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  1. have the Dodgers lost? Figured I would share this here.
  2. We are all aware men are victimized in this industry too right? I was on some Noah Baumbach movie in NYC replacing now Union Local 52 Gillian Arthur and after refusing to work more,( partly because $75 a day in 2011 is bs and partly because my body was failing me from jerk nyu alumni I busted my ass in life to meet) Gillian was all not believing I was working injured or something and was all telling me how people on set were famous. IE Greta Gerwig who prior to the call in my final late hours working decided to angrily flash me her boobs when I went to mic her up. I told Gillian this, and she just laughed. But I told her immediately and it was added to a reason I was not caring to consider working through more pain... btw, rhomboid is still f'd up, now way I can do that one man sound man thing which from what I read about how the human body is built, wearing a harness with a sound bag is asking to ruin your life at some point... it's all about the fascia... and if that gets torn it never heals or something... idrk Anyways, look like a 6'5 mclovin but uglier... Girls are creeped out by my apperance, so I was not being shown boobs in a friendly manner and I may have even had to debate her my sophmore year and her senior year in a Varsity Debate meet... It that was her and her friend at Davis High was the girl who taught me debate, I know what Greta's intentions were and it would mean she never outgrew adolescence... This girl who taught us debate would bring thick candy canes to put guys on tilt... Especially if she knew a guy on a debate team was half closet gay... This would be my lady bird high school movie I suppose... Anyone ever do that? Make tie ins to fictional movies based on real life events? 7 biblical years later I'm watching Masterclass and Martin Scorsese is saying he used rage to get his early movies done... Honestly, #metoo seems like bs, only relevent in companies where people in power have stopped meeting earning "numbers" or something. Movie industry is a sad scene these days from my perspective. Lots of bs, lots of people living in certain regions, pretending to be about humanism.
  3. I'm trying to reply with a meme but I just get a red highlighted error when I put a link into the Insert Other Media bar... Who is Mirror? This person clearly sucks. This guy of New Zealand decent, Matt MacLauchlan, claimed that was true for New Zealanders, or maybe they were shipped off to Australia and then moved over to New Zealand. The dude would come over to my friends house and whip his balls out and now works in politics out in DC... him and his dad I guess felt my mothers pension was outrageous despite like, it being why my mother taught at UCD for 40 years... so, I have an unfair bias against new Zealanders, which he was, he loved the All Blacks, or whatever, the rugby team. One of the single worst people in my life growing up... a cancer to social groups
  4. You do understand that in Europe, that is not true... right? Also, yeah, people's work is forever. Like, I can go rent a movie in town and play it for people and then play other movies in comparison. One thing, someone looking to get a PhD in Film Studies could do right now is write a thesis about all the tv shows and movies getting put out where the main vehincle for catharsis is murder and then show similar growth statistics, such as autism increasing. Autism is increasing faster than natural evolution can happen so scientists see it as a product of something environmental, life equipment we all use that emits radio frequencies... I'm all ranting on autism because autism is a disability with a broad spectrum now thanks to Bush and his Presidential Committee on Mental Health and what they funded research in in 8 years while y'all were not paying any attention because who outside the mental health field pays attention to that... Yeah, I did that proof reading for a long time, it sucks and I barely care. NYU Screenplay professors got fired at some point for somehow being sued for stealing students work and there was some investigation that proved they were not working at the University for the interests of the students but for themselves and their wga buddies. I'm pretty sure you should use drugs. Steriods and that estrogen. Trolling is like the call sign of the autistic... Memes = Retarded, they retard conversations. What's it like knowing you are native to a country for being a criminal hundreds of years ago? I grew up with the son of the business head for UCD and they came from New Zealand and he would brag about how his ancestors were such criminals, they were sent to New Zealand. How does "myself" work as the something? They are myself? This got too Zen for me maybe. It's kinda whatever, I'm like an investor or something now... you'd think you'd want to maintain your NYU connections, like, pick out who might inheret shit first and then keep in touch. I'd seriously produce a indie movie now, I'm just bored. I'm putting money into like pharmaceutical companies or some shit... this stock market stuff is so dumb. Any DPZ millionaires in the forum? I feel like Gotham Sound might have some DPZ geniuses? We got a stock market thread in here? Spread the wealth of knowledge where it matters? ROKU and Twitter were strong calls back when they were 18 a share.
