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    Sound mixer based in prague and Tokyo. Recent film school graduate.

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  1. Hi, i have this shoot coming up that is going to be run n gun documentary style shoot. How would you do your job as a sound guy? would you be tethered to camera all the time(which is not really an option, it is too clumsy). Or maybe sending the sound from Mixer to Camera with wireless kit like G3? Or mount a decent shotgun microphone on the camera? None of them seems like a perfect solution.
  2. Yosuke

    VR audio

    thank you again I hope they'll come out with windows version soon. So the Encoder basically is for mixing Ambisonic 360 audio. And workstation does more? Like adding single point sound in 360 space? I think i will try Reaper for now.
  3. Yosuke

    VR audio

    Thank you Dejan Thank you. Yes that software seems like a great place to start but they don't seem to have a version for windows? If that's true, do you know similar software?
  4. Yosuke

    VR audio

    Thank you for the links! Do you have a editing software you'd recommend for VR audio? I use windows.
  5. Yosuke

    VR audio

    Hi, I am a location sound guy for film. I am very interested in VR audio/recording/post-production and have been researching about it for a while now. I wanted to know what the best place to start. Any recommendation for where i can find more information about VR audio?? It is hard to find a good information source(like website dedicated to it or smt) for total noobs like me. Thank you
  6. Yosuke

    Show me your bag

  7. Hello!! my first comment on JWsound:) Im on a market for a bag for my 633. Im torn between sachtler, orca and stingray. Does stingray require angled xlr cables for proper fit? I don't want to buy new cables.