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    I work with sound and am crawling my way down the rabbit hole to find that perfect combination of gear.
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  1. Hi All, I've been in love with the sound of the 744T preamps and was disappointed to learn the 788 doesn't share the same analog preamps. For many reasons the 633 is a very attractive solution to a lot of my recording needs but I frequently record with more than 3 phantom hungry mics at a time and was considering getting a 422 to compliment the 633. Does anyone know if the pres in the 422 are the same analog pres as those in the 744T? Aside from the 422, what are some other great 3-4 channel preamps available to drive the additional 3 line-inputs of the 633? I saw the VCP-M3 serving just that purpose but haven't been able to find a lot of real-world feedback. I do a bit of atmo and foley recording on top of production mixing, so I'm looking for some deep, clean and portable preamps. Thank you for your time and input!
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