  5. Hey, just saw Deadpool 2 and got the old brain juices going. Probably because of the awesome production audio tracks, idk I was wondering what peoples opions, if any, were regarding production sound professors working in academic institutions as adjunct faculty members while maintaining union membership? My NYU Professor was Chat Gunter who was very upfront about his mental problems and suggesting he might be too overwhelmed with his personal life to be a professor, however in retrospect, it seems like maybe anyone with IATSE Union membership status shouldn't be teaching in a film school given they might not have any incentive to help early careers of promising future sound mixers, and actually may have incentives to give bad advice. For example, Chat Gunter in 2006-07 would tell students to work for 100/day, those are 12+ hour days, making it happen. I had to literally go to therapy twice a week to learn how to negotiate higher pay because future film producer take Chat Gunters sound class and hear him tell future mixers to accept 100/day rates... I had an argument with a director at the School the member The Senator taught at out in LA somewhere, I left the production because 1 the director was insane and kept threatening me about him knowing "The Senator" plus I was called to work on a 695 job so f that Senator Connect but the director thought I should be greatful for the 125/day rate I had adeptly negotiated for myself or something... and $75 a day in 2009 was normal, down 25 due to the recession or something... Also, everyone who mixes in NYC who graduated NYU seems to think this guy Chat Gunter offers to give you set visits too is the worst and I have been straight up told not to visit that guy, that "it's a trap" and this guy is just looking to steal new techniques from the students or something. One kid was like, "yeah, he had a spine injury and made me wear his Cantar X the whole day, it was stupid", this was back in 2011 but at this point, if I asked a person to put a Cantar X on their chest, I'd be assuming I'm telling them to do something that will lead to an injury. Anyways, maybe the Senator wants to chime in? That guy still alive and on these forums? Maybe some old Chat Gunter students want to clarify my confusion or change my opinion. My mother taught University and helped a lot of people on their paths to PhDs so my film school experience just seems like I was scammed a la Trump University style. For real, Cal Arts got busted, why not the rest? The cool thing, I guess, is I am no longer opposed to joining like the CIA now given the extent of the pain I experience. I'm confident I can withstand torture due to serious pain I had to get used to, pain that had I owned a gun, no question I'd have blown my brains out to stop it, I'm sure some people here know the pain I'm referring to, that pain that is what a 9 out of 10 has to be, you can kinda imagine the pain being worse but it never goes away, you're awake for 30 hours before your brain passes out but 6 hours later the pain wakes you up, you're exhausted from being sleep deprived but the pain won't leave, and now adrenaline is filling your body to cope with the pain and keeping you from falling asleep. Pretty sure that is some gitmo level torture. Oh yeah, and while all this is happening, you are being ghosted by your NYU alumni... because they are retarded or something and have disabilities related to autism...
  6. Man, you have DPs working today who get to shoot Star Wars Episode VIII and who think cameras or film stock, have nothing to do with a movies look now... and that movie even appears to begin with awful ADR (how bad adr ends up in any movie is beyond me, guess they didn't hire Mark DeSimone...;) I bet the Star Wars producers just look to their accounting books for Episode VIII and just laugh at the idea shooting mostly on an Alexa and opening movies with bad ADR might be a mistake. I used to go on tech scouts, and then the producers turn it into this weird semantics game (my nyu alumni began even referring it to a game, a game they felt they were on the correct side on because, you know, audio is subconscience so quality is a moot issue when compared to everything else that needs to happen) but also where you are at an advantage depending on your success arguing in favor of your own alcoholism or something, I noticed long time alcoholics were the best. One guy had been a confirmed drug addict/alcoholic since 4th grade and ad agencies thought that guy was like the second coming because of how awesome he was... he lasts about 2 years within 5 year contracts, as like a pattern from what I know so could be I just had the worst clients.
