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    Neatly coiled cables, corduroy, writing the letters dB very carefully.
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    Production Sound Mixer of film, commercials, docos and just about everything else including Sound Supervising some intense docuality shows with 98 cameras, 95 plant mics and 30 radios, all good fun though.
    I've filmed in 34 countries so far and counting. Join the Sound dept and see the world, apparently.
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  1. Fair enough Al, I've been a tad imprecise. But Broadway is enough to cover the shortfall I trust. Al Hirschfeld Theatre. I've updated the topic title now.
  2. It's for a New York job, a Broadway show. That's why I'm posting here. If it was a London job I'd be doing it!
  3. Indeed Matt, bravo. I've definately held off on purchases in the past because of the apparent price hike in the UK. Your ardour in this matter is greatly appreciated. I've long been a big SD fan and think they roll out the most solidly complete gear and want to buy much more!
  4. Hello all, A British company I have worked with for years who film theatre shows and musicals for online promotion need a NYC local Recordist on Sunday the 22nd and Tuesday 24th November on Broadway. The Sunday will be about three hours 'work' as it will be just taking a feed from the desk to get the LR music feed from a live show. The Tuesday will be four scenes from the show, theatre crew doing the micing and FOH desk work. No orchestra that day so playback of the Sunday recording and recording the desk feed of performance dialogue and singing whilst it's filmed, probably a couple of runs on each scene. Supply a nice stereo mix of the two together for immediate use and Bob's your uncle. No audience atmos etc required, just the desk feeds, jam the cameras and enjoy nice sit down job in the stalls whilst the Camera dept do all the work. So who's game?
  5. Thank you guys, very kind, I appreciate the thoughts. I know it's a bit off the track for the film hub but a keen student will probably be ok for this shoot, nice slow paced thriller that it is but not a theatrical sound person, I'm not sure they'd know what hit them. I believe there are some tax incentives in play which is why we're shooting in N.C so I guess any gear will have to come from within (as indeed most of the rest of the crew are).
  6. Hi all, I'm prepping for a film in Asheville and need to get local frequency compliant radio mics with racked RX, some program monitoring TX/RX too. What are the nearest reputable companies I could be looking at? Everything nearby seems to be video A/V so any pointers will be gratefully received. I'll also be needing an assistant/trainee. Where is the best source for that? Please forgive me but I'm new to using this rather wonderful site and haven't learnt my way round it yet. Warm regards, Julian
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