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    Location sound mixer/operator from Montana. Currently living in Portland, OR. Sound is the department I have been in since the beginning, and only department I would want to be in. I work narrative fiction, commercial (location and stage), as well as reality/docu style shows. 90% of my work is from a bag, the other is seated and mixing.
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  1. K-Tec sidekick Tx adapter. So, Tx on bottom of pole. I prefer the weight to counterweight and not add more at the end of the pole.
  2. I will hand camera dept. boxes and slate, checking before first roll to be sure boxes are riding on camera and TC is being transmitted. In terms of working with the mini, I have always used a straight lemo. I have also seen that alexa mini lemo TC in cables are almost always sold as 90 degree lemos. This is fully dependent on how the camera is being built, but I have never had a problem connecting a straight lemo.
  3. Ambient quick release. Beeswax in the female connection seems to keep the twisting or disengaging as good as new.
  4. I would 416 with a condom, long xlr sent to recorder outside of the sauna.
  5. Neither. The lenses are Panavision by Panavision, and will offer the option to choose focus and aperture in camera rather than on the rings. The sensor is RED. The companies (3 total) worked together to make this camera. Sent from my HTC6535LVW using Tapatalk
  6. Martin, be careful that this CC contract does not end up sending you to the middle of South Dakota to fend for yourself from bed bugs, gear in dust storms, and no lunches. Approach with caution.
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