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  1. Hello All, When doing a podcast recording in Adobe Audition CC, the volume and fidelity sounds different thru the headphones but the export sounds good. The set up is two condenser mics going thru a preamp, a compressor, to Audition, Headphones amp output. When talking and listening thru the headphones both mics sound good, but when the recording stops and do the playback one mic sounds good, and the other sound distant/faint. One mic is assign as a left channel and the other as a right channel merged into a stereo file in Audition. The mic with the faint/distant sound is the right channel one. But the export sounds good, no distant/faint. I already checked all the hardware and it's all in good condition, the settings has not been messed with since initial setup ( there's been multiple podcast recording before with no issues ). Never experienced such situation and wonder what the problem could be. Thanks in advance for the responses.
  2. Thank you for the input, very clear.
  3. For recording I would like to know for every type such as dialogue, foley, music, etc For purpose for online, tv, computer.
  4. Hello All, I would like to know if recording at 96khz and exporting to 48khz resulting in a better sounding file. Is it like in video that 4k exported to 1080p looks better than 1080p natively. Thank you in advance.
  5. Interesting about the matrix encoding. For the Pro-Logic to work, the TV needs to be able to decode it for it to work?
  6. Thanks for the information everyone. I'll put into consideration everything said
  7. I assume yes if the source I'm playing has 5.1 mix, also I can not set up the surround speakers due to space.
  8. Hello All, Question about 5.1 surround sound. I would like to know if I were to purchase a 5.1 system and only used a 3.1 system ( Left, Center, Right, Sub ) would the downmix sound bad? or would it work at all? and anything else I should know before attempting this. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello, I would like to know what are OMNI input/output and how they differ from the mic inputs. Thanks
  10. Hi, I would like to know what Sub Out and RTN are used for and what cables are used for them. Thank you.
  11. Hi All, I would like to know what equipment are essential for a boom operator to have on set. Thank you.
  12. Hello, I am a newbie in audio and would like to get on set experience on audio department. I would like to start as an audio PA and work my way up to boom and to mixer. Based in NYC. Thank you.
  13. Hi All, Post Production Audio Question: I have come across some post audio workflows and the topics of submix, buses and loudness normalization. It's a side of post audio I have not seen and it does provide cleaner and fuller audio, but I do have some questions about this workflow: To do the EQ, noise reduction, desses, etc.. for each audio clip is better to do a submix bus for each audio clip and do the EQ and other stuff OR do a submix bus for that one track and do the EQ and other stuff? and after the submix bus then do the loudness normalization? Any answers and suggestions are welcome. Thank you.
  14. Hello All, I would like to know if it's possible to get cleaner audio from a lav receiver to a Zoom H4N/H6? Is it possible to plug a 1/4 plug from the lav to the Zoom instead of the XLR to get better audio? Thank you.
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