But will it be acceptable? I think it eventually will.
  10. I don't think it will be a matter of if, but when. Most modern mixers have some sort of auto-mix and the tech is getting smarter faster. Are we going to eventually just get to set, set it up and troubleshoot as the tech takes over?
  11. You could also look into Lectro jointed antenna. https://www.locationsound.com/lectrosonics-amj-color-coded-whip-antenna-1365&currency=USD&language=en?gclid=Cj0KCQjwivbsBRDsARIsADyISJ_PHkNDP9RrorP0CKkvwWsNmg5Ht0eICEVYcrCRngl5NoOSUd0t6dMaAuEyEALw_wcB
  12. Downloaded, although I don't see anything in the app minus the ads.
  13. Apcki

    Deity HD-TX

    I run zaxcom so not really I do think its cool that other companies are pushing boundaries though, as competition is always good!
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