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  1. I recently updated the firmware on my RF Explorer and since doing that whatever PC I connect it to won't recognize it. I have reached out to RF Explorer for support, but not making much headway there. Wanted to see if anyone else has run into this issue and if/how you were able to fix it.
  2. There is actually studies being done on a "refillable" battery. Just have the old fluid removed and pump in new fluid. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/new-refillable-batteries-could-fuel-electric-car-revolution-ncna974556
  3. The camera tech is already here, just not automated yet to my knowledge....
  4. Looking for some advice/input…… I just started working in a space where we webcast meetings. On occasion the meeting will have a remote talent via either phone or video conference call. Some concerns that have been brought to my attention is the chances of what some are calling “echo”. What they are referring to is the local mics picking up the audio of the remote talent via the room speakers and that caller would hear themselves back that way. The reason some are concerned about this is because they are more accustomed to essentially what could be called plug and play events where a DSP with automatic echo cancellation handles audio for a normal meeting that isn’t being webcasted. My initial thoughts are that unless local talent is interacting with the remote talent the local mics would be down so there should be no need to worry about the remote hearing themselves in the room. Otherwise is it would be just riding the local mics and audio from the remote to prevent the “echo”. I know that there is also equipment like the Cedar DNS out there, but not sure if something like that could be used in a situation like this. I just wanted to get opinions to see if anyone here has faced similar a similar situation and what your process was dealing with it.
  5. So I had a JL-2Plus unplugged for a week and just plugged it in this morning and the power light is blinking amber rather than staying solid and when I place a battery into the charger the charging lights do not react. Anyone ever experience this?
  6. Thanks Nathan. This was one of the sources I had found when I was digging around, but sadly after reading it over several times I don't understand what is being said, and therefore can't tell if the patent dispute has ended or if it is ongoing.
  7. There been any updates in regards to the patent dispute? I have looked, but can't seem to find a definitive answer and just can't understand the law speak of the materials that I have found. Thought I would ask because of how Sound Devices has now acquired Audio LTD.
  8. Little more of how the RF for the Axient system works. Shure has a bunch of other videos on their youtube page as well that goes over the individual features of their Axient system.
  9. Depending on the length of the cable I prefer to use a reel. A few months ago I actually purchased a few reels from Lowes for some cables that are 80ft plus in length. I actually modified them slightly by using a hole saw to drill a hole to put one of the cable ends through so that I wouldn't have to take the cable completely off the reel to use it.
  10. If you want to keep a personal eye on it I've actually been following the auction the best I can on the FCC Public Reporting System. I also just found an article that says that the "assigning phase" won't start until March 6th and is planned to go until March 30th.
  11. That is what I have heard/been told as well.
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