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  1. How resistant to rain would this be? Would it be capable of handling a reasonable shower? Also, is the low cut filter built in to every model or just the one for the mini cmit?
  2. Have you tested this against the 1st generation? I have the 1st gen large cyclone and I find it unusable in moderate winds as the wind whistles though the joins in the basket. And recently while filming on a super windy beach with the fur cover on I was hearing wind noise through it too even though my Sanken CS3e had a foamie on it inside the basket. The fur itself has been brushed so it should be at its most effect but it seems to have gone downhill pretty quickly overall since I bought it. Very disappointing considering as the 2nd gen is now a lot cheaper new than the 1st gen was. Considering whether I should trade in the baskets or just switch to cinela.
  3. Anyone else played around more with one of these? I’m looking to get a distributor some stage soon but can’t decide this and the audio wireless DAD226. Pros/cons between the two? I like the smaller profile of the BSRF
  4. Ok that's good to know! I'll look into doing that myself so. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the info! That sounds really promising about the 49Wh, I might have to pick up one of each. What was it you didn't like about the remote audio cup? Do audioroot sell a cup terminated in ta4? I've not seen one. Thanks again.
  6. I have a remote audio BDS v4u and I've heard that audioroot and remote all use the universal style shoe, is that correct? I like the smart features of the audioroot and think I want to go that road but would need a remote audio cup because of the ta4f input termination on the bds. Also, anyone know what sort of runtime you'd get out of the these 98w/hr battery with a 633 rig with 2 wisycom MCR42's? or any pair of dual receivers approximately? I'd like to dump the sony L-style batteries out of the bag to save weight. I'm currently using the 2 of those for the 633 plus an np1 to power my receivers. cheers gang
  7. Wanted to ask, has anyone bought the or48 recently, the wheels look different to the original skateboard style I’ve seen in reviews so I’m just wondering is there anything else new/updated with it? I’m thinking of picking one up.
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys. @Doc Justice I'd never thought of the secondary backup to Boom Operator but great idea. But yes in all my experience it's been mostly positive, if there's one thing I could change it is the faders; they aren't the best I've used after mixing with buttery smooth ones on the Midas heritage series. @nickreich I've never used digico boards myself so would be interested to hear the pros and cons of their set ups. Having worked with older yamaha boards such as the pm5d that had analogue gains, these were notably stepped in 1db increments but being a hybrid analog/digital desk made them useless for different scenes on the board or doing change overs when mixing multiple bands. I've never noticed the incremental gains with the QL either but perhaps I wasn't in a very isolated/intimate listening environment like I would be on location. Am am I correct in saying that typically something that requires 240v on location that people have been using golf cart batteries for supply? What kinda run times would that get you over a day with the kinda rig you posted @ryanpeds? cheers for the input so far
  9. Hi all, I've seen over the years a number of mixers use a Yamaha 01V on their sound carts into their recording devices of choice. I was wondering if anyone has decided to use something more modern such as their QL1 line? I do a lot of live engineering work alongside my location mixing and really enjoy the flexibility I've experienced with their QL5. In the future I'd merge the two fields together when I eventually reach the stage of requiring a sound cart. My thinking goes QL1 into the sound devices 970 via Dante, I'd have a lot of flexibility then when requiring more than the 16 analog ins but expanding that also via Dante with any of the rio racks if needed. Let me me know if you see any obvious holes in the idea. Cheers. PJ
  10. I wanted to chime in here as someone from Europe, specifically from Ireland. I'm glad to have stumbled across this topic as the ideal rates not only reflect equipment expense and experience, but also seems quite reflective of living expenses. I'm curious as to how that might factor into people's rates. Living costs in Ireland vary around the country but if you're living in a 1 or 2 bed in Dublin you're looking at €1500-€3000 pm. Here most of the standard tv work (lifestyle e.g.) I've been offered are around the €350 mark a day which includes basic kit to camera as a recordist. Probably shockingly low to figures those in the US are used to. And feel free to say if they're low balling but I've had camera men telling me I'm charging too high when I say my actual rate. For commercials I certainly charge more for the same package and the larger the production the more additional equipment is required, my rate goes up. With equipment, typically a high end wireless goes for about €50/e which probably sounds low as of the time of writing the exchange rate is terrible for us (€1=$1.05). I wonder what the approximate day rates are for other European markets. I've looked at APA and Bectu in the U.K. but I don't believe it's as simple as converting the sterling rate to euro, especially after Brexit and the crash of the pound. As another note, particularly in relation to gear rental, a common point amongst guys that I know as well as production houses, rental costs tend to be anywhere between 3%-6% of the value of the equipment which I think is easier for others to convert for those not based in the US. Though it'd be interesting to see if that's a rough universal percentage. Being in Ireland, I'm also wondering do US production companies expect to pay the same rates here as they do at at home? I certainly way undercharged in my naive formative years for commercial work with Landrover and others for example, it didn't take long before I knew I shot myself in the foot. All feedback and criticisms welcome.
  11. Thanks a million guys, I've just put in an order for a set of the wisys so I should have them within 6 weeks. It's the newer EUX version and will allow them to be switchable between 10mw, 50mw and 100mw. It'd be nice if they do update them to allow for some form of phone remote style app like the lectro has but there is the infrared remote option for the time being. I'll update my findings once I've put them through their paces.
  12. @cbsixty how do you find the limiters and range with the Wisy's? The sales rep I was speaking to mentioned mentioned his wireless specialist had said that the internals of the units (tech) were so far advanced than the lectros so I'm just wondering whether this stacks up. @Dutch your wisys seeem to have been through tough conditions! Anything else positive/negative you've found about them? Sorry for not chiming in again recently, been without internet for too long now! Thanks for everyone's input so far
  13. Thanks for your input Casey, it almost sounds like you've had a very bad experience with that set up, nearly to the point where the units you have sound faulty. Obviously that is from your own experience but I'm surprised to hear that from something of lectros standard. The only current issue I have is the waiting on the elusive B2 block for the Lectro set up that would cover the UK frequency block that's also required here in Ireland. Speaking to a supplier in the UK he mentioned that it's on the way but didn't know roughly when. And as much as I'm interested in the zax units, here they're just out of my price range for the time being! Thanks or everyone's input so far, I'm all ears to other experiences also!
  14. Thanks VM, I just wondering about the subtle useful day to day differences such as lectros app whereby any changes can be done to the transmitter without disrupting the talent or if there's something with the wisycom that's really useful over the lectros?
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