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  1. As an owner of LT and LR units, I know the battery eliminators for those aren't interchangeable. However, do either battery eliminators for these units work for the LMb? I can't find any reference to a stand-alone elim for the LMb... does it even exist? Thanks!
  2. "Hey boom op... I not liking the lav on the number two. No time to fix. So for her lines, it's all you." Not saying you had this option, but I've used this before.
  3. I have learned that a feature production that doesn't include sound on a tech scout won't take you seriously when dealing with location problems while shooting. Major, major red flag.
  4. l think it differs from place to place. Note that the OP is in Canada, and I was making reference to experiences in major Canadian cities. I know of at least one mixer who fired up the wireless in an illegal block in Toronto, and was met within a few hours by someone telling him to shut it down.
  5. It isn't just about being fined or caught (which you will if working in a major city like the GTA)...you may not even get those blocks to work in many areas. If your entire range is bricked on the day you need them, you'll wish you spent the extra $ to get the legal blocks.
  6. Hello all - I have a 888 and a Audioroot K-art distro. The distro has Hirose and XLR4 power outputs. With the 888 (with SL2) power draw, is there any advantage of using the XLR4 vs the Hirose output from the K-art? Thanks!
  7. Shout out to the sound team working on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Alot of thought clearly went into the immersive aspects of the dialogue capture, with good boom work and lavs that sound open. Never took me out of the moment. I find myself taken out of immersion alot lately with lav-heavy scenes in other shows, this one has an old-school feel (in all the good ways).
  8. Hello hivemind - anyone else have challenges with SD-Remote not generating a pdf and not able to email a sound report from Android? Very specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE? On my older phone (S10+ it works great), but with this model I can't get it to generate. 80% chance its the phone and not the app that's the issue, but wondering if anyone else has a similar experience (and maybe even a solution). Thanks!
  9. I have that same distro on my cart...is your SL2 still attached, but you are running antenna to the DADM from the SL2 (front or side outs)?
  10. I was pretty happy to get my SL-2 to go along with the 888. But I've noticed much more RF hits and hyper-sensitivity to my LT hop transmitter (which rests outside the bag) with my SRc receivers in the slots. It triggers the yellow LED antenna load lights all the time, and creating audible hits at times. Odd...since my other bag is TINY with a MixPre3, the same LT hop and the same SRc unit/s in close quarters with zero problems. Same frequencies used. B1 for both the hop tx and the SRc units. Anyone else having issues like this with the SL-2? Thanks!
  11. Been using microdot adapters for years (always the DPA branded ones), have never once had a glitchy connection. Can't say the same for regular terminated lavs. The flexibility to use on different transmitter inputs is just too convenient to pass up.
  12. I use this exact plano case, its the perfect size...fits in my Orca OR-68 bag for the rest of the lav accessories
  13. Overall, a good article I think. I know it's a bit taboo here to discuss camera peeps doing their own sound, but on some gigs it is simply a budget reality. When my camera friends ask me how to up their sound game when they can't afford me (or when the circumstances dictate), the only thing that comes to mind that you touched upon is the sound recorder vs camera issue: a third option is to purchase an interface to do the heavy-lifting. The SD MixPre-D is a great example of such a device, where you get the granularity of pro audio controls, but not the added step of sync in post. They are great value for the $. For those who believe that helping camera people do their own sound is cutting off our noses to spite our faces, I've found it pays off over time. Those camera people, when successful, will more and more acquire gigs where they now understand their own sound limitation better, and will hire me for those gigs. If they never get better paying gigs in the end, my advice cost me nothing in the end anyways.
  14. I don't use a venue...I'm trying to import scan data from my RF Explorer (windows 10). I'm using Wireless Designer with the latest firmware. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but I can't seem to see my imported scan results from RF Explorer. I suspect my export settings aren't correct in RF Explorer (perhaps WD needs a specific csv field separator?). As you can see in the WD screenshot, the start/end frequency is showing as "0". Or is it another setting? Thanks!
  15. Depending on the mixer, the "modified" mzf (newer version that works better with the 8060, as a result of Cinela feedback I think) may have a gentler slope than on your mixer.
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