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    IATSE 891 sound guy from Vancouver. Fun times!
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  1. Thanks guys, Ya I might give it a try on my cart for sure. Worst case it will end up in my camping kit haha :))
  2. https://www.anker.com/deals/powerhouse2 Kind of like a fancier version of those hardware store power box's. How do you guys think it will do powering a 664, CL12 and a few 411s and an IFB transmitter?
  3. Hey everyone, Thank you all so very much for your comments. Sorry I'm late with this reply, things in Vancouver are so busy right now it's hard to keep track of things right now. I really appreciate the insight into these great machines. I am going to go with the 664 and get to work most likely by the end of the year I'll end up with a 688, that sl-6 combo is quite enticing, but for now the 664 wins out. Cheers!
  4. Hello friends, Ben here from Vancouver, finally joined this great group here's my first post. I have a friend who can sell me a 664 that's in great shape for a good price. I'm also going to grab a Cl-12 at the same time. My question is this: should I wait and purchase a 688 instead? I am aware of the technical differences of the 2 units but want to hear from people who use one (or both) in the field. What do you think? Is the 688 so much ( about 3k more for me) better or will the 664 do the job just fine? Thanks!
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