  7. I may need a so cal lawyer. I think Noah Baumbachs company may be California based... Or man, I have no idea how the law works across states. I know delaware is popular place to register as an LLC because then people don't want to have to fly and book hotels there to sue you. Some ad agency producers do that, or so I was told. My LLC is still registered in Brooklyn. Yeah, not deleting anything. Context in courts and lawyers matter. Internet is new. When I'm dead none of this is going to matter, the miracle of my existence, just as it is a miracle anyone on this forum is alive, will be over. I also don't think a lawyer representing me in a law suit over proper credit for an internationally released movie should care given it would not be relevant in that case. If someone attempted to bring it up, a lawyer would object siting relevence. I went to law camp 2 weeks before going to Film School Camp at NYU. Supposedly I was accepted out of the 90% who get rejections... I'll ask again given the ideas of brotherhood unions claim to be about, does anyone have a lawyer contact? This is the internet and this is a forum, and I have a lot of knowledge I'm happy to give out on YouTube to non union sound mixer at somepoint in my life. Peoples opinions do sometimes become exagerrated when they are furious, I know the spine surgeon in NYC IATSE 52 sends their boom ops too, he told me it would cost about 100,000 dollars in total if I wanted to fix my spine after reviewing my MRi's in 2011; he also says those boom operators have to have PT and operations regularly after... I just want official credit for the work I did that is immortalized in a movie who's "author" was nominated for Academy Awards this past go around. But yeah, sure haters going to hate forever, I really do not care if someone wants to try and make some character assasination attempt using my internet posts as their evidence. Someone with autism may believe you can judge a human from internet posts or their art but regular humans usually need the context of spending time with people and going about judging people how it was done for 1000s of years, taking time to spend time with people to get to know them.
  8. Yeah, not deleting anything. Context in courts and lawyers matter. Internet is new. When I'm dead none of this is going to matter, the miracle of my existence, just as it is a miracle anyone on this forum is alive, will be over. I also don't think a lawyer representing me in a law suit over proper credit for an internationally released movie should care given it would not be relevant in that case. If someone attempted to bring it up, a lawyer would object siting relevence. I went to law camp 2 weeks before going to Film School Camp at NYU. Supposedly I was accepted out of the 90% who get rejections... I'll ask again given the ideas of brotherhood unions claim to be about, does anyone have a lawyer contact? This is the internet and this is a forum, and I have a lot of knowledge I'm happy to give out on YouTube to non union sound mixer at somepoint in my life. Peoples opinions do sometimes become exagerrated when they are furious, I know the spine surgeon in NYC IATSE 52 sends their boom ops too, he told me it would cost about 100,000 dollars in total if I wanted to fix my spine after reviewing my MRi's in 2011; he also says those boom operators have to have PT and operations regularly after... I just want official credit for the work I did that is immortalized in a movie who's "author" was nominated for Academy Awards this past go around. But yeah, sure haters going to hate forever, I really do not care if someone wants to try and make some character assasination attempt using my internet posts as their evidence. Someone with autism may believe you can judge a human from internet posts or their art but regular humans usually need the context of spending time with people and going about judging people how it was done for 1000s of years, taking time to spend time with people to get to know them.
  9. Hey, so, back... not going to review my posts, I took a medication (that gave me insane nightmares and I became functionally psychotic while on these dumb meds...) to care for my mother better after her normally life ending strokes at Good Samaritan Hospital and she just died recently of diverticulitis due to Yolo County being a fraud county, as evidenced in that whole Dixon Film Studio project a few years back, (if I talk about that in a bar with old people, they get furious because I guess some people in Davis bought into it and then it fell under after Dixon took money to begin building the studio... anyways, off topic) It seems I need a lawyer as I worked on Frances HA and it is on Criterion now and when I worked on it, Noah Baumbach said he wasn't sure if he was making a movie, Greta Gerwig had a script but he didn't think it worked so we were just shooting scenes, impromptu a bit, it was a cool style going on and I eventually got into recording scenes for it, despite me having mulitiple tears in my thoracic spine and lumbar spine from work given to me by Gotham Sound, (so never again doing that) but either way, the audio that even becomes a VO for the international trailer is audio I recorded. It's even kinda obvious when audio recordists change in that movie... anyways, this has to be a somewhat common legal issue Sound Mixers find themselves in. This was shot in NYC, and like, the idea was people worked for 75 flat, 12-14 hour days... like Lila Yacoub was boarder line screaming at me when I said I wouldn't work more days, which was partly me trying to raise the rate but when they called my bluff and offered to pay me whatever I wanted, I said no because I literally felt spent just getting to location via subway and it was so insane having to negotiate a taxi from prospect heights to my apartment in Ridgewood... it was like $25... anyways, Legal referral appreciated, thank you I recorded the bedroom scene that takes up VO space for like the first 20 seconds of the 2:33 international trailer, the audio is sounding the same to me now, but like... I don't think I have dementia yet... usually you have like a stroke and then dementia sets in well... I also got flashed by someone on this set, like an anger flash... because I wouldn't keep working with them... because I had an injury that 7 years later I have not recovered from despite 2 shoulder surgeries and a new mri being reviewed. Also I've been on full Medicaid since like 2016, eligible since 2014 and recipient of a bankruptcy where 16k of debt from like, needing to eat and doctor visits was paid for by the great tax payers of this country I guess... the girl who worked on this is IATSE now... and I'm like some ghost... I was told I'd have trouble joining IATSE due to me not being married or having a long term girlfriend... anyone know if that is true? I passed the IATSE test in 2009 but like, couldn't commit to nyc do to my mother's health and like, advice from terrible human beings from nyu's film school. If you are a jerk, please don't reply with your autistic comments, I will come back at you bro. Talking to someone who's mother died from what can easilty be argued as manslaughter, someone who also grew up without a father and just inherited 40 years of human development research and has to check an email account to inform researchers that the professor who's approval to use some proprietary stats stuff from died... and I have no clue how to give permission for any of her intellectual property, because like, California loves fraud and hating out the intelligent people... from what I've experienced anyways. Seeing if anyone believes in like, reality and like decency willing to help me navigate this credit robbery that I feel victim to. I only know how to work in Film and TV, I am going to talk shit about this experience until it is rectified. That Frances Ha job was the one job I was not using my recorder, Noah and Greta and maybe Gillian Arthur have the proof I did the audio in this scene and I no longer trust Gillian and likely won't ever attempt to join IATSE 52 due to how this situation played out. Gillian is not even credited in the liner notes for the Criterion release so she may just be a victim trying not to make waves and just wanted the credit to get into the Union? I don't know, local 52 is such a shitty union, they don't care who passes their test nor care enough to try to get them to stop working non-union when they move back. I was making like 750-1200 a day non-union in NYC in 2010-2012.
  10. I bet on NBA games from 2010-2011 on the assumption it was rigged and made 3000K. Started with $70. I wouldn't do that anymore, although if Kobe is back at 100%, my gears might start turning… but that helped me round out some edges in my kit at that time. (I'm just back here to say I can be available/healthy enough for a-2 work in the sacramento region and over to South/North Tahoe)
  11. I was on pay roll for a 695 job. The issue becomes how does one distinguish between your normal soreness and something more severe, especially when some people have higher pain thresholds than others. I do, however, see the incentive for people to not give publicly helpful information on this forum on this subject though. The more guys getting injured and not being able to afford the medical care opens up employment opportunities for others... I have, though, had one hilariously terrible experiences with one the senator's students when I was working of craigslist in 2009 when trying to work closer to family, and this ridiculous student was referring to him as their "sound mentor", in a very menacing way when I quit his set to go work for a 695 production. Since then I can't/haven't take/n the Senator seriously at all; surprised he's allowed on this forum in the first place; or even at any institution that prides themselves in education. I know some institutions get into binds and then get stuck with what they get though...
  12. Social Security Disability is only for those who can not work and can not learn new skills; i.e. they have some mental disability on top of some muscular skeletal problem; thus I do not qualify. My question is how do people go about proving that they have had on the job injuries. i.e. what steps do they take managing their health records and what insurance providers do they have. I now have Kaiser in California who have a great system of preventative care along with walk-ins for OTJ injuries. The Senator is always the biggest mystery to me as how he is allowed to teach at a University... but maybe I'm being too harsh on him; what are the statute of limitations for my case, given your assurance to me that I need a pro...? {The senator is based in California, he should be able to offer his students step by step instructions on how to go about maintaining their bodies with production in the 21st century. I understand it's been awhile since he was active in 695? is this true? I also understand that 695 is pretty broken given they only have a voter turnout of about 30%, nothing short of a non-mandate that the producers, rightly disrespect) I believe, above all else, if you are skilled at mixing; being able to navigate the US Health Care system, is very important and since health care is generally different from State to State and even area to area. If I worked on a 695 job and felt like I was hurt after those jobs, like back 2009, can I still sue and who do I sue?
  13. It's been awhile since I've posted here, So, I've learned the hard way about how new our understanding of pain is(only 6 years old ) and I'd been working a lot of jobs, for years, which I should've applied for workers comp stuff for but didn't, anyways, boo hoo for me ; ), however I was wondering if anyone has been around the block with these types of things enough to be able to offer a guide, like a how to, as far as what types of workers comp different companies have and how to go about starting claims during or at the end of jobs. The whole, "the show must go on" attitude in this industry, which is generally based on legit necessity, requires us to often work through injuries and some of us have much greater pain thresholds than others and those injuries can get lost in the "system"... Anyways, figured maybe some people could pitch in on the pit falls of workers comp claims, how to determine if who ever is hiring you has these policies or if anybody knows of good policies they can get on their own? I'm hearing horror stories from independant contractors in the construction field out here in nor cal who've been charged absurd amounts for MRi's with multiple views and contrast, figures like 30-40k, and who are having to rethink their business models. Figuring there have to be similar stories in the sound field, but stories with happier endings than this one contractor with 40k in medical bills he just has to slowly pay. I, personally, know I have a ton of soft tissue tears in both my shoulders and I'm still working on strengthing my back after tearing four disks in my thoracic spine, no mri's for my lumbar though, and no herniated disks in my neck however I had only 20% left to right mobility in my neck which needed contrast for an mri to be helpful. I have regained the movement in my neck with physical therapy but I'm still a bit away from repairing my shoulders, of course the easy out for doctors these days is to diagnose you and(/or your complaints) with myofascial pain syndrome, which you don't ever really recover from and can only get worse, i.e. more difficult to recover from; since having to quit sound for an undetermined amount of time I've begun a caregiving business to be able to help out some family emergency stuff, so I'm not helping my body out in that way; but there are things like inservant endorsements in homeowners policy's that can probably help me out with workers comp in the future if I get debilitated like I was back on some jobs in 2011, July - August, all freelance stuff, but applying for workers comp isn't something they teach you in school, a little bit like how they don't teach you that the Alamo doesn't have a basement...
  14. I'd say having to use your ears would be one correlation that mixing in protools and location mixing would have. And those guys who mix iso's from mixers that don't give mix tracks, those protools mixers are doing the job of a location sound mixer, just in the comfort of a studio no? But yeah, this CHEAP business is the worst. Rent is too damn high in New York City and health care premiums are at an all time high for very little coverage. God forbid you tear a disc in your back, or four of them like myself... just about one of the worst things a soundy can go through when you're living in a multi story walk up and you are relying on public transportation to get you everywhere, so happy I wasn't working CHEAP last year. Don't undersell your education, you (or your parents or your grand parents) paid for that...
  15. Yeah, this Form 601 is fairly short but does seem to use some "social engineering" to make details hard to understand and thus complete. A simple sample app, we could all reference, would probably help getting more people to attempt to get a license. {There is an old 695 video I found that has a guy being pretty intense about sound mixers needing to pay heed to the FCC and their interest in giving out fines, otherwise I'd be in the camp who thinks purchasing a license to be a waste of money}
  16. This is my favorite old timey article about telephone privacy, written in 1877. http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?res=9B0CE1DB103FE63BBC4B52DFB667838C669FDE
  17. Those 2 mission failed votes make me think there are 2 noob producers with JW accounts on this forum ; ) Anyways, I had a teacher who does a lot of ADR for big budget features who was only teaching because he was in-between mix studios. He played us raw dailies from some big budget features that he was doing ADR night sessions for, these sessions were for single scenes just because it happened to be very windy on one of the exterior days. In the end product, all the audio mixed together seamlessly. As for "Wild Lines" a lot of the indie stuff I worked on, since it's HD and not film, they sort of embrace the ability to figure out the movie while on set and I'm always confused as to how they know which performance to re-enact since most of the takes seem to be all different; trying out new character motivations or sense memory and stuff during different takes. The wild line takes always feels like a hail marry option that could have been prevented by just including sound in the pre-production process to plan for certain wardrobe situations or elaborate one shot mis-en-scene stuff with no punch in coverage. I can see on a heavily rehearsed indie movie how this could work but Indie people, these days, just seem to expect mixers to be able to "wing it". (I'm not talking about the studio produced "indie movies" here either, more like the micro-budget movies going to or striving to be included in the Criterion collection...) But if you're good at "winging it", I strongly believe you should have a lot of job opportunities coming up with the new Canon camera coming out. That camera should make winging it much easier for filmmakers than the HVX, RED or 5D that have already changed "the game".
  18. Wasn't really talking run and gun, eng quality field work there. But, A-2s in the studios seemed happy/relaxed enough to stay.
  19. I figured I should follow up here since starting this thread. I finally found a doctor who had no issue requesting an MRi from my insurance since my symptoms were in line with the area of my back that I felt I needed an MRi for, which my insurance approved quickly. The MRi found four herniated discs in my back, T3-T9 with some slight compression stuff happening. It's all sort of wild to me but a lot of my shoulder blade complaints seems to stem from this. Really seems that a job I did in NYC during the early summer of July where I averaged a 13 hour day for 4 straight days did this to me but I'm crazy and I love the boom, so I'll throw a boom out during 30 min + man on the street interviews. (The crew was from Atlanta, they kept telling me I should move there... and from another thread on this forum it seems they need boom ops; I'm pretty gimpy right now though) And my days of doing the booming with a 442/744t combo might be over... Although, I did do some weird job a few weeks ago where I boomed a reality pilot for some reason, those four herniated discs would have still been there. Boom always sounds better than a lav to me so it keeps seeming like a good idea at the time, but my people skills go out the window after a day of that... day four I may have told the line producer I'm not that kind of mixer when they decided we were going to be walking around the city. I'm going to just chalk that up to not being used to working with herniated discs... The recommendation of advil earlier however, really helped the crazy inflammation I was experiencing. I took about a week of that to get my body to feeling normal, however, Herniated discs in the T-Spine just keep causing inflamation so Advil in the evenings after some walking exercise helps. T-Spine herniated discs aren't going to be something your average physical therapist will have seen; they see mostly lumbar stuff and in NYC, PT people will try to see you as often as possible and play dumb without an MRi, the second doctor I went to kept saying we COULD do an MRi but really we'll probably just see you have a heniated disc, somewhere. I finally pushed him for an MRi and he came back at me suggesting I didn't know what I was talking about and that he wouldn't really know where to take the MRi. I'm young, so I have to do pack mule audio since those are the jobs out there for me but I think Thoracic Herniated Disc injuries are just going to happen. Glad I have Freelancers insurance for this situation, it's been pretty crazy trying to figure out what's going on. But doctors, unlike us with our various diagnostic tools, aren't required to use the diagnostic tools available to really see what's going on. It's a strange field where, a best guess, based on input from a non professional; the patient, is totally acceptable. But I believe NY State natives have it easier being on their parents insurance plans till they're 29? FIC PPO3 went up 6% again this year too and I know there are native guys working, not on CL, for absurdly low rates. I guess they're waiting till they turn 29 before worrying about paying for health care? Anyways, there's a rant about that... I'm definitely going to be changing how I do things though, a 442 with a Pegz2 and PSC 10-pin breakaway cable may be going up for sale soon. I seriously love the 442 though, but a 302 may have saved my back. (EDIT: I want to highlight MY BACK since I'm going to possibly be selling this stuff and I don't want people in any way to think everyone will have back issues if they use a 442 in combo with a 702T or 744T(I personally could not get behind the 552 really); it's seeming, for me that back strength issues have stemmed from previous, severe, knee injuries that I had at the age of 9 along with running to school with a back back on every day for a few years{my elementary school was pretty close to where I lived}, plus growing too fast (6'4" at age 14, those california school desks aren't meant for the fast growing) that has probably made my back not the best for pack mule stuff, any UCSB men's basketball fans might know of coach Bob Williams, he had lunch with me a couple times since when I was at his camp, I think people thought it was crazy that I actually kept coming back to his UC Davis basketball camp despite clearly having growing issues. Bob Williams is a good guy, wouldn't be surprised he remembers me, if you're ever doing a job with him, hopefully he gets a D1 championship one day. {TMI(?)}) I also am just realizing I had seen Ethan work, I just went back and looked at the will.i.am Day in the Life since I remember watching that and seeing the audio guy in some shots, Kortwich looks like a good idea, I might have to look into them now. Hopefully I can talk to some economy friends over "winter break" to get an idea on what to expect with exchange rates. Core exercises are a big part of dealing with thoracic herniated discs too... (As for credits of stuff and who I am, since I am young and lurk on here most of the time: I do pack mule audio and I have NDA's with some ad agencies. I also did the entire Fox News and Fox Business News campaign live in their studios and news rooms; all boom, rarely any lavs, really only used a lav for Mr. Beck. The campaign was something like Two Networks, Twice the Power, I took $600/day and found the Steady Cam guy with one year experience was getting $2000/day, since then I've been pretty paranoid about listening to producers when they say they only have $600 including kit; I don't have cable tv so I've not watched these ads that much, maybe you've seen or heard them {as for that bum rate I believe that had nothing to do with Fox News and that it had to do with the line producer for that job, as well as me not valuing myself and probing the producer for more information about the job, line producer just said we need some audio not really a big deal and "we have 550 for you" I ended up pushing that to $600 but that was it since he claimed, "there's not a lot of money on this project"} ...the job from the atlanta guys which may have broke me a bit, they were paying me 500/day with OT based on 10, along with a $250/day kit fee) {EDIT 2: I am naive and was not aware of some 52 vs 695 rivalry. I guess there is an LA vs NY rivalry too. I have no plans to move to California, NY is where I want to be, I am non-union}
  20. Ha, I wish that was my cat. Finally found a more recent photo of me working but it keeps failing to upload. Giving up for now.
  21. I do know people who've had the calcium deposits in their knees. However, It did take years for it to be diagnosed correctly. Doctors really wanted a knee replacement surgery though so it took a bit to find the doctor who would recommend something that wouldn't result in a repeat "sale". However I'm pretty confident that is not my problem at this point. I still can't believe people ever did eng stuff with Nagra's. Are you running around with a Cantar these days?
  22. I'm all about giving the doctors a chance. I went here http://www.backandbodyny.com/testimonials.html I will practice the left handed booming though. I was born a lefty and playing basketball left handed came pretty easy to me...
  23. This happened to me too. What made it crazier was the new monitors they brought with the RED that have fans built in as well. They don't seem to turn off while you are rolling. And then producers look at you like you should be accustomed to this situation...
  24. Yeah, I've been refusing to take any pain meds. And the pain was too much to do any exercise so I think the problems began compounding. Massage seemed to not help, heat was making things worse. This crazy electricity thing seemed to bring some relief, but then I began thinking about that drunk history where Crispin Glover goes around electrocuting animals to show why alternating current is bad. Felt pretty crazy though. Put simply, the answer is just to be a beast and power through the pain right.
  25. Anybody getting injured? I've been in chronic pain for awhile now in my right shoulder and back. A Physical Therapist friend finally helped diagnose some shoulder blade discomfort to an issue with my neck and a Chiropracter has helped out with that a bit but the shoulder problem is lingering(I got ice on it now, as per the physical therapists instructions but I'm pretty sure I've been working with "injuries" for a long time now and it's been affecting my performance "at work". ...anyone else out there working injured? I found a good clay based ice pack at cvs for 14.99 but other than that, not sure what I should really be doing. I have freelancers insurance out here in NYC, bluecard PPO I believe. I could use any referrals anyone's got for doctors familiar with "sound" related injuries. My track record with cold calling places is pretty bad, a lot of these places I find seem to want to bleed the money out of you slowly before finding out what is really going on with you. They don't seem to take any notes either and they don't remember what went on when they worked with me (I can't say i take sound notes but I do remember roughly where issues were or what takes may need some work with post...) PM me anything you got referral wise, Thanks
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