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    Work on TV-series as sound mixer and smaller productions as single soundie.
    Love the work since I get to get around, learn from the subject of the film were shooting and that there's constantly new tech-stuff to lear. Also really love the teamwork on set.

    Id love to work more abroad, on longer projects and more within post - to get better on location sound.

    I studied sound engineering at Luleå technical university, northern part of Sweden nowadays based in Umeå some hours south.

    Mostly working on Sounddevices 788T or 633. Mics are usually MKH416, MKH50 and DPA 4060. Haven't decided if I like the lectro SMB/SR or the Wisycom MTB/MCR systems yet.
  1. irolamps

    Sony FS7

    Im getting a weird sound along my signal. I am transferring a mix from a 633 through two lectro SMDA TXs and a SR receiver on the camera. Im going in on the camera bodys XLRchannel 1 and 2, set to mic as line seemed to low. The TXs are set to 25 and the receiver to +5. The sound quality and levels on the 633 are perfectly fine. The weird sound Im getting is like a quick burst of noise that echoes out right after a stronger audio impulse, also If I tap the TA5 connector on the TX i hear this quietly I hear none of this in the 633 recorder. The limiter on the camera is of. I might be too tired but couldn't fix it when I tried.
  2. Hi! A really nice bag! With very nice and cleaver features! BUT I wonder if any one have the same problem as me, the front handle wont fully retract as the backhandle does. The front one get stuck about 2cm higher. It seems odd, and I can't imagine it to be a feature. What would be the point? I went to K-teks webpage to chek if my bag was maybe suffering a nor pictures nor the video does really show this. But this picture does. It might be a problem since it would mess with the view and hide parts of the display on devices with top display when placed in the front department. I also wonder why the rain protector screen has velcro on two sides in one end. It seems just to rasp the handle that its in contact with. Maybe dfisk has some answers:-) Search words: Handle, Stingray Junior, bag