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  1. Frankly, if your goal is to work in the industry, I'd forget the masters and simply get out there working. If your goal is to teach, the masters makes sense. ......... not so much otherwise. Realistically though, you really haven't given enough details for folks to offer advice (which of course doesn't mean folks won't offer it!). ..........in other words, what exactly do you want to wind up doing in order that you're happy with your chosen occupation?
  2. Quite a few posters in this thread that imply Amy's destiny was theirs to portend. Perhaps she really didn't want any of you to even know her name? Perhaps she was happy just loving her parents, and having them love her back? She was an addict, she had a disease, and she died from her disease. A very shy, very funny, and very talented women that certainly will be missed by those who loved her. Judging people is so yesterday.
  3. You can apply for a "Sister Local Status" transfer into Local 891, which will put you ahead of many hundreds (probably thousands) of Permitees. http://iatse.com/public/applications/SNDAPP.pdf There's a second film Union in Vancouver, the ACFC. It's got somewhat of a lock on the low budget stuff. Guys aren't supposed to work ACFC gigs if they're IA.....but the reality is that a great many do (gotta eat). http://www.acfcwest.com/pdf/ACFC%20West%20Brochure%202003.pdf Vancouver was at one time able to field around 20+ full motion picture crews at once (as in all in one day). Those were some pretty flush times up here, but they're somewhat in the past now. Still lots of work, but much of it is dependent on the Canadian vs U.S. dollar, and what other perks are being offered in various provinces and states in terms of tax breaks, etc. Your best shot is to work both IA and ACFC gigs, and hope that in the few (or more) years it takes to get to full membership, and get some steady IA work, you can make a somewhat steady work week. Vancouver is a city unlike any other in North America. You can die of exposure or get attacked by a bear by walking 5 minutes from some of the most expensive homes in North America. But then you can also sail in the morning, and snow ski that afternoon throughout much of the winter (and still be home for dinner) you can see the ski hill from the deck of your boat, and see the sailboats while sking down "The Cut"........with the snow staying up on the mountains most of the winter, and out of the city (not much snow to speak of in Vancouver City proper). I.A #891 is one of the largest, best funded, and strong I.A. film locals anywhere in North America. A million bucks cash reserve in the bank, and a large, full time crew of Stewards and administrative support...........once you're in, it's a good place to be........the Local, and the City.
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