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  1. Thanks Larry, and good idea re: the ALP-500, as I still have a couple of those kicking around in storage. I guess I'll stick with my SNA600 for now, and the next time my boom op encounters range issues I'll try switching to the ALP500 and see if it improves the issue.
  2. I recently moved the IFB feed for my crew down to the 470MHz range (using a Sennheiser SR300 transmitter in the A1 block) in order to keep the frequency a bit further from the rest of my wireless. I've always used a Lectro SNA600 dipole as my transmitting antenna, but technically the center frequency of that antenna is only tuneable down to 550MHz. I know that's probably "close enough" to effectively be fine, but I'm curious if there would be a better antenna for a 470MHz signal. Directional might be nice too, so I can point it at set and give my boom op a bit more range that way too. What are
  3. This looks interesting, you could keep one on your sound cart feeding into your mixer for private comms, and when you need to walk away from your cart you could just take this with you and maintain communication with your crew.... something I've been thinking about implementing for a while but hadn't seen an elegant solution for yet. I think I'll back this project and give it a try. And if we don't end up using it on set, at least I can bring it on ski trips!
  4. That is strange, any time I’ve tried to do this (use the center holes) the holes never line up well enough to work, as they are only 1.15” apart rather than 1.25”. Is there more wiggle room in the Dashboard’s rack ears, or is there a technique to making gear fit like this?
  5. Interesting, thank you for sharing!
  6. I've spent the past few weeks testing out basically this exact setup. I reached out to the various NDI players with my idea, and the Kiloview distributor here in Canada agreed to send me their NDI.HX E1 encoder and D300 decoder to test out. Happy to report that it integrated seamlessly into my Dante network. My current setup is: - 16 channels of Dante running both ways between my Scorpio on my sound cart and my mobile RF rack (via Ferrofish Pulse 16DX) - Up to 4 channels of video being sent from a Decimator MD-QUAD which I'll put on the video assist cart down a single SDI
  7. I'd like to tighten up my frequency coordination by adding some passive RF filters to my wireless, but neither Lectro nor RF Venue offer the specific filters I need. All of my receivers are in Lectro blocks 20-22 so ideally I would have a 75MHz filter between 513 and 588 (or a 100MHz filter from 500-600MHz). Has anyone found a source for ordering custom filters like this? I see the Wisycom BFA would do what I'm asking, but it's expensive, needs power, and also provides amplification which I don't need since I already have active PSC antennas. I could always sell my PSC antennas and just b
  8. I've been trying this exact setup with the Silex USB server, but in my brief tests I couldn't get the device to show up in my Mac Mini. Unfortunately the Silex device software does not support Catalina yet. Well, to be more precise, there are two software applications you need to set it up. One is the "SX Virtual Link" software which runs in the background and allows your Mac to "see" the virtual USB devices (in this case, the Silex Server and the Venue Systems) as if they are plugged directly into the computer's USB ports. Silex does have a beta version of SX Virtual Link that has limited Cat
  9. Yeah I hate the fact that the monitor will cost more than the computer, but at least I’ll be selling my current rack mount monitors so I’ll recoup some of the cost. That’s also why I want it to do double-duty.
  10. I'm in the middle of redesigning my cart around a Mac Mini as well. My current plan is to replace my 7" dual monitors with one of these 1RU pullout 17" monitors: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1302336-REG/lilliput_rm_1730_s_17_3_full_hd_pull_out.html I plan on using the HDMI input with the Mac Mini and using the SDI input for video (using a Decimator on the source end to combine video streams to a single SDI), and just switching back and forth with the front buttons as needed. Then in addition to that, I already use an iPad on my cart for Scriptation,
  11. Rob Beal

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    Brilliant. Looks like a great option.
  12. Rob Beal

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    Good point, I already have an old Decimator Quad box kicking around, so i could easily stick that at video village. A bigger challenge with that would be fitting a larger monitor in my current cart setup (right now I use a triple 5" monitor device that takes up 2 rack spaces). But that might be an easier fix since I'm already pulling wireless racks out of my cart to remote onto set, so cart space will be freed up. Good thing we still have plenty of hiatus time to figure out how to retool our carts!
  13. Rob Beal

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    Very promising!
  14. Rob Beal

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    Interesting, I haven't seen this technology used on sets before. So if you already have your RF receivers in a box on set, I wonder if you could just add a couple SDI to NDI video converters to the rack, plug them into your network switch and send the video signal down the same CAT5 cable as your Dante, and convert back to SDI at your cart end. Looks like a whole new avenue to start researching.
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