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  1. Directivity Omni directional Transducer Self-polarized condenser Frequency range 50Hz – 20kHz Sensitivity (nominal at 1kHz) 17.8mV/Pa (-35dB,0dB=1V/Pa) Equivalent noise level (A-weighted) 28dB-A Max SPL (1% THD) 127dB SPL. Output impedance at 1KHz 180 ohms Powering +48±4V phantom Current consumption less than 2.2mm Where do I find this Correspondance specification capsule. I need to buy some
  2. Thanks a lot Fidelo Sound Co for your help I'll work on it
  3. Hello I have been using Tentacle Timecode for a while I jst want to know is anyone has jammed Time code with Sony A7Rlll how it works.Your feedback appreciate how do.i sync my mixer Timecode to Sony A7Rlll
  4. Yesterday I was Using Roland R-88 Mixer and Recorder on a low Budget Web series Suddenly after switching on The Mixer on A Main display it is Showing UPDATING COMPONENT How do i remove that Signage what should i do is it a software issue or hardware issue Can someone Help me out of this situation.
  5. Thanks a lot Jay Rose I really appreciate Your Feedback and ill Go through Your Way
  6. Hello Guys This is KISHOR CHAUHAN An India based Location Sound Mixer has if Now i Had Did Many Documentaries,Short Films,Ad film,Corporate and much more As a Location Sound Mixer. And now i want to be a Part of Post Production and I dont have more Ideas abut Post Production i am beginner in post i jst need a help which Software is More Understanable,Much Easier For Beginner To do Audio Post Production.My Mac already has Pro tools i need to buy plug-in for it i.e Audio cleaning,Hum removal and other.so which is the best.
  7. SOUND TRACKK BROADCAST AUDIO EQUIPMENT & CREW in film & Television We Provide below following Audio equipment on hire basis SOUND DEVICE 552 field mixer and recorder ZOOM H4N Portable Recorder ZOOM F8 multi-track recorder 8 channel SENNHEISER G3 cordless Mike SENNHEISER G2 cordless Mike SENNHEISER G3 cordless hand Mike All above setup is portable PA setup If needed plz what's app or cont. KISHOR R CHAUHAN ( sound recordist ) 8898030619 Thank you. ITS AVAILABLE IN INDIA, MUMBAI
  8. Here's My Zoom F8 extended knobs looks like freely to work and quite different
  9. My Dad who is an Sound engineer in India he had a experienced of 21 yrs in Indian film industry In India many of sound mixer are tired of carrying a heavy bag of 664 and doesn't satisfy from different bags and thenafter he decided to make a sound bag he had been taking feedback of different bags from many of sound mixer working in India after that His idea creates this fantastic bag of 664,552,788 and many other And Many of here in India sound mixer had liked and given a excellent feedback about a bag what he had made and also they had buyed after a 2-4 yrs of feedback from sound mixer this what's he creates from his own idea and also given gaurantee of chain All The bags are washable and can use many years
  10. Here's what my SENNHEISER G3 microphone case look like
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