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    I have completed my sound recording & engineering graduation in year 2016,Now my passion is to do location sound for films...

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  1. Dinesh Yuvi

    Mkh 8060

    Now,i own Zoom f8,Senheiser mkh 60,pair sanken cos 11D lav's,pair of Senheiser G3 wireless system (i can't afford lectrosonics),I'm happy with the quality i'm getting it for price i spent,Except in reflective indoors mkh60's reverb is bad but better than Mkh416 in reflective spaces,so now i'm planning to get mkh50 to my kit
  2. Dinesh Yuvi

    Mkh 8060

    finally I'm going to go with, 1. zoom f8 (After a year,i will get sound devices or zaxxom) 2. Senheiser mkh 60 (for outdoors) 3. Senheiser mkh 50 (indoors) 4. pair sanken cos 11D lav's 5. pair of Senheiser G3 wireless system (i can't afford lectrosonics) 6. K-Tek boom pole 7. Roycote windshield your opinions ?
  3. Dinesh Yuvi

    Mkh 8060

    @JonG Now,i changed my mind & decided to get mkh50 for indoors and mkh8060 for outdoors.. because 8060 and mkh50 fits perfectly in Roycote supershield blimp and also i can save money by avoiding one extra boom pole,blimp,i can interchange the mic in Roycote supershield when i move from exterior to interior...In that saved money i can get pair of g3 with sanken cos11D so that i can get 2 safety tracks if boom track was unable to use...Also as you mentioned i love to have lectro and sound devices but i can't afford that much money..
  4. Dinesh Yuvi

    Mkh 8060

    @RadoStefanov There is no one mentioned how DPA 4017C sounds indoors but in Sanken websites they mentioned that Sanken cs3e have rear rejection whereas every other shotguns have rear pickup so they pick up reflections from the ceiling so Sanken cs3e perform well in both indoors & Outdoors.I'm choosing mkh8060 because of this article http://www.prosoundweb.com/article/sennheiser_mkh_8060_shine_on_the_set_of_abcs_modern_family/ and many of them says it performs well in indoors also i have heard 8060 samples recorded indoors that sounds okay to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mesYir-ZlLU&index=3&list=PLsmJVGTD7wjU7iRIE_uWUExgKjKxg4kdi Mkh 8060 sample recorded indoors.
  5. Dinesh Yuvi

    Mkh 8060

    If you have $5000 what all are the equipments will you buy to do production sound...
  6. Dinesh Yuvi

    Mkh 8060

    Hi,im from india,There is no mic or recorder available for rental(our industry is called kollywood,south side of India & north side movies are called Bollywood) I have to get right equipment.Also my budjet is around $5000 dollars. Equipment i have in mind now are, 1. pair of senhesier mkh 8060 shotgun = i'm choosing this mic because it performs well in both indoors and outdoors. 2. Stereo mic Audio Technica Bp4025 or 1. one senhesier mkh 8060 shotgun 2. pair of Senheiser g3 with sanken COS 11D lav's 3. Stereo mic Audio Technica Bp4025 Common Equipment :- 1. Zoom f8 Recorder 2. Roycote blimp 3. Rode boom pole pro Please Tell me your opinion about my equipment list,whether it is right or